Lydia:Would you mind meeting me at 4 instead of 3? A dog threw up on me and I have to make a detour.
Eileen: Are you a dog magnet of some sort?

Eileen: You know how I said there will always be coffee? I meant that.

Eileen: You sound beautiful over texts. Texts! How is that even possible?

Lydia:Your laugh, it's uh nice.

Eileen: I'll always like your face.

Eileen:You're not someone I can walk out on.

Lydeen is the romantic pairing between Eileen Reed and Lydia Anderson. They both met when Lydia sent a embarrassing text message to Eileen by accident. Both shared a brief conversation that day and have texted each other a few times since. They somehow got closer when Eileen decided to share her love of art with Lydia and Lydia shared her love of her neighbors pet with Eileen. They randomly send each other pictures of such things. Their texts are of great number and they have even fell asleep on each other due to their conversations. Lydia goes to this cafe daily to get free coffee, courtesy of Eileen.

Their relationship took a step forward when Eileen managed to sneak in Lydia in a museum, just so she could see Eileen's favorite place. On Valentines day, Eileen made a drunk dial to Lydia where she admitted to liking her (sort of) their feelings are there, Eileen talks about them constantly with her friend Shai, but they haven't told one another what they really feel. They had agreed to meet but Eileen bailed last minute because she was scared. As for now they keep texting each other on a daily basis, they call one another and even follow each other on social media but the idea of them meeting seems far away.

Name Synopsis
seven little numbers baby, they could be a start Lydia sends a text to a wrong number, Eileen happens to be the recipient of such text.
all the pretty things that we could be Eileen decides to text the stranger who contacted her by accident and tries to get the dog story out of her.
these numbers could be lucky for you Eileen gets bored so she texts the not so stranger Lydia, thus beginning their friendship. Eileen also tells Lydia her passion for art and shares some of her drawings.
time is hard to kill since I met you Lydia apologizes to Eileen for ditching her and she sends her pictures of the dog that vomitted on her. Eileen now has a new favorite person.
I feel you in every heart beat Eileen sets up this plan where Lydia gets free coffee from a cafe she knows, they also both admit their love for Bradshaw.
were you ever in a dream that could come true? Eileen is able to sneak Lydia in the museum where she shares her favorite spot with her.
why do birds suddenly appear, every time you are near? Lydia and Eileen text each other their Valentines Day plans. Later on Eileen drunk dials Lydia and says some embarrassing things to her.
oh mirror in the sky, what is love? Eileen and Lydia talk about Eileen's drunk call.
our day will come, and we'll have everything After some convincing from Eileen's friend they both decide it's time they should meet. Eileen however bails on last minute.
Fan Interpretations
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  • They have a thing for this dog named Bradshaw who was previously owned by Lydia's neighbor, now he belongs to her. He's also the reason why they talked on the first place.
  • Eileen has arranged things so Lydia can get free coffee everyday, she promised her there will always be coffee.

Silver-star This ship was voted Featured Ship on the wiki in May 2015!

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