Scarlette Haloske
General Information
Gender: Female, if you couldn't tell.
Age: 19, officially an adult.
Birthday: May 9, 1995
Education: Lebeaux University
Occupation: Private guitar teacher (part time)
Address: 17 Blanchard Street, Lebeaux
Relationships: There's this vacant space that will remain vacant for a loooong time called "People who like me as more than a friend".
Housemates: Ilana Haloske (sister)
Vivienne and Carianah Haloske (aunts)
Face claim: Maia MitchellPortrayer: HeyLookItzTanni
No interaction Scarlette Haloske is inactive and can no longer roleplay.

Portrayer's note: I have no plans for her, she's turning into a Mary Sue, and will forever rest in peace.

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