Timeline: 2013

This is the timeline of major events for the characters on the wiki in the year 2013.


Date Location Event
1 Barfield, Miduna Beach, Lebeaux, Blackwood Mountain Happy New Year!
13 Miduna Beach Ashley Parks and Alicia Vega meet each other and discuss life.
15 Miduna Beach Bronte Gibson and Amanda Ross meet and Bronte helps her around.
16 Miduna Beach Ashley Parks and Amanda Ross meet each other.
24 Miduna Beach Alicia Vega thinks Bec Hamilton looks like someone she used to go to school with.


Date Location Event
13 Miduna Beach Matt Finch bumps into Erin Jacobsen and tries to get laid.
13 Miduna Beach Alicia Vega and Erin Jacobsen talk about Desmond College of the Arts.
17 Miduna Beach A hyper Grace Forbes meets Bronte Gibson after a sugar rush.
17 Barfield Chelsea Anderson surprises Britt Anderson at a coffee shop, and teases her about a date she will be having later that day.
17 Miduna Beach Erin Jacobsen meets Grace Forbes and later eats with her at Benny's Cafe.
17 Barfield Lian Harper runs into Matt Finch at a cafe in Barfield.
17 N/A Chelsea Anderson and Erin Jacobsen meet on the bus.
18 Barfield Ethan Stone insists on renaming his dog Grethan. While arguing with Grace Forbes, they get interrupted by Lora Zenkins.
19 Barfield Rachelle Carla Redford reunites with her long-time best friend, Alicia Vega.
20 Barfield Camille Jackson meets her long-time friend Rachelle Carla Redford from HA.
20 Miduna Beach Gwen Price bumps into Grace Forbes and Gwen drops her book into a puddle.
22 Miduna Beach Bronte Gibson's little brother runs away and into Abby Moon.
22 Miduna Beach Gwen Price is in a daze when she runs into Lora Zenkins.
22 N/A Bec Hamilton slips in the rain and falls ontop of Tucker Kent and they then become the bestest friends.
23 Miduna Beach Lora Zenkins and Amanda Ross meet each other and Lora messes up on her name.
24 Barfield Rachelle Carla Redford and Rachel Clark recognize each other while waiting for a taxi.
25 Barfield Britt Anderson accidentally spills iced tea all over Toby Blackburn. Toby starts developing a crush on Britt.
26 Miduna Beach Toby Blackburn is working at the coffee shop when Britt Anderson shows up and he goes over to talk to her.
27 Barfield Toby Blackburn accidentally mistakes Chelsea Anderson for her twin, Britt Anderson.
28 Barfield Rachel Clark meets Luke Montgomery and later, they kiss.


Date Location Event
1 Barfield Matt Finch and Marzia Sinclair go on a date together to a fruit market.
1 N/A Camille Jackson meets major emo kid Cody Scott.
1 Miduna Beach Lian Harper goes to Bookends and finds out Matt Finch works there. They argue a lot and end up making out.
1 Miduna Beach/Barfield Continuation of the previous thread between Lian Harper and Matt Finch.
1 Barfield Ethan Stone tells Grace Forbes that he regrets naming the dog Grethan.
1 Miduna Beach Emo kid Cody Scotty falls and expects Natalia Silvia to laugh at him.
2 Miduna Beach Eleanor Nightshade tries to give Cody Scott advice.
2 Barfield Rachel Clark approaches Cody Scott since she's heard all about him being an ennoying emo kid.
2 Barfield Rachelle Redford and Marzia Sinclair are both completely lost.
2 Miduna Beach Natalia Silvia bumps into Eleanor Nightshade.
3 Barfield Lian Harper meets Marzia Sinclair with Matt Finch.
3 Miduna Beach Hannah Ross meets James Radke and becomes friends with him, after realizing that they are very similar to each other.
