Categories Guide

This page lists the appropriate way to categorize pages on the Lumblr Wiki.


Character pages should have the following categories:

The pages of inactive characters should have no categories except the one left by the inactive template.


Location pages should only exist for streets or commercial locations. The following categories may apply:


Ship pages are made for any relationships between characters. The following categories may apply:

Lumblr Network Profiles

The only categories that should be on these pages are "Lumblr Network" and "Profiles", but they are already in the template, so no categories need to be added externally.

If a character that has a Lumblr Network profile becomes inactive, the Lumblr template on the page should be replaced with "Disable Lumblr".

List of Existing Categories

This is a list of our existing article categories.

Credit to Sam & Cat Wiki


If there is anything not listed on this page that you are unsure how to categorize, contact an admin.

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