Sparrowan is the romantic ship between Rosemarie Sparrow and Carrie Rowan. They actually both attended an all girl's boarding school, but never actually knew each other there. They might have seen each other in the building, but not enough to know one another. After the school closed down, they went back home to their families. After looking for another, excellent private schools, both girls ended up attending Harrington Grammar School, an private school in Barfield. Since the school wasn't a boarding one, they both decided to stay at the Blackwood Home for Teens. The two girls became roommates in the home.

At first, Carrie was very shy around Rose, as she usually is, but Rose was very outgoing and loud. The two girls slowly grew close to each other. After a lot of heartfelt moments and flirtations done mainly by Rose, the two decided that they actually liked each other. They began dating in October of 2014. Since then, they have only grown closer. Carrie has actually been able to open herself up to Rose, admitting many of her feelings and hardships in her past. Rose is very protective of Carrie, always watching out for her. It may seem like Rose flirts with other people, but she really does ultimately care for Carrie more than anyone else.

Name Synopsis
stairway to heaven Rose moves into the boarding home and gets Carrie to help her bring her stuff inside. The two discover they went to the same boarding school before and now attend the same private school.
as the sun went down we ended up on the ground Carrie wakes up due to hearing Rose waking up. The two girls talk a bit and then goof off by trying on high heels because they're both incredibly short.
sweet dreams are made of this Carrie tries to decide whether to call her mom back or not, while Rose throws out terrible advice. Carrie gives in and calls, only to hear her step-brother answer. Carrie also admits a terrible secret about how awful her step-brother is.
lately i've been craving you more Carrie has a panic attack on the first day of school and ends up in the nurse's office. She asks them to get Rose to come and help her calm down. Rose gladly tries her best to cheer Carrie up and help her out.
very very frightening Rose is actually terrified of thunderstorms and ends up keeping Carrie awake, which isn't too hard since Carrie doesn't sleep anyway. They end up playing games and having a little party in the middle of the night in their room - just the two of them.
stoned in paradise Rose decides to be a great influence on Carrie by convincing her to skip school. Carrie claims that they shouldn't and that they'll get in trouble, while Rose keeps saying that it's no big deal. Finally, they do end up skipping and go out to eat.
it's that time of year Carrie and Rose discuss the true background of Christmas and how it was originally a pagan holiday. After that short conversation, they talk about getting each other amazing presents.
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  • Originally, this ship was in a different roleplay set in an all girl's boarding school with witches. Mini and Blub just loved the ship so much that they brought it over here and changed a few things - obviously.

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