"You're cute." // "In a manly way?" // "I would never lie to you." - Caitlin and Kieran.
McNeville is the romantic, canon pairing of Caitlin McCaughey and Kieran Neville, who first met back in June. Caitlin had been a fan of Kieran's music for a while though, and she used to kiss his poster, a fact which Kieran often makes fun of. Kieran had a seemingly obvious crush on Caitlin, however, Caitlin was oblivious to his feelings, instead she was too busy freaking out over the fact that one of her favourite celebrities was actually talking to her. After meeting Kieran's roommate, Travis, Caitlin appeared to have developed a crush on him, and Kieran told Caitlin about his crush, and Caitlin rejected him, because she didn't know how to deal with people liking her. After a remark from Kieran's other roommate, Sam, about Kieran being unable to kiss girls, however, Kieran kissed Cait on the lips, and then they kissed again before Caitlin agreed to date Kieran, but only if her pet cat, Mouse, agreed.

The two of them are very close, even before they were dating, and spend a lot of time together or talking to each other (more than they spend with anyone else). They also have the most Lumblr interactions with each other out of Caitlin, Kieran, Travis and Sam. Kieran finds Caitlin's awkwardness amusing and cute, whilst Caitlin finds it embarassing and flustering.

Even though Kieran and Caitlin were a couple, she was still very excited over the prospects of Kieran making out with Travis.

Kieran decided to take Caitlin out for a trip to his hometown of Baltimore as it was something she had always wanted to do, however Sam found out and managed to turn it from a couple's retreat to a group outing. However, while in Baltimore, Caitlin caught a stomach bug, which led her to believe she was pregnant. Not knowing how Kieran would react, she gets Travis to take her to the doctor, only to find out it wasn't in fact, pregnant. Later, in Baltimore, Kieran accidentally hit Caitlin in the face with his ring, and offered to buy her a pony because he felt so bad, however, Caitlin was not mad, and told him she loved him.

After arriving back in Miduna Beach, Caitlin finds out from the doctor whom she visited in Baltimore that she is actually infertile, and for a while, Caitlin doesn't tell anyone except Kieran, and asks Kieran to take her home, and Kieran takes her home, and tries hard to take care of her, despite feeling disheartened by the news himself. Kieran also showed concern for Caitlin when she started drinking and told her that he didn't have a problem with her drinking, but he didn't want her to drink because she was sad, and promised they could have a little cat family instead of a traditional family.

Name Synopsis
how to kill a fangirl Caitlin meets Kieran Neville and freaks out.
dead Caitlin texts Kieran, not believing that she got his number.
Do you think Kielin or McNeville is a better ship name? Caitlin and Kieran make plans to go feed the docks.
this title is vague Caitlin enquires about Kieran's new roommate.
the beginning of the end but also the beginning Kieran takes Caitlin with him to go pick up Travis from the airport.
it was like a time bomb set into motion Part 1 of 2: Kieran decides to take Cait shopping for a birthday present for Travis.
does she give you butterflies when she calls your name? Part 2 of 2: Kieran and Caitlin actually go shopping for Travis' birthday present and have a little road trip bonding time.
please send help Part 1 of 3: Kieran freaks out over Caitlin "dying".
sleepin' all day, stayin' up all night Part 2 of 3: Kieran, Travis and Caitlin all have a road trip on the way back to their house for Travis' birthday.
how to be a heartbreaker Part 3 of 3: A huge misunderstanding leads to sad Kieran.
thunderstruck Caitlin reveals she is terrified of thunderstorms.
i can't call this caitravan anymore D:/kieran has four bedrooms? Everyone decides to crash at Kieran's house for some reason including Kieran and Travis' new temporary roommate, Sam.
so i heard cece likes caivis Part 1 of 2: McNeville fluff with hugs, a cactus and a bubble bath.
brace yourselves for sad Kieran Part 2 of 2: Cait and Kieran end up playing Truth or Dare and Cait just wants to play Mariokart.
i lied One more thread of Sam, Cait and Kieran discussing the important things in life...and strippers.
bc i promised liz this would happen Part 1 of 2: Sam and Caitlin trick Kieran into agreeing to French kiss Travis.
sorry cece Part 2 of 2: So I guess this means McNeville is a couple now.
it's the mickey mouse clubhouse Kieran and Caitlin discuss the prospects of their new relationship with Mouse.
holly would you turn me on? Kieran visits Caitlin for her birthday and now apparently Caitlin has musical talent.
well this is late Travis is back and all of you stalkers know what that means ;)
whiskey princess Caitlin has to go back to college and texts Kieran.
thanks to you Caitlin and Kieran tell Travis about their relationship.
travis is her mental husband wow Caitlin and Kieran meet Nessie, a fan of theirs, and Caitlin tries to deal with feeling like a celebrity.
nobody puts baby in a corner Caitlin and Kieran try to hook Travis up with Nessie, and then end up scaring away Sam and Travis with their fluff.
darling you'll be okay A very intoxicated Kieran rings Caitlin to tell her how pretty she is.
stop looking for me like you're hoping to find me Kieran makes plans to go on a special trip with Caitlin.
and you are my heroine Caitlin and Kieran set off on their trip and Kieran breaks the news that it's no longer just a couple retreat.
i swear now everything is perfect Caitlin decides that she's ready to publicise their relationship.
no postcode envy Caitlin and Travis try to keep Caitlin's possible pregnancy hidden from Kieran, but end up being terrible liars.
i like the way it hurts "Domestic abuse is not cool, Kieran."
don't pause too long I finally wrote some fluff for Keve.
be still my heart cuz it's freaking out Kieran has a bit of an existential crisis and Caitlin has to save him from the evil clutches of a spider.
Merry Christmas Liz Caitlin, Kieran and Travis have some fun decorating.
sing me to sleep Kieran and Caitlin are suddenly faced with some bad news.
i'll stand by you Caitlin finds alcohol in her house, and Kieran decides to be responsible and stop her.
i'll make you feel beautiful once again Kieran decides to surprise Caitlin with breakfast in bed.
i don't wanna miss one smile Kieran wants to take Caitlin out on a fancy date but has to improvise when things don't go as planned. Rated F for extreme fluff.
how to make boys next door out of assholes Sam bets the whole group that they couldn't last a whole week at her job, and Kieran gets offended when Cait doesn't pick him on her team.
i'm not gonna write you a love song Kieran writes a song just for Caitlin.
i've got the guts to say anything Kieran and Caitlin kidnap a baby. or something along those lines.
lovin every minute cuz you make me feel so alive Caitlin tells Kieran about how she's going on a family camping trip to Canada, and they get slightly sidetracked talking about a lot of other stuff.
this would have been done hours ago if my laptop didn't delete half of it Caitlin and Kieran decide that what they're missing in life is dogs. Two of them.
better late than never McNeville celebrates their one year anniversary with offers of moving in together.
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  • Caitlin had a diary when she was twelve and said that she and Kieran were going to get married.
  • Their in-universe pairing name is Kielin (Kieran and Caitlin), and their fans usually call the pairing Kielin.

Silver-star This ship was voted Featured Ship on the wiki in August 2013!

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