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Meghan Rose Shield
Meghan (8)
General Information
Gender: Female
Age: 21
Hair Color: Red
Eye Color: Green
Birthday: January 3, 1993
Lives with: Jack Kingsland
Address: 9 Ruby Drive, Miduna Beach
Occupation(s): Salesperson at Bella Boutique
Aliases: Meg, Meggy
Family & Friends
Family: Brody Shield (dad), Daphne Shield (mom)
Relationships: Matt Finch - (ex-boyfriend)
Jack Kingsland - fiance
Pet(s): Bas
Enemies: Bec Hamilton
Other Information
Interests: clubbing, dressing up, shoes, anything other than Matt Finch
Education: Miduna Beach High School (formerly)
Weaknesses: What are you talking about?
Role-playing Information
First appearance: Originally 1993 until 2009
Portrayer: Emma Stone
Lumblr Network Profile
Meghan (9)

Meggy-Weggy –Lumblr Network Profile
– unemployed

 Then he ran into my knife. He ran into my knife ten times.

Hey people (and Matt). I'm Meghan. I used to live here, but moved away when I was sixteen and now I'm engaged and live here with my fiance. Yeah, that's right, Matt, I got engaged. I hope you're reading this.


  • Hair Color: Red
  • Eye Color: Green
  • Trademark: my hair :)

I don't tan, and I have a really fast metabolism, so people compare me to being a vampire. I work in fashion, so I like to dress up sometimes, and sometimes I feel sexy so I like to show it off.


Some people would say I'm friendly. I suppose Matt isn't one of those people, seeing as he called me "clingy" and "overpossessive". You probably shouldn't have been flirting with that skank, though.


I was born and raised in Miduna Beach until I was sixteen. I dated Matt Finch for four months but then I broke up with him because he wasn't ready for committment as he demonstrated with that Bec skank. I moved away with my parents after we broke up so that Matt wouldn't have to suffer everyday knowing that he missed out on this. My family and I moved to New York, where I met my fiance Jack. We started dating in January 2012 and got engaged on our first anniversary. We decided to move back here to where I belong and now we're living together.


Meghan (4)

My fiance and I kissing in the rain, something Matt never did.

I'm daddy's little angel. Also, Matt, he still hates you for something about like, breaking my heart or something which is odd because I clearly broke up with you.

My mom doesn't approve of me moving back here because she thinks I'm doing it just to make Matt jealous, but why would I need to make Matt jealous when my fiance is better than him in every respect. Yes, EVERY respect if you're reading this, Matt.


Jack <3

Meghan (10)

Matt taking me for a ride on a lawn mower which I'm only uploading because my hair looks great in this picture.

Jack Kingsley is my fiance and we've been dating as of January 2012 and engaged since our first anniversary. He is so much more attractive and just better in every way than Matt, who I am totally over, by the way.


Matt is my ex who dumped me because I was "too clingy and overpossessive." I showed him, right? Look at me now, Matt. I'm engaged. How's your life going? Still flirting with skanks?


ugh the nerve of this girl. she spent every. freaking. day. with Matt while I was going out with him and she just expects me to be all chill with it. Like, girl, I know you like my boyfriend but keep your paws off.