The Lebeaux Gang
Ƹ̵̡Ӝ̵̨̄Ʒ - 芒果布丁 - Ƹ̵̡Ӝ̵̨̄Ʒ
Lebeaux gang original
Okay, so you're probably asking "what is this Lebeaux Gang thing that people won't shut up about and how do I make them shut up about it?" Yeah, don't lie. We know that's why you're here. Who, you ask? Us of course. Stop asking questions to a page if you don't want cryptic answers. The Lebeaux Gang is this group ship that sort of doubles as it's own separate entity from the rest of Lumblr while still being there. Basically, it was made up based on some sitcom characters we all know and love, and it could probably make it as a sitcom. Also, if you're wondering "What the fuck is Ƹ̵̡Ӝ̵̨̄Ʒ - 芒果布丁 - Ƹ̵̡Ӝ̵̨̄Ʒ?" then you should probably know that it's explained pretty early on.

Alright, so probably the first ship to exist in The Lebeaux Gang would have been Paige and Lauren who were friends back in high school and aww yiss very cute, and then way back in 2008, Connor and Lauren started dating, and I'm assuming that would also be when Connor and Paige met. The three of them moved into their famous apartment where they live now, and met Wesley, their neighbour from across the hall. Around the same time that this happened, Lauren and Connor had a big fight and were on a break (I did mention this was based on sitcoms, right?) and Lauren must've been pretty pissed or emotionally unstable or both because she decided to get drunk and sleep with this guy in her art class who she would hopefully never have to see again in her life.

They fucked up big time.

A few weeks later, Jaime moves in with Wes across the hall from Connor and Lauren and Paige after the happy lovebirds resolved their differences and got back together. For like three whole years, Lauren and Jaime managed to keep their affair a secret despite the fact that "HOW THE FUCK DID ANYONE MISS THaT HE JOKED ABOUT IT ALL THE TIME" and Lauren went on and on about how much she hated Jaime, while Wes, Paige and Connor all befriended Jaime. Connor and Jaime got really friendly though iykwim ;)

Anyway, life goes on and at some point, Jaime had a casual relationship with Brooke which wasn't really a relationship so much as them just sleeping together for the fun of it, but she didn't really appear until much later, which is why she's pretty irrelevant up until later. In 2014, when we meet everyone, it turns out that Lauren and Jaime still somehow manage to go from "I'll fucking murder you if you don't shut up" to "I kinda want to fuck you" to literally poking each other until one of them gets annoyed enough to leave. Connor and Jaime have become bromantic enough that they picked out tattoos for one another. Lauren and Connor are still together and very cute, while Connor and Paige and Lauren have this very cute friendship going on. Also, Wes is kind of the straight gay best friend to Lauren.

MEANWHILE (and this bit's so big I purposely separated it into it's own paragraph) Jaime and Wes both develop a crush on the same girl, Paige. If you're familiar with TVTropes, Wes is the Betty to Jaime's Veronica. (If you're not familiar with TVTropes don't click that link. TVTropes has a way of keeping you up til 4am reading about stuff you never thought you cared about). Wes has a very, very, painstakingly obvious crush on Paige, and at one point they kiss. Lauren finds out about this because of course she does, and she brings it up to Jaime, jokingly pushing the issue until Jaime snaps and she realises that Jaime has a crush on Paige which he's kind of in denial of. I won't describe exact moments because they're already linked down there. Both of them compete for the maiden's hand (that's still a thing, right?) and eventually Jaime encounters his ex, Brooke, the one I mentioned didn't come in for a while. She's all "ha yeah, like I'd sleep with you again" and she's wrong. She's very wrong. However, plot twist, Brooke ends up 'helping' Wes practice kissing so he can win over Paige, and I'm assuming you can guess what happens next.