3 Barfield Grace Forbes and Carter Montgomery meet and Carter has a pet cat.
3 Miduna Beach Dillon Hopkins and Hannah Ross recognize each other and chit chat.
3 Miduna Beach Hannah Ross bumps into Jessica Knight, and Elijah Clark shows up.
3 Miduna Beach Ben Monroe runs into Madison Davenport and awkwardly sort of flirts with her.
3 Miduna Beach Dillon Hopkins runs into Eleanor Nightshade in the school hallway.
3 Miduna Beach Jane Thomson and Gwen Price have an intelligent conversation because they are too smart for their own good.
3 Barfield Matt Finch sees Lian Harper while he's getting Chinese takeout and he rushes over to talk to her.
4 Miduna Beach Hannah Ross and James Radke leave the dentist.
4 Barfield Britt Anderson calls Toby Blackburn and plans to go eat Chinese food together.
4 Barfield Rachel Clark and Luke Montgomery see each other again and decide that they've missed each other.
5 Miduna Beach Elijah Clark invites Eleanor Nightshade to his shared house with Marzia Sinclair, which surprises Marzia.
5 Miduna Beach Cody Scott attempts to buy a book in a bookstore named Bookends, but realizes that there are no copies of it in Bookends.
6 Miduna Beach Marzia Sinclair and Matt Finch go to the beach together.
6 Miduna Beach Continuation of previous Matt Finch and Marzia Sinclair thread.
7 N/A Rosalynn Fett and Amanda Ross talk about school and going shopping.
7 Miduna Beach Erin Jacobsen talks to Ben Monroe about high school and college.
7 Rosalynn Fett and Cody Scott meet each other and somehow Rosalynn is able to handle his whiny emo and they become friends.
8 Barfield Matthew Pearson runs into Matt Finch.
8 Miduna Beach Erin Jacobsen sees Matt Finch near Desmond's library and talks to him about running into people.
8 Miduna Beach Meghan Shield sees Bec Hamilton while getting groceries and decides to catch up with her. Meghan also gets Bec to "admit" to being in love with Matt Finch.
8 Barfield Meghan Shield stalks Lian Harper at BCC and procedes to call Lian a slut for liking Matt Finch.
8 Miduna Beach Taylor Simpson cuts the line in front of Cody Scott and he acts like a whiny emo kid about all of it.
8 Miduna Beach Ben Monroe is injured and can't go to practice, and Bronte Gibson is watching her bf practice, but decides to keep Ben some company.
8 Miduna Beach Madison Davenport and Ben Monroe meet up to go fishing together.
8 Miduna Beach Taylor Simpson runs into Nancy Ross, causing Nancy to drop her food.
8 Miduna Beach Katy Black and Matthew Pearson meet each other.
9 Miduna Beach Mark Mays invites Ashley Parks to write a song with him for class.
9 Miduna Beach Matt Finch sees Alicia Vega trip over a bike, so he warns her about it.
9 Miduna Beach Rosalynn Fett and Eleanor Nightshade meet each other at the beach.
10 Barfield Hannah Ross tries to get Ethan Stone to admit being in love with Grace Forbes.
10 Barfield Hannah Ross convinces Grace Forbes to go on a blind date.
10 N/A Hannah Ross and Grace Forbes bond over having unnatural hair colors.
10 N/A James Radke and Grace Forbes meet and realize they both know Hannah Ross.
10 N/A Ethan Stone is told by Grace Forbes to say hi to Erin Jacobsen, who then believes that Ethan and Grace are dating.
10 Barfield Matt Finch is doing errands for Bec Hamilton when he asks Tucker Kent for help around the grocery store.
10 Miduna Beach Erin Jacobsen sits next to Bec Hamilton and they start talking.
11 Miduna Beach Mark Mays and Ashley Parks write a song together and later become canon.
11 Miduna Beach Erin Jacobsen decides to talk to Grace Forbes since they haven't talked for a while.
11 Barfield Lian Harper is working as a bartender at Specks when Tucker Kent shows up and they argue like exes, because that's what they are.
11 Barfield Ethan Stone gets Grace Forbes the Pitch Perfect DVD.
12 Barfield Rosalie King sees Tucker Kent and gets her flirt on while Tucker is questioning how old she is and is really awkward.
