No interaction Nina Lim is inactive and can no longer roleplay.

Portrayer's note: Nina has been fun and all, but she only really exists for Stella and she's moving to Lebeaux to go to LU, like she's still around and everything, but no longer a character. Adopt her if you want.

Nina Lim
Tumblr mv26tmdboQ1rlc2mto1 500
General Information
Gender: I'm pretty sure I'm female.
Age: 18
Birthday: January 28, 1996
Education: Senior at Miduna Beach High School
Occupation: I'm a student.
Address: 420 Moxley St, Miduna Beach blaze it
Relationships: Maybe one day but until then there's a thrilling world of fluffy doggies that need my attention.
Housemates: I live with my mom.
Face claim: Brenda SongLumblr Network ProfilePortrayer: Minithepeanut

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