Yes, you're absolutely right, that hidden Lauren and Jaime drama gets dragged up to the surface and Lauren promises that she'll tell Connor after their anniversary, but that plan fails and Connor gets really pissed at neither of them trusting him enough to tell him and he leaves. Jaime and Lauren obviously deal with this by hating each other, but then kind of trying to fuck each other, then annoying each other in the usual Cabrodie manner. Connor eventually comes back and reconciles with Jaime and Lauren because he loves them too much, and he reveals a big surprise he actually had planned for their anniversary. (If you read through the thread descriptions you can probably guess what it is but hey no spoilers here).

Paige leaves pretty shortly after this, which in peopleverse was due to a certain someone being very busy with school, but in Lumblrverse is because Paige's grandmother got really sick and Paige had to move out for a while to take care of her. Everyone's a lil bit sad about this still and it's a touchy subject.

That still didn't stop Brooke and Wes from touching each other a lot and also Connor and Lauren touching each other a lot because now they can be naked in their apartment, but that really doesn't work out well for them...ever. Brooke, sadly for her, but fortunately for Wes, gets kicked out of her apartment by her roommate who really hates Jaime, and so Wes convinces Brooke it'd be a good idea to move in, which she does, before asking Jaime and convincing him to agree with her ladybits.

Soon after this, Jaime and Lauren still haven't grown up from annoying the crap out of each other and being toddlers, but Jaime does make a bet with Connor that he can keep a girlfriend for six weeks and the winner gets $100, right before Sam mysteriously shows up, hooking up with Jaime at some bar before coming back to his place for one of the most awkward hookups either of them have ever had (considering this is a guy who once said the wrong name during sex and a girl who was part of a ship named Satan) and they decide they enjoyed it so much that they should do it again, which seems to bring up some jealous side of Brooke.

Anyway, shortly after this bet thing occurred, Sam asked out Jaime, and then like a week later, Connor and Lauren went for a little romantic getaway to this old bed and breakfast they went to after graduating high school and had a little hang out there. After returning, Connor found out that he'd been offered a new job working as a lawyer. Also, after finding out that Jaime was having trouble paying bills and stuff, Lauren decided to hire him for actual painting lessons while they were trapped in an elevator together (they also talked about their feelings for each other and whether or not they actually would have slept together or not). Also also, shortly after, Paige's grandmother died and Paige returned to us, and Paige was sad about this. This was soon followed by Connor and Lauren discovering that Lauren was seven weeks pregnant, so in a way one life left and another one was made and the circle of life lives on.

