"Hello, is this the Chu residence." - Ralph's first words to Miranda
Ralph and Miranda met in 2013, a few months after Miranda and Lisa moved to Harold Street, Lebeaux. The two instantly clicked after they learned they both were attending Barfield High School, even though they lived in Lebeaux. Overtime, Miranda began to grow a romantic interest in Ralph. Her flirtation around him made it evident. Ralph began to feel the same way and at a New Years party, the two finally got together. Miranda and Ralph began dating and spent great memories together, all that jazz. Miranda holds strong feelings for Ralph but Ralph on the other hand isn't completely sure how he feels about the relationship. Aside from dating Miranda, Ralph grows a close relationship with Miranda's twin sister Lisa. But whenever Ralph is around Lisa and Miranda, it's obvious that Miranda wants to keep Ralph to herself.

Sometime later on, Miranda revealed to Lisa that she felt like she and Ralph were drifting apart. Lisa accidentally blamed it on Miranda's selfishness which angered Miranda. Then, sometime later on again, Lisa and Ralph came up with the idea to throw Miranda surprise party for her recent accomplish of getting into the National Honor Society. The party was so Miranda would start speaking to Lisa again after their fight and so she and Ralph wouldn't feel so distant. The party was a success up until Ralph and Miranda got into fight over God knows what. Their relationship status is currently undecided.

Name Synopsis
best friend's brother is the one for me Miranda and Ralph first meet when Ralph comes to the Chu's house to give them a late welcome to the neighborhood.
why won't you answer me answer me Ralph spots Lisa hanging up Christmas decorations. He goes up to her house to chat and then Miranda comes out with some more decorations. Ralph asks if they need any help and Miranda asks for help hosing off greenery. Then Ralph and Miranda go to the backyard to do so.
flashback whoosh whoosh Miranda takes Lisa to a teenage New Years Day party that Ralph invited them to. Lisa, who didn't want to come, hangs by herself outside or by the food while Miranda and Ralph flirt. At the end of the party, Ralph and Miranda plan a date and officially become a couple.
flashback around, whoosh It's Ralph's birthday and Miranda and Lisa surprise him by waking him up in the morning at his house. They tell him that their dad won tickets to a Nascar race in town that day and give them to him as a birthday present. Ralph thanks them and invites the two of them to come with him.
go home with you Miranda runs into Ralph and Lisa talking when she is leaving her class. She speculates that they were talking about something juicy before she got there but she pushes the though aside. She excitedly reveals to Ralph that she got into the National Honor Society. Ralph and Miranda share a kiss and then she leaves.
sing along to my stereo Miranda runs into Ralph and Lisa who were down the basement when she is about to go down there. Miranda, who obviously is a tad annoyed they were together, gives Lisa a snarky attitude. Ralph tells her Lisa was just showing him around. He then invites her to an afternoon out that she accepts. Then they leave.
make it pop like pink champagne Miranda and Ralph get home from their afternoon out, which was to a poetry night. Ralph then takes Miranda down to the basement where tons of people jump out and say surprise. Unexpected to Miranda, Ralph and Lisa had planned a party for her in celebration of her getting accepted into the National Honor Society. Miranda is extremely happy. Lisa explains how she wanted to throw the party so she and her wouldn't be mad at each other anymore but Miranda doesn't seem too enthusiastic about the idea. Ralph tries to get Miranda to see all the work that Lisa put into it but Miranda only harshly thanks her. On the otherhand, she seems very appreciative of Ralph.
show of our pretty pretty The party is pretty far in and Ralph and Miranda are dancing together. Miranda suggests that the two of them go into the work out room so they can have some alone time. About twenty minutes later, Miranda and Ralph are coming out of the room fighting. The cause of the fight is unknown but Miranda ends up ending the party early and running upstairs.
Fan Interpretations

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