Nicole July "Nikki" Evans
General Information
Gender: Female
Age: Fifteen
Birthday: October 15, 2000
Education: Barfield High School
Occupation: Student
Address: 45/D Portland Street, Barfield
Relationships: Single
Housemates: Mom
Face claim: Rowan BlanchardLumblr Network ProfilePortrayer: Katbecrazy

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  • i'll shed a tear with your family

    11 replies
    • {{GillianSpeech |"Yeah. Most people I know are at least a little bit addicted to one or the other. I guess it's better than drugs."}}
    • {{NikkiSpeech|"Obviously."}}
  • scream to the heavens

    73 replies
    • {{KiaraSpeech|So the two half-sisters say goodbye and probably both head over to their separate classes before the bell rings.}}
    • {{fin}}

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