• for anyone wondering why this place is so quiet, I want to redirect you to this blog

    Suggest one of each of the following:

    • User:
    • Character:
    • Ship:
    • Quote:
    • RP:
    • Lumblr Network:


    • If the ship has a name, leave the name of the ship and link to the character's pages or ship page.
    • Please suggest a quote either by one character or a short exchange between two characters, and link the roleplay it came from. Do not include quotes with swearing in them as they will not be counted.
    • Featured RPs can be written by one or multiple users, but must be completed at the time they are nominated and should not contain any content warnings.
    • Featured Lumblr Networks should have been updated within the past month to be considered active.
    • Once there are five suggestions for a particular category, do not add any new suggestions and just vote from the nominated ones.
    • If two or more suggestions tie, the one which had the most votes first will be featured.

    Please do not nominate anything that is currently featured.

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    • I know this isn't the place to ask, but are we meant to be on here as well as the Tumblr or...?

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    • I'm pre sure we can be in both or either.

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    • You can be on both if you want, but I think mos tof the users only have time for one.

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    • A FANDOM user
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