"It's not how she treats me that makes me mad." - Ralph to Lisa
Risa manip
Ralph and Lisa are close friends with romantic tension. They first met when Ralph saw her checking the mailbox and mistook her Miranda. Lisa introduced herself and that's where it all began. The two became friends. Their relationship is very relaxed but there is a good amount of sexual tension between the two. When Miranda, Lisa's twin sister, first established a romantic relationship with Ralph at a New Years Day party, Lisa was pretty jealous. Lisa has gotten used to Miranda and Ralph's relationship and has come to accept it. But whenever Ralph is around Lisa and Miranda, it's obvious that Miranda wants to keep Ralph to herself. Sometime a few months after they got together, Miranda revealed to Lisa that she felt like she and Ralph were drifting apart. Lisa blamed it on Miranda's selfishness which angered Miranda. Then, sometime later on again, Lisa and Ralph came up with the idea to throw Miranda surprise party for her recent accomplish of getting into the National Honor Society. The party was so Miranda would start speaking to Lisa again after their fight and so she and Ralph wouldn't feel so distant. The party was a success up until Ralph and Miranda got into fight over God knows what. Ralph told Lisa that Miranda is selfish and only cares about herself. Lisa is confused because Miranda is always nice to Ralph but Ralph then says it's not how she treats him that make her mad, suggesting they were fighting over Miranda's treatment to Lisa.
Name Synopsis
more than me Lisa is going to get the mail from the mailbox when Ralph calls out to her, mistaking her for Miranda. After Lisa straightens it out that she is Miranda's twin, the two introduces themselves.
why won't you answer me answer me Ralph spots Lisa hanging Christmas decorations up outside and he goes over to talk to her. Soon, Miranda comes in, happy to see Ralph. Ralph asks if they need any help. Miranda says she needs help hosing off the greenery and so she takes Ralph to the backyard to do so, leaving Lisa a bit annoyed about it.
flashback whoosh whoosh Miranda asks Lisa to come with her to a New Years Day party that Ralph invited them to. Lisa doesn't want to go but goes anyway. For the majority of the party, she stands outside or by the food, while Ralph and Miranda flirt, unbeknownst to Lisa. When Lisa goes to find Miranda so she can get her and leave, she finds Miranda and Ralph holding hands romantically and making plans for a date. Lisa, who is pretty irritated, snatches Miranda away and they leave.
flashback around, whoosh It's Ralph's birthday and Miranda and Lisa surprise him by waking him up in the morning at his house. They tell him that their dad won tickets to a Nascar race in town that day and give them to him as a birthday present. Ralph thanks them and invites the two of them to come with him.
the fever's pitched It's Valentines Day and Lisa has gotten up early in the morning to sit on the front porch, enjoy the fresh morning air, and write in her journal. She hears something in the bushes and when she goes to check, Ralph jumps out at her and plants a kiss right on her lips, mistaking her for Miranda. When Ralph realizes it's Lisa, he feels embarrassed. The two quickly walk away.
go home with you This is the first time Lisa and Ralph have spoken since the kiss. When Lisa is walking out of her classroom, Ralph mistakenly pokes her in her sides. Lisa turns around. Ralph almost kisses her but Lisa blocks the kiss so that he ends up kissing her palm. Ralph realizes it's Lisa. The conversation doesn't take for an awkward turn this time and instead the two end up arguing about the obvious differences between Lisa and Miranda. Later, Miranda comes and tells Ralph she got into the National Honor Society. When she leaves, Lisa and Ralph come up with the idea to throw a celebration party for her.
sing along to my stereo Ralph comes to Lisa's house to help set up for Miranda's surprise party. When the two realize Miranda will need a distraction to keep her from finding out, Lisa makes Ralph take her somewhere so she will be kept away from the house until it's ready.
make it pop like pink champagne Ralph is bringing Miranda back home from their afternoon out. He brings her to the basement where all of the guests yell surprise and the party begins. Lisa explains how she wanted to throw the party so she and her wouldn't be mad at each other anymore but Miranda doesn't seem too enthusiastic about the idea. Ralph tries to get Miranda to see all the work that Lisa put into it but Miranda only harshly thanks her.
show of our pretty pretty After Miranda and Ralph have a fight at the party, Lisa confronts Ralph about what happened and Ralph tells her that Miranda is selfish and doesn't care about others. Lisa is confused because Miranda is always nice to Ralph but Ralph then explains it's not how she treats him that makes her mad, implying that Miranda's treatment towards Lisa angers him. Lisa then goes after Miranda who took off.
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