Name Synopsis
who doesn't love barely clothed adventures Lauren is looking for Connor and stumbles upon a half-naked Jaime. Connor compliments him on his ability to fit into women's clothing.
step right up Connor and Paige have some early morning bonding over coffee.
we'll be shooting stars just passing by Wes and Jaime argue. A lot.
give me your hand and i'll hold it Connor tries to convince Lauren to stop stressing over her work and go to bed.
there's too many places i got to see Jaime convinces Paige to cook for him.
let's go back to 1983 Paige and Wes watch a movie together.
whisper words of wisdom, let it be Jaime and Lauren get locked out of their apartments.
it's an art that's hard to teach Connor and Lauren take Wes out to breakfast for his birthday.
head in the clouds Paige gets Wes a birthday present.
i lost my mind long ago Paige and Jaime make a bet that Jaime can't get Wes to a strip club.
all this bad blood Jaime convinces Wes to go to a strip club for his birthday.
why should i worry Lauren tries to bribe and threaten Jaime into not joking about them having sex together.
you run to catch up with the sun but it's sinking Jaime wins an award in an art competition and invites Paige to come with him to the celebration dinner.
standing on a hill in my mountain of dreams Jaime runs into one of his exes and she swears that she'll never sleep with him ever again. haha
the sea was red and the sky was grey One of Jaime's one night stands asks Wes about Paige and gives him some advice on how to win Paige over. With her tongue. And his tongue. Basically, they kiss.
of circles and strip clubs Lauren sucks at painting, so Connor tries to convince her to let Jaime help her paint and he convinces Lauren to get drunk in a strip club. both great ideas
everybody's getting kinda crunk Jaime and Connor get very drunk and decide to get tattoos.
lipstick stains on my passport Wes spills the beans about Jaime and Lauren to Paige, and then he admits that he likes her.
sticks and stones may break my bones Connor and Paige bake some cupcakes and then Paige finds out that her dad is coming to visit, causing Connor to go into over-protective mode.
there are possums staring at me rn Lauren decides to hang out with Wes and he tries to get her to admit to sleeping with Jaime.
i seem to find myself talking to the powers that be Lauren starts interrogating Paige about her kissing Wes.
i'm good with mouth to mouth resuscitation Lauren was trying to be a bitch and make Jaime jealous, and then things got kinda serious.
welcome to the jungle Lauren discovers Connor's hidden tattoo.
mangofly Lauren and Jaime accidentally spill the beans to Connor and he doesn't take it too well.
i don't know where you're going or when you're coming home Connor starts packing his bags to leave and has an emotional chat with Lauren.
crazy for giving it all to you Connor comes back to talk to Paige and help her deal with her dad coming to visit like he promised he would.
skin so sweet but you're rotten to the core Paige hires Wes to be her fake boyfriend.
your words are weapons but i can't stop listening Jaime decides to teach Lauren how to paint like he promised he would.
i will never believe in anything again Connor and Jaime make up at a bar.
we wouldn't be seen dead here in the day Brooke finally meets the girl that both Jaime and Wes have been talking about.
it's a beautiful night Connor and Lauren make up after their argument and it goes surprisingly well.
YOUR PARENTS HAVE BEEN EATEN BY CANNIBALS Wes is the only person Lauren can find to tell her the great news about her and Connor.
she's so classic Paige and Lauren have a cute little conversation about Lauren's engagement.
i should be wiser Brooke and Lauren meet and conspire to annoy Jaime.
you guys should really invest in some clothes Lauren and Jaime have another almost naked interaction.
cold comfort for change Brooke and Wes are looking for Brooke's purse and Wes convinces Brooke to move in.
take your shirt, shoes, jeans all off Connor and Lauren are watching a movie together and Connor gets hurt a few times.
sugar i can play your game Brooke surprise moves in with Jaime and Wes and Brooke uses her lips to shut up Jaime's complaints.
i've been waiting for a girl like you A very sleepy Connor doesn't want to get up and tries to avoid telling Lauren's parents about their engagement.
what started out as friendship has grown stronger Jaime gets to spend his birthday watching sports with Connor and eating cake that Lauren poisoned.
let's get drunk on the mini-bar Wes and Brooke go swimming and make out in the pool a bunch despite the fact that there's probably CHILDREN AROUND!!!!
driver roll up the partition please Sam decides to crash the Lebeaux Gang because Caitravanam is dying and she hooks up with Jaime but it's probably like the most awkward hook up either of them have ever experienced.
hush now they'll hurt you Wes and Lauren go for some chills and movie watching while their roommates are busy being gay together.
