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Tia Chandra Singh
General Information
Gender: Female
Age: 28
Birthday: October 19, 1986
Education: Graduated
Occupation: Veterinarian at Miduna Pet Care Clinic
Address: 150 Axe Street, Miduna Beach
Relationships: Tyler Castellano (Ex-Husband)
Housemates: N/A
Face claim: Hannah SimonePortrayer: InsaneBlueberry

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  • acting right is so routine

    96 replies
    • {{TiaSpeech|"Bye now."}}
    • //So Tyler storms out like the pissy baby he is while mumbling to himself about how he's gonna win her back and the end.// {{fin}}
  • golden days are so far away

    45 replies
    • {{Lena Speech| A healthy relationship where you can eat junk food together.}} {{Lena Speech| That's the dream.}}
    • //Tia laughs and nods her in agreement.// {{TiaSpeech|Yes, most definitely that.}}

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