No interaction Rosemarie Sparrow is inactive and can no longer roleplay.

Portrayer's note: Alright, well, time for an uprising, amirite? lol jk. Okay, so, for a few months now I've honestly been growing tired of Rose. She just wasn't really all that... well... idk. She just wasn't really that fun to rp. Sometimes I would just get so bored of her and I never really wanted what happened with her. Like, I always envisioned her as a different character than how I roleplayed her, so it's always been this nagging disappointment. I tried to make her more like I wanted, but it just never turned out that well. So, for that reason, it is time for Rosemarie Sparrow to take flight and fly away from this rp. (ahahaha wow self ur so funny ahahaha). And tbh, she was going to go away this summer anyway. She doesn't live in the lumblr towns/cities. She only came here for school and she's graduated, so it's time for her to go home and then off to some fancy private college. Probably an all girl's college. Rose will have fun.

Rosemarie 'Rose' Anna Sparrow
General Information
Gender: Female
Age: 18
Birthday: May 1, 1997
Education: HGS
Occupation: Student
Address: 73 Patterson Street, Blackwood Mountain
Relationships: Carrie Rowan
Housemates: Blackwood Home for Teens
Face claim: Caitlin StaseyLumblr Network ProfilePortrayer: InsaneBlueberry

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