12 Barfield Rosalie King and Natalia Washington meet each other and become friends.
13 Miduna Beach Matthew Pearson develops a small crush on Lucy Hudson.
13 N/A Lucy Hudson and Grace Forbes talk since they are cousins and all.
13 N/A Grace Forbes askes Lucy Hudson about her date.
13 Miduna Beach Lucy Hudson gets Matthew Pearson to help her find her class.
13 Miduna Beach Erin Jacobsen and Jennifer Summers meet at Desmond.
13 Barfield Jennifer Summers thinks Rosalynn Fett is someone else, and they end up talking.
14 Barfield Cecilia Carter drops her things after running into Josh Monroe and he gives her a ride to her friend's place and she gives him a little present for his help.
14 Miduna Beach Cecilia Carter and Matt Finch meet and decide to go to Benny's.
14 Miduna Beach Ariana Knight is a creeper and knows where Erin Jacobsen attends school.
14 Miduna Beach Jennela Stygia tries to get Natalia Silvia to meditate somewhere else.
14 Miduna Beach Erin Jacobsen recognizes Jennela Stygia from Desmond campus.
14 Miduna Beach Rosalynn Fett and Lora Zenkins meet.
15 N/A Rachel Clark tells Matt Finch that he's a manwhole.
16 Miduna Beach Mel Peterson has to stop midjog from running over Jeremy Johnson's daughter, and then she and him chit chat for a while.
16 Miduna Beach Mel Peterson asks her neighbor Matt Finch if he can help her move some furniture into her apartment.
16 Miduna Beach Jennifer Summers and Eleanor Nightshade meet each other and talk about weapons.
17 Barfield Marzia Sinclair meets Logan Smith and tells him about her not-really-a-breakup-breakup with Matt Finch. She also offers to go to Benny's with him.
17 Miduna Beach Marzia Sinclair and Logan Smith go out to eat at Benny's on a maybe date.
17 N/A Grace Forbes almost bumps into Logan Smith.
17 N/A Lucas Middleton and Monica Thompson see each other after years of being apart since high school.
17 Lebeaux Jeremy Johnson and Toby Muriel meet up and discuss divorce and life.
17 Lebeaux Toby Muriel and Lucas Middleton discuss relationships and women.
17 Lebeaux Toby Muriel and Monica Thompson meet each other after years of being apart.
17 N/A Toby Muriel and Alex Norwood are both reaching for a newspaper at the same time, and end up just talking.
17 Miduna Beach Jennifer Summers bumps into Matthew Pearson.
17 Miduna Beach Mel Peterson almost gets run over and Elena Sommers sees if she's okay.
17 Lebeaux Jack Knight asks Toby Muriel if he can sit with him for lunch.
18 Miduna Beach Dillon Hopkins and Gwen Price invent the word 'teenagery.'
19 N/A Natalia Washington invites Rosalie King over to her house.
19 Miduna Beach Eleanor Nightshade bumps into Lucy Hudson.
19 Barfield Jason Blackburn asks Tucker Kent if he's the manslut Matt Finch. Tucker says no.
19 Barfield Marzia Sinclair and Logan Smith talk about stuff.
19 Miduna Beach Matt Finch is surprised by Marzia Sinclair's new hairstyle.
19 Miduna Beach Nancy Ross makes the mistake of talking to emo kid Cody Scott.
19 Miduna Beach Mark Mays and Ashley Parks make plans to go to the Red Dragon Express.
20 Barfield Marzia Sinclair and Logan Smith talk and hang out a few days after their maybe date.
20 Miduna Beach Erin Jaocbsen goes to the Carter household to talk to her friend Crystal Carter, but ends up getting flirted with by Nate Carter, Crystal's brother.
