This is a list of all the basic details of your character which allows you to find characters who live nearby, characters around the same age and also available face claims. When you create a character, please add their details to this page. If the coding confuses you, please add them to the bottom and ask someone who knows what they're doing for help.

Face claims

Face claims are the celebrities who are used as the image of your character. To avoid duplicate face claims, please record all face claims here.

A face claim may not be "reserved" unless the character form has been approved by an admin or rollback. If the user does not make the page for the character within 1 week of the character's approval, other users may use that face claim once again.

Characters that are not roleplayed for over a month may be marked inactive, and the user would lose the right to use that face claim for a month after the character is marked inactive.


Name Birthday School Workplace* No. Street FC Portrayer LN
Adelaide Taylor 01/21/1994 Grad Barfield Bookstore 34/A Benson Street, Barfield Emma Stone Catxcrazy Yes
Alice Wei 04/30/1995 Grad Regal Cinema 34/A Benson Street, Barfield Chloe Bennet Catxcrazy Yes
Amelia Cruz 02/12/1986 Grad Barfield Daily 155 Pine Street, Barfield Aubrey Plaza Cc71 Yes
Angelica Martinez 05/19/1995 LU Estelle Bouchard Theater 95/C Bailey Place, Lebeaux Dodie Clark Katbecrazy Yes
Bianca Kwon 10/27/1991 Grad N/A Montero Jessica Jung InsaneBlueberry Yes
Blake Segovia 04/03/1996 BU Barfield University Montero Selena Gomez HeyLookItzTanni No
Brianna Raine 06/26/1996 BU The Tiki Grill Montero Nicola Peltz Catxcrazy No
Brooke Vincent 12/13/1993 Grad Blackwood Home for Teens 32/A Russell Avenue, Lebeaux Kelsey Chow InsaneBlueberry Yes
Carla Sanchez 06/29/1978 Grad The Beachside Inn 9 Cherry Street, Miduna Beach Ana de la Reguera Minithepeanut No
Carmen Arroyo 01/25/1998 LPS N/A 1819 Springfield Close, Lebeaux Victoria Justice InsaneBlueberry Yes
Christina Ventura 07/18/1998 MBHS Benny's Cafe 27 Portsmouth Close, Miduna Beach Alex Steele Minithepeanut Yes
Courtney Watson 03/29/1998 LPS N/A 73 Patterson Street, Blackwood Mountain Maia Mitchell Heatherblast9 Yes
Daphne Middleton 08/02/1995 UMB Benny's Cafe 15/A Marlin Drive, Miduna Beach Lily Collins HeyLookItzTanni Yes
Dara Kang 10/08/1991 UoB Valentina's Pizza Parlor Miduna Beach Kwon Yuri Pepper24Dalek Yes
Denise Middleton 05/15/1997 MBHS N/A 15/A Marlin Drive, Miduna Beach Anna Kendrick Katbecrazy Yes
Dianne Middleton 10/17/1991 LU Joe's Steakhouse 15/A Marlin Drive, Miduna Beach Emilia Clarke InsaneBlueberry Yes
Embry Rhiemerg 12/09/87 Grad Barfield National Bank 24 Emerson Drive, Blackwood Mountain Kristin Kreuk Stimulate No
Erin Chang 1/1/2001 BHS N/A 17 Cinder Flats Avenue, Barfield Kim Sae Ron Pepper24Dalek No
Gillian Scott 1/15/1996 UMB Skating Rink 35 Kelmscot Court, Barfield Willa Fitzgerald NinjaNia No
Giselle Cho 12/13/1991 Grad Club Zoo Montero Seo Ju-hyun Heatherblast9 Yes
Gwen Gray 04/27/1998 BHS N/A 284 Main Street, Barfield Bethany Mota Katbecrazy Yes
Hailey Stokes 04/18/1999 BHS N/A 89 Kelmscot Court, Barfield Hirai Momo BunnyC Yes
Jae Chang 12/28/2004 BES N/A 17 Cinder Flats Avenue, Barfield Jeon Min-Seo BunnyC Yes
Kallistrate Adamas 11/07/1997 MBHS N/A 140/P Axe Street, Miduna Beach Jodelle Ferland EvilsCourtFan Yes
Karen Myer 06/17/1989 N/A BHS 42 Vienna Drive, Barfield Lena Meyer-Landrut Pepper24Dalek Yes
Katelyn Greyson 06/20/1997 BHS N/A 3/B Aspen Street, Barfield Olivia Holt Katbecrazy Yes
Kiara Dylan 07/06/2002 HGS N/A 12/B Harold Street, Lebeaux Johnny Sequoyah Heatherblast9 Yes
Kiki Lang 5/29/1993 DCotA Platinum Club 67/B Harlem Road, Miduna Beach Jamie Chung HeyLookItzTanni Yes
Kimmy Lee 02/13/2000 BHS N/A 132 (Apt. 46) Benson Street, Barfield Kim Dahyun Pepper24Dalek Yes
Lana Coby 06/18/1998 HGS N/A 512 Maple Run, Lebeaux Hailee Steinfeld Minithepeanut Yes
Lavender Smith 05/01/2000 BHS N/A 325 Gilders Road, Barifled Lee Luda Pepper24Dalek
Liana Aerolin 12/24/1990 Grad Barfield Supermarket & Teacher 19 Cinder Flats Avenue, Barfield Kim Yoon Hye Stimulate Yes
Liv Milano-Howard 05/30/1989 N/A The Tiki Grill 92 West Street, Barfield Emmy Rossum Minithepeanut No
Luna Padilla 06/03/1998 LPS N/A 93 Cobalt Walk, Lebeaux Raini Rodriguez Heatherblast9 Yes
Margot Snyder 05/25/1992 Grad Barfield High School 34/D Benson Street, Miduna Beach Daisy Ridley InsaneBlueberry Yes
Miki Sato 01/22/1999 BHS N/A 127 Kelmscot Court, Barfield Sana Minatozaki BunnyC Yes
Mina Vaswani 02/16/1995 LU Lebeaux University N/A University Avenue, Lebeaux Anushka Sharma Cc71 No
Mirabelle Adamas 12/16/2004 MBES N/A 140/P Axe Street, Miduna Beach Mackenzie Foy EvilsCourtFan No
Misti Maple 2/17/2000 BHS McDonald's 18/C Gilders Road, Barfield Myra Molloy Pepper24Dalek Yes
Mitsu Yoshida 03/03/1999 BHS Target 103 Kelmscot Court, Barfield Mina Myoui Pepper24Dalek Yes
Myra Burnes 11/16/1998 BHS N/A 73 Patterson Street, Blackwood Mountain Grace Phipps Heatherblast9 No
Amanda Maxwell 12/5/1996 BCC N/A 4 Barfield Laura Marano Yay!!501 Yes
Nikita Kapoor 06/28/1985 Grad Kapoor's Bhojan 48 Benson Street, Barfield Priyanka Chopra Heatherblast9 No
Nikki Evans 10/15/2000 BHS N/A 45/D Portland Street, Barfield Rowan Blanchard Katbecrazy Yes
Paloma Sanchez 08/20/1998 MBHS Benny's Cafe 12 Cherry Street, Miduna Beach Becky Gomez InsaneBlueberry Yes
Pia Song 11/14/1991 Grad Barfield Elementary School 189 Moxley Street, Miduna Beach Choi Sooyoung BunnyC Yes
Rachel Tremblay 12/09/1983 Grad Lebeaux Police Department 7563 Springfield Close, Lebeaux Erica Carroll Nikztiel No
Sabrina Jung 22/10/1999 BHS N/A 5 West Street, Barfield Park Ji-soo/Jihyo BunnyC Yes
Sakimi Aizawa 02/24/1986 Grad Barfield Daily 155 Pine Street, Barfield Satomi Ishihara Stimulate Yes
Sam Riddleman 07/14/1990 Grad N/A 3 Cherry Street, Miduna Beach Alexandra Park Minithepeanut Yes
Sara Ellison 12/18/1994 Grad Hobby Lobby 34/A Benson Street, Barfield Kristen Stewart Catxcrazy Yes
Serena Abel 12/04/1998 MBHS Smoothie People 14 Happy Valley, Miduna Beach Oana Gregory Katbecrazy Yes
Soomin Gong 09/01/1999 BHS Benny's Cafe 19 Russo Street, Barfield Son Chaeyoung BunnyC Yes
Violet Baptiste-Grenier 03/13/1986 Grad Owner of Baptiste-Grenier Bakery 62 Flynn Street, Barfield Lenora Crichlow InsaneBlueberry No
Violet Yao 01/02/2000 BHS N/A 43 Aspen Street, Barfield Zhou Tzuyu Pepper24Dalek Yes


