Miduna Beach

Miduna Beach map

Miduna Beach is one of the beach suburbs. Geographically, it is located north of Barfield.

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Street Type Locations on Street
Axe Street Combination Smoothie People
Miduna Pet Care Center
Baker Street Combination Miduna Beach High School
Beachside Street Commercial The Wave Shop
Cherry Street Residential N/A
George Street Residential N/A
Lavender Road Residential N/A
Happy Valley Residential N/A
Harlem Road Residential N/A
Kingsley Avenue Combination N/A
Lysander Avenue Commercial The Red Dragon Express
Valentina's Pizza Parlor
Main Street Commercial Miduna Beach Shopping Center
Miduna Premiere
University of Miduna Beach
Marlin Drive Residential N/A
Marvin Drive Combination Starbucks
Moxley Street Combination Bookends
Ocean View Drive Combination Benny's Cafe
Fitness Express
Rock of Miduna
Pearl Street Combination Desmond College of the Arts
Pine Road Residential N/A
Portsmouth Close Combination Joe's Steakhouse
Robin Road Residential Miduna Beach Elementary School
Miduna Beach Daycare
Ruby Drive Residential N/A
Settlers Road Residential N/A
Sunny Avenue Residential N/A
Topaz Avenue Residential N/A
Wirralee Way Combination Brightside Motel


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