Sara Ellison
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General Information
Gender: Female
Age: 21
Birthday: December 18th, 1994
Education: Graduated
Occupation: Employee at Hobby Lobby
Address: 34/A Benson Street
Relationships: Cameron Bennet
Housemates: Adelaide Taylor
Face claim: Kristen StewartLumblr Network ProfilePortrayer: Catxcrazy

Start a Roleplay Roleplays with Sara Ellison

  • out of my hair

    40 replies
    • {{SaraSpeech|"Right. I bet the doctors were all like, 'You have to add an H to the end of this child's name or her life will...
    • {{LivSpeech|Liv nods. "Yeah, they sound like the worst parents ever."}}
  • standing on the edge is what attracted me

    299 replies
    • {{SaraSpeech|"Right? When I first saw the episode with Mystery, I cried when she had to leave Spongebob."}}
    • {{CameronBSpeech|"I cry during every single episode."}} anyway this rp is taking 50 years to load for me so we can say that t...

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