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Raider Dylan
General Information
Gender: Male
Age: 16
Birthday: June 7th, 1999
Education: MHS
Occupation: Youtuber
Address: 19 Cherry Street, Miduna Beach
Relationships: Single
Housemates: Jordan Dylan(Sister), Aria Dylan(mom), Kat Dylan(Mom #2)
Face claim: Jack GilinskyLumblr Network ProfilePortrayer: ForeverTomlinson

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  • I'm going to find my heart

    19 replies
    • {{RaiderSpeech|Raider puts the money on the counter and sits down at a table. "So tell me about yourself."}}
    • {{AiyaSpeech|"My name is Aiya. I go to Barfield High School."}} damn though she's a little open he could be a stalker lol
  • her eyes sparkled like the ocean

    2 replies
    • {{AriaTalk|Aria is in the mall looking for Eternity 21 when she spots two boys sitting on a bench and laughing. "You boys don't k...
    • {{NateSpeech|"Um, not really. I usually let my sister bring me in there but I don't pay attention. Sorry."...

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