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Scarlet Garcia
General Information
Gender: female
Birthday: November 14, 1993
Age: 20
Hair color: Dyed red

Naturally black

Eye color: Mocha
Height: 5'10
Weight: 133
Occupation(s): being awesome


Address: 69 Cherry Street, Miduna Beach
Family & Friends
Family: Alfred, my dad, my jerk of a mom, and her boyfriend, Jacob. He's kind of okay.
Relationships: My boyfriend Eddie ♥
Pet(s): My adorable cat, Bane

My dog, Vanellape (I'm a geek, I know)

Other Information
Interests: Painting, sketching, Eddie
Education: Desmond College of the Arts
Talent: Ugh... I'm too lazy to type it again...
Weaknesses: Eddie, my adorable pets
Roleplaying Information
Face claim: Natalie Casanova
Portrayer: DerpyDome
Lumblr Network Profile


♥Scarlet Garcia♥ –Lumblr Network Profile
– Artist and Professional Geek


Wassup bro?


I have red hair and mocha colored eyes. I usually wear shorts and tanks in the summer and hoodies in the fall. I wear contacts instead of glasses, because... um you might be able to guess.


I'M FREAKING AWESOME YO! No, I'm not... I'm excitable and friendly, I guess. I really bubbly and childish sometimes, too. My boyfriend says I'm funny... I'm really not, though... My dad also says I'm modest, but I think he was just incoherent. I'm self conscious about my height. I'm almost Eddie's height, too. He's 6'2!


I was born on November 14, 1993 into a Latino-American family. My parents would always fight when I was younger, but they would never divorce, because they didn't want to put me through that. That was the only nice thing my mom's ever done for me besides give birth to me. Although, it still felt like a living hell, so it wasn't very nice. My parents divorced around the time I was 14, knowing I could handle it. It was kind of depressing for a while, but I got over it. Around that time, I also met Eddie, my boyfriend. We dated around the time I was 15, and we still are. He helped me get through a lot. Trust me. I got my pets when I was 18, but I couldn't bring them to college, so my dad took care of them. I surprisingly got out of college early and was able to see the people I love. I now live with my boyfriend in Miduna and nothing could be more perfect.


Alfred Garcia- My dad is amazing and funny. He supported me when I wanted to date Eddie and they get along pretty well, too. His niceness makes my life feel like a fairytale.

Suzanne Taylor- My jerk of a mom. Rather not talk about her.

Jacob Miller- My mom's fiance. He's okay. He welcomes me in when my dad comes to visit. He and my dad are actually really good friends. Probably because he took the devil out of his life. Plus, (sorry if I sound like a moocher) he's got a pool!


Eddie Ramirez- My lovely boyfriend. What else is there to say except that I love him to death.

That bitch I know <3 - Been friends with her since- 3rd grade! We did everything together (except I always had to protect her from le bullies :P). I'm proud to call her my best friend.


-This is the only thing in this section.


Silver-star This character was voted Featured Character on the wiki in October 2013!

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