20 Miduna Beach Nate Carter tries to flirt with Elizabeth Miller but fails as usual.
20 Miduna Beach Marzia Sinclair and Nate Carter meet.
20 N/A Cecilia Carter and Nate Carter meet each other and flirt a lot.
20 N/A Grace Forbes is exploring and bumps into Nate Carter.
20 Miduna Beach Mel Peterson drops her fancy smancy dresses and Crystal Carter is like omg dresses.
21 Barfield Rachel Clark and Luke Montgomery end up making out in the rain.
21 N/A Marzia Sinclair sees Kendall Pierce who oddly looks a lot like her friend's boyfriend.
21 Miduna Beach Ariana Knight bumps into Crystal Carter.
21 N/A Nancy Ross decides to talk to Lian Harper, which is always a great mistake.
21 N/A Rachelle Redford and Alicia Vega are actually lesbians.
21 N/A Logan Smith bothers Kendall Pierce.
22 Barfield Logan Smith wants to know if Marzia Sinclair is interested in treehats.
22 Barfield Rachelle Redford mistakes Kendall Pierce to be her boyfriend.
22 N/A Kendall Pierce tells Nate Carter that he's hot.
22 Miduna Beach Kendall Pierce makes the mistake of talking to emo kid Cody Scott.
22 Miduna Beach Krista Henderson and Ben Monroe meet each other on the beach.
22 Miduna Beach Matt Finch admits that Lian Harper is a great catch.
23 Barfield Rosalynn Fett tells Kendall Pierce that lots of things are in fact up.
23 Barfield Grace Forbes recognizes that she and Molly Darrow are both fake redheads.
23 Barfield Natalia Washington and Emerald De Luca get into a catfight.
23 Barfield Molly Darrow and Josh Monroe meet each other in weird ways.
23 Barfield Ethan Stone bumps into Emerald De Luca, who seems completely interested in him.
23 Barfield Molly Darrow and Jayson Stone meet.
23 N/A Hannah Ross and Emerald De Luca meet.
23 Barfield Hannah Ross is mad that Ethan Stone kissed some other girl besides Grace Forbes.
23 N/A Ryan Shay and Emerald De Luca flirt.
23 N/A Karina Locke questions Molly Darrow's red hair.
23 Barfield Hannah Ross asks how Grace Forbes feels about Ethan Stone kissing another girl.
23 Barfield Emerald De Luca is injured but Ethan Stone does not care.
23 Barfield Rosalynn Fett and Rosalie King talk about stuff.
23 Miduna Beach Rosalynn Fett flirts with Ben Monroe.
23 Barfield Matt Finch and Marzia Sinclair go on a just friends movie date.
Continuation of previous Matt Finch and Marzia Sinclair thread.
24 Miduna Beach Eleanor Nightshade asks Grace Forbes what happened between her and Ethan Stone.
25 Barfield Hannah Ross discusses Grace Forbes with Ethan Stone.
25 Barfield Grace Forbes and Ethan Stone talk.
26 Barfield Jayson Stone wants to know what Ethan Stone did to Grace Forbes.
26 Lebeaux A bunch of old people hang out.
26 Miduna Beach Eleanor Nightshade and Heaven Trevisani talk.
26 Miduna Beach Jennela Stygia and Natalia Silivia have to wait on Ariana Knight to actually be their waitress at the Red Dragon Express.
26 Barfield Sophie Arden and Alex Norwood talk at a bar.
27 Barfield Klaus Marseille compliments Grace Forbes's hair.
27 Miduna Beach Eleanor Nightshade recognizes Ben Monroe from MBHS.
28 N/A Toby Blackburn decides to socialize with Krista Henderson.
28 N/A Cait Adams and Nate Carter talk about college.
28 Miduna Beach Heaven Trevisani and Cait Adams meet.
28 Miduna Beach For some reason, Kendall Pierce talks to emo kid Cody Scott again. That poor soul.
28 N/A Ben Monroe and Krista Henderson discuss their relationship and paddleballs.
29 Barfield Grace Forbes asks Hannah Ross about her conversation with Ethan Stone.
29 Miduna Beach Matt Finch notices Hannah Ross's bright hair and decides to talk to her.
29 Lebeaux Reyna and Adelle Darnell do stuff.
30 Barfield Rosalynn Fett is a freak around everