No interaction Saylor Ming is inactive and can no longer roleplay.
Saylor Macy Ming
General Information
Gender: Female
Age: 20
Birthday: December 27, 1994
Education: Harrington Grammar School & University of Miduna Beach
Occupation: Miduna Premiere
Address: 24 Lavender Road, Miduna Beach
Relationships: Kai Parker
Housemates: Katy Diaz, Kai Parker
Face claim: Reina TanakaPortrayer: Stimulate

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  • stronger than yesterday

    6 replies
    • {{SaylorSpeech|Sure, whenever pigs learn to fly. Be serious.}} {{JosieSpeech|You're not very convincing. }} {{SaylorSpeech|What do you w...
    • {{SaylorSpeech|You show that to anyone, you're dead.}} {{JosieSpeech|Ooh, scary. I wonder what Kai will think once he sees this....
  • through the clouds i see it shine

    5 replies
    • {{JosieSpeech|You live in bite sized apartment where three people have to share one toilet. And I'm pretty sure one of them is a boy...
    • {{JosieSpeech|Yeah, you're special, alright.}} {{SaylorSpeech|I'm not retarded.}} {{JosieSpeech|Are you sure ?}} {{SaylorSpeech|Ye...

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