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Mashley (Ma/rk and A/shley) is the romantic pairing of Mark Mays and Ashley Parks. They first met in school. After writing a song in Mark's house, they became a couple.
Name Synopsis
LAAAAAAAAA Mark and Ashley first meet. Mark asks Ashley if she could write a song with him at his house. Ashley gladly agrees.
PEARPADS Ashley goes to Mark's house to write a song with him. They become a couple, after writing the song.
yolo Ashley and Mark just talk and stuff.
bc yeeeeah Ashley gives Mark her birthday present for him.
HIIIIIII Mark and Ashley see each other because they haven't seen each other for a loooong time.
take your aim After spending a month in Singapore, Ashley returns to Miduna Beach, surprising Mark with a gift.
Fan Interpretations
People who ship this:

Gold star This ship was voted Weirdest Ship in the Fall 2013 Lumblr Wiki Awards!

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