Rhyka Prom
Rhyka is the romantic, formerly canon pairing of Rhys Sanders and Monika Burmondy who met in April 2013 and dated from May 2013 until August 2013. They originally met when Monika found Rhys' wallet, and Rhys offered to take her out on a date which Monika refused. Rhys became determined to get his date with Monika and after persisting, they did, before spending more time together, where they would occasionally make out secretly. Finally, right before Rhys' birthday, Monika agreed to have a public relationship with him and they dated until August when they got into a huge fight about Rhys' slutty friends. They have since unfriended each other on Lumblr.

After their breakup, Monika severed all connections with Rhys and avoided contact with him, however, Rhys made several attempts to try and find out if she was okay. It wasn't until Monika's mother died that she spoke to Rhys, however she was very disoriented, and when Rhys returned to speak to her again, he instead found her sister Anna. Monika found out about this and told him never to speak to her again, however, after living with Charlie Harper for a few months, and despite seemingly being interested in Nadia Rey, Rhys returned back to Flynn St after being kicked out of Charlie's apartment and tried to talk to Monika, confessing that he still loved her. Monika reacted negatively, saying that he didn't love her, he loved the idea of her loving him and taming the shrew. Monika once again told him to never return, and this time, Monika's brother Anna said that if he ever bothered his sister again, he would hurt Rhys.

Name Synopsis
shipping myself Monika and Rhys first meet when Monika finds his wallet on the ground. Monika thinks he's an idiot.
i'm still the only one who ships this whee Rhys annoys Monika at work and tries to get her to go on a date with him.
chicken soup for the rhyka shipper aka cece and i are the only ones who ship this Monika is reading her book all alone when Rhys comes up and bugs her about that "just friends" date that he desperately wants for some reason.
mum's about to turn the internet off nooo Monika and Rhys have their first text conversation and make plans of where they're going for their "date."
lasertag is fun Monika and Rhys go lasertagging and things heat up a lil bit.
bc i'm on a rhyka spree rn Rhys and Monika are texting again and Monika visits Rhys at his house and they play a game of truth or dare.
they should put a warning on these things Rhys invites Monika over to ask her something, but Monika is annoyed at him because of all the rumours going around about her and him.
Terms and Conditions Apply Monika comes up with a deal to offer Rhys in response to him asking her out.
i miss corey so this is dedicated to him Rhys tries to convince Monika to go dirtbiking with him.
you only know you love her when you let her go Monika's sister let's Rhys into their house and Rhys wants to spend time with Monika even though she's busy studying.
i missed them okai guys Rhys asks Monika to be his date to the prom and ends up asking her out again.
for dear miss cecelia Monika is just chilling over at Rhys' house and then Rhys realises that she's there and they talk.
The One With The Jacuzzi Rhys and Monika go hot-tubbing.
happy birthday basketboy Monika plans something special for Rhys' birthday.
part 2 of 2 A continuation of Rhys' birthday thread.
look what i brought back from the dead Essentially all Rhyka threads are fluff unless otherwise stated.
i'm gonna fail chem huehuehue ^
candy crush never leads to good things Troll Mini strikes again Rhys and Monika have an argument.
i'm undead but you make me feel alive Rhys and Monika sorta make up from their argument.
ot3? Rhys gets Monika a surprise which she really likes.
baby talk (shut up, i'm original) Mini decided to write some fluff loosely based on Cece's suggestion of sending them to a lamaze class.
pancakes Rhys and Monika make some fluffy pancakes.
What do you mean "Mini wrote a self-RP that wasn't Caitravan"? Monika gets fired from her job and the two of them decide to take a break away from everything.
the one where monika is a tease Monika decides to taunt Rhys with a really short dress.
i'm sorry Rhys and Monika have another argument, but it's serious now.
love feels like war Rhys finally gets to speak to Monika after their break up. It doesn't go so well.
i will try to fix you Rhys tries to speak to Monika, but ends up revealing to Anna that he still loves Monika.
they call me homewrecker Monika finds out that Rhys was talking to her sister and gives him a piece of her mind.
i wish i could break your heart Rhys sees Monika outside and confesses that he still loves her, which Monika rejects.
Fan Interpretations
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Gold star This ship was voted Most Missed Ship in the Winter 2014 Lumblr Wiki Awards!
Silver-star This ship was voted Featured Ship on the wiki in July 2013!

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