Name Birthday School Workplace* No. Street FC Portrayer LN
Andrew Venice 10/15/1989 Grad Teacher at BHS 78 Vienna Drive, Barfield Roman Lob Pepper24Dalek Yes
Avery Dalton-Poletti 03/07/1995 UoB Panorama Hotel & Spa Montero Matthew Daddario InsaneBlueberry No
Bobby Jeon 07/15/1999 BHS McDonalds 156/C Russo Street, Barfield Kim Taehyung BunnyC Yes
Cameron Bennet 10/07/1994 UMB Office Assistant & Student 28/E Green Avenue Jacob Artist insaneBlueberry Yes
Carter Allen 06/04/2000 BHS N/A 21/J Main Street, Barfield Peyton Meyer Katbecrazy No
Dakota Hardy 05/10/1998 MBHS N/A 192 Kingsley Avenue, Miduna Beach Dylan Sprayberry Catxcrazy Yes
Daniel Middleton 05/15/1997 DCotA Smoothie People 15/A Marlin Drive, Miduna Beach Harry Styles Heatherblast9 Yes
Danny Vespa 09/15/1990 Grad Rock of Miduna Radio Station 40/E Moxley Street, Miduna Beach Luke Pasqualino InsaneBlueberry Yes
David Honda 04/19/1998 MBHS N/A 36 George Street, Miduna Beach Ryan Potter Heatherblast9 Yes
Dustin Peters 01/03/1986 Grad Barfield High School 36/C Mount Eden Street, Miduna Beach Brendon Urie Katbecrazy No
Dwight Juba 12/10/86 Grad Forensic Scientist 1823 Denver Drive, Miduna Beach Joe Cheng Stimulate No
Ellis Carson 02/05/1994 N/A Lisa's 22/P Emerson Drive, Blackwood Mountain Phil Lester Katbecrazy No
Ethan Davidson 04/19/1998 MBHS N/A 23 George Street, Miduna Beach Dane DeHaan HeyLookItzTanni Yes
Faust O'Nadrick 08/28/1995 Grad N/A 172/A Harlem Road, Miduna Beach Dudley O'Shaughnessy ShorRoss44 No
Freddie Mycroft 06/16/1993 N/A Manager of Inside-Out-Burger 122/B Cupid Road, Lebeaux Justs Sirmais BunnyC No
Grant Johnson 11/28/1985 Grad Teacher at BHS 198 Pine Street, Barfield Julian Morris Cc71 No
Hayden Archer 04/30/1998 MBHS Valentina's Pizza Parlor 1578 Kingsley Avenue, Miduna Beach Trevor Jackson InsaneBlueberry Yes
Isaak Whitaker 12/02/1998 BHS Mountainside Grille 73 Patterson St, Blackwood Mountain Cameron Monaghan Minithepeanut No
Jaya Prasanna 11/11/2000 BHS Salesperson at Target 185 Vienna Drive, Barfield Karan Brar Pepper24Dalek Yes
Jeremiah Thompson 11/13/1995 UMB Barfield Cable Company 29 Vienna Drive, Barfield Vincent Martella InsaneBlueberry No
Jonathon Choi 02/15/1999 BHS N/A 54/A Main Street, Barfield Jeon Wonwoo BunnyC Yes
Lucas Ramos 08/13/1995 UoB N/A Montero Tyler Posey Minithepeanut Yes
Mason Duke 04/13/1983 Grad Duke Records 308 Harold Street, Lebeaux Henry Cavill Minithepeanut No
Matthew Kang 07/19/1999 BHS N/A 104 Main Street, Barfield Kim Mingyu BunnyC Yes
Nicholas Heung 3/15/1999 BHS Server at McDonald's 12 Kelmscot Court, Barfield Jeon Jungkook Pepper24Dalek Yes
Nico Park 1/23/2015 Grad Forensic Technician 122/B Cupid Road, Lebeaux Josh Hutcherson Pepper24Dalek Yes
Omar Samir 02/17/1983 Grad Barfield Daily 48 Benson Street, Barfield Rami Malek InsaneBlueberry No
Pedro Clag 08/06/1988 N/A BHS 108 Angre Road, Graceland Chord Overstreet BunnyC No
Rhett Turner 07/14/1993 Grad Barfield Local Library 34/D Benson Street, Barfield Connor Franta Katbecrazy Yes
Spencer Reynolds 06/15/1997 UMB ENGAGE 1738 Denver Drive, Miduna Beach Troye Sivan Heatherblast9 Yes
Todd Wilson 11/08/1997 MBHS N/A 23 Pearl Street, Miduna Beach Cody Christian HeyLookItzTanni No
Troy Sherwood 06/08/1991 LLS Dobson Law Firm 425 Kingsley Avenue, Miduna Beach Drew Van Acker Heatherblast9 No
Valentine Starkey 02/14/1995 LU N/A 26/D Blanchard Street, Lebeaux Dan Howell EvilsCourtFan No
Zahi Riad-Babineaux 08/05/1989 Grad Bartender @ Specks 66 Vienna Drive, Barfield Xavier Dolan InsaneBlueberry Yes


Name Birthday School Workplace* No. Street FC Portrayer LN


*If the workplace has a page or is a subset of a page.

Acronym Stands for
BCC Barfield Community College

Barfield High School

DCotA Desmond College of the Arts
HGS Harrington Grammar School
LN Lumblr Network
LU Lebeaux University
MBHS Miduna Beach High School
UMB University of Miduna Beach
Other Meaning
Grad Character has graduated or left schooling.
N/A Not Applicable - does not apply to this character.

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