i just used coefficient in a history essay Jaime and Lauren argue about who Connor loves more because they're idiots and he obviously loves mango pudding more.
going back home to the west coast Paige mysteriously returns and takes Jaime out for a picnic.
but hold your breath Connor is surprised by Paige's sudden return and decides to take her and Lauren out bowling.
i'm just a little unwell Jaime sees hungover Sam with Kieran and assumes that they're dating and Sam's like "lolno but you should call me so we can frickle frackle again bc i enjoyed that"
the power to be strong Jaime briefly meets Sam's roommates and Sam becomes a prostitute for tequila (I think???) and then Sam has a very, very weird encounter with Brooke.
baby you're all that i want Connor and Lauren make plans to go on a romantic trip to celebrate their graduation.
wouldnt time be out to charm you Jaime thinks he's gonna win the bet with Connor, and Connor sort of reminds him that he actually has to date a girl for six weeks.
just across the border and into the city Connor and Brooke meet. Finally. In the usual fashion they're both half-naked at some point.
sweet emotion Jaime goes over to Sam's house to ask her out.
he hit me and it felt like a kiss Wesley gets back from work really late and Brooke's up so they watch some infomercials.
money is the anthem, of success Jaime and Wes talk about their love lives and it's totally not awkward at all.
with my words across your face Connor and Lauren spend a romantic week alone at a bed and breakfast doing adult stuff like arguing about Santa and playing hide and seek.
love in an elevator Lauren and Jaime get trapped in a mall elevator and it's tons of fun.
waiting for the nightfall for my heart to light up Connor has some exciting news about a new job opportunity he got offered.
i'm taking the long way home Sam and Brooke finally meet, and then they go hang out at a spa.
tried to find you at the bottom of a bottle Connor meets Sam while trying to tell Jaime some good news and ends up somehow getting himself invited to a threesome.
time is slowing and it's frozen still Jaime goes over to Sam's place so they can have some good old fashioned birthday sex and get drunk.
would you kiss me goodnight? The losers are even bigger losers together but it's like 3am so Lauren's half asleep and it's cute.
everything is sound Paige surprises Lauren with her sudden return, and Lauren catches her up on everything that happened.
i can't quit you baby Jaime tries to comfort Paige after her grandma died, the only way he knows how. With alcohol and food.
dancing with the devil Lauren gets sick during a job interview and Connor has to take care of her and tease her.
this is my oath to you Connor and Lauren find out why Lauren was so sick the day before.
it's time for his yearly change of style Lauren and Connor both tell Paige the great news.
living under a paper moon Connor wins for best pregnancy announcement ever and Jaime loses some of his sandwich.
for the love of a daughter As part of their agreement, Lauren gets to break the baby news to Wes.
girls do what they want Lauren finds out about Jaime and Connor's bet and everyone dies.
how to make boys next door out of assholes Lauren and Jaime talk and argue and stuff happens.
you can rely on the old man's money Jaime and Sam go out on their first official date after Sam let's him drive a fancy smancy car. Things get really sexy between them when Sam decides she wants a whole lot of chocolate... and Jaime.
it wouldn't load so i made a second one A continuation of the previous thread, Jaime and Sam continue going cray cray and Sam truly learns that the best way to Jaime's heart is sex and food. Then again, Paige could've just told her that.
hooked on a feeling Connor gives Jaime a hundred dollars for their bet that Jaime somehow managed to win. Afterwards, they decide to break up with each other and then get back together while talking about make up sex, but Lauren decides to make an appearance and ruin their fun by saying Connor would rather have sex with her when we all know that Connor would glady have sex with both of them.
part two of the threesome thread A continuation of the previous thread, where Jaime and Connor realise that technically Lauren said they could have a threesome with Sam and they invite her over.
bang bang Sam calls Jaime to inform him that she's taken an emergency trip to see her family in Baltimore.
dancin' 'round and 'round Paige finds out about Jaime's food stealing habits but the two of them have a feast instead.
dust to dust Brooke reveals she is incapable of walking on her own two feet and Lauren helps her out after she injures herself a bit.
he could take you all the way to church this time Lauren and Connor decide to postpone their wedding because of the baby and make bets on the gender of their child.
pull me closer and kiss me hard Jaime picks Sam up from the airport and surprises her with a little date back at his place.
lips as sweet as candy Brooke and Wes try their hand at cooking, but thanks to Jaime, Wes ends up almost dying.
take me to church Connor has a hard day at work and hangs out with Jaime to chill out.
she could take it back Brooke decides to meet up with Sam and tell her all about Paige and Jaime seeing as she's worried about Sam getting her feelings hurt.
so no one told you life was gonna be this way Not technically Lebeaux Gang, since it's Kieran and Sam, but Sam tells Kieran about everything that's going on with Jaime, and Kieran tries to make sure she's okay.
i put my high heels on so i'm closer to god After talking to Brooke about Jaime's crush on Paige, Sam decides to go see Connor to ask about it, but then ends up talking to Paige instead.
you're a rich girl, but you gone too far Connor and Lauren are preparing for their twelve week scan, and have a little argument over what to name the baby when it's born.
must've been love Connor calls Sam after finding out that she came over to visit him and tries to make sure she's alright.
say i don't wanna be in love Sam finally decides to ask Jaime if he has feelings for Paige, and Jaime tries to dance his way around the question, before accidentally putting his foot in his mouth.
airplanes in the night sky Connor notices something's up with Jaime and buys him food when he refuses to talk about it because he's a good friend.
there's a firefly loose tonight Wes and Lauren talk about stuff and I'm too lazy to actually read this thread.
i'm not afraid to face a little bit of danger Sam and Jaime make up after their argument with sex and chocolate cake.
you've got time Lauren and Connor have a little miscarriage scare with the baby.
i'm gonna break down these walls Paige comes to visit Connor and Lauren while they're in the hospital.
it was never fine to lose you Jaime and Lauren hang out only Lauren's a little high on sedatives and Jaime's just laughing at her.
these stupid words keep falling from my mouth Connor finds some tabloid thing about Sam cheating on Jaime, so he tells Jaime about it, upsetting Jaime a little. He also tries to cheer Jaime up by letting him help pick the baby's name.
one more stupid love song, i'll be sick Sam convinces Jaime to go out dancing with her and she buys him food.
heaven is a place on earth with you Wes tells Lauren how he got accepted into a new course in another state for six months.
take my hand Jaime decides to complain to Paige about how boring his relationship is.
love is selfish Brooke finally gets over her commitment issues enough to ask Wes if they're boyfriend and girlfriend just in time for Wes to tell her he's leaving for six months.
i can see in your eyes when you're telling the truth Lauren and Brooke hang out for a little bit.
damned if i do ya Sam has that Halloween party and Danny and Jaime are both like hanging out with her. Sam and Jaime get into a fight about her flirting with Danny and after the fight, she goes and hangs out with Danny and complains about it.
damned if i don't Sam and Jaime come to some really important decision.
the lights are so bright Lauren convinces Jaime to give her a piece of pizza but at a high price. Also lots of flirting and sexual innuendos, as usual between these two, I mean seriously.
these words are knives Connor tries to figure out how Jaime feels about the break up but Jaime is too busy thinking about sex and food, as usual. They also decide to go camping and get drunk and stuff. Probably gay things. Actually, there is no probably. It's definitely gay.
Fan Interpretations
People who ship this:
Pictures & Fan Art:
  • All of the characters originally involved were based on characters from Friends, The Big Bang Theory and How I Met Your Mother, but mixed up qualities from each.
  • When this was originally planned out by Corey and Mini, there were meant to be two girls and four guys, and Cece was left with the responsibility of creating the fourth guy. Cece was inevitably too busy to create the fourth guy and so it remained a joke amongst the characters that they felt like there was someone missing from their gang.
    • This was later filled by Brooke, although Paige left, meaning their gang was back down to five.
    • But Paige came back full time again and now they finally have the whole 6 so yay.
  • Cabrodie (Lauren/Jaime) was the first individual pairing from this ship to be featured in June 2014.
  • There's like a lot of different ship names for all the individual pairings in the gang.
    • There's Coren which is really the only actual canon ship of Connor and Lauren.
    • There's Siobrera which is between Jaime and Paige.
    • Then there's Mercent which is Wesley and Brooke.
    • There's also Cabrodie which is Jaime and Lauren.
    • Can't forget about Mangofly/Prichera which is Connor and Jaime.
    • Also Merhan which is Paige and Wesley.
    • Jam is Jaime and Sam.
    • There's obviously other ships but they don't really have actual ship names right now.
  • So gay

Gold star This ship was voted Best Group Ship in the Spring 2014 Lumblr Wiki Awards!

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