"We're family. It's our job to look out for each other even if you don't like to admit that you do." - Anna to Monika
Michannika is the family ship of Michael, Monika and Anna Burmondy. Anna and Monika grew up together, and despite Monika's bitterness, she had a soft spot for Anna. After their mom died, Monika desperately tried to find a way in which she wouldn't lose Anna, and ended up contacting their half-brother, Michael, who agreed to be their legal guardian. Despite the fact that Monika being conceived was the reason for his parent's divorce, Michael holds no resentment to Monika, and gets along well with Anna. Anna and Monika have a strained relationship at times brought on my Monika's overprotectiveness and Anna's naiivety, they honestly care for each other.
Name Synopsis
so long and good night TW: Death - Monika and Anna come home from school, only to find that their mom has died.
misery loves me Monika and Anna find out what actually happened to their mom.
i would sail across the east sea Monika accidentally contacts Michael while looking for his mom and tells him they need a carer.
if i had to pull you out of the wreckage Michael calls Monika back, hoping he can be their carer.
there's still 9 hours until post limit expires what?!?!?! Anna answers the phone when Michael rings.
oh father, please father Anna gets angry at Monika for not telling her that she had chosen Michael over their dad to be their caregiver.
i will try to fix you Part 1: Anna speaks to Rhys when he comes over to see Monika.
welcome to my silly life Part 2: At the same time, Monika picks up her half brother from the airport.
they finally meet Part 3: Anna meets Michael for the first time after Monika picks him up from the airport.
cuz we are sisters we stick together Monika forces Anna to go back to school.
troublemaker Monika gets mad at Anna when she finds out Anna was skipping class and Michael has to mediate.
they call me homewrecker Monika goes into Mama Bear mode when she finds out Rhys was in their house talking to Anna.
do you want the good news or the bad news first? Monika finally has the realisation that they won't have a normal family anymore when nobody is around to cook thanksgiving dinner.
be the good girl you always had to be Michael tries to console Monika while she's feeling depressed.
don't you try to blame this on me Anna tries to get Rhys' connections with Kieran Neville in order to cheer Monika up.
if i were you i'd put that away After being disappointed by Rhys, Anna manages to convince Kieran to surprise Monika for Christmas.
what, am i supposed to be impressed? Anna defends her sister when Lexi tells her about the rumor that Monika killed their mom.
ain't it fun Anna's Christmas present for Monika finally arrives.
i am a critic Anna confides her crush on Gabriel into Monika and tells her about what happened on New Year's Day.
now that i have captured your attention Monika tells Michael about Anna's change of relationship status, and teases him about how uncomfortable he is.
don't do the alcohols kids Holly meets the rest of the Burmondy family.
one day i'll leave you Monika has a breakdown and Michael tries to calm her down.
i can't speak, i'm terrified Anna has a little car accident and ends up in the hospital.
you made a rebel of a careless man's careful daughter Michael gets a call from work and finds out that he may have to move.
Fan Interpretations
People who ship this:
  • Neither of Monika, Michael and Anna's mothers are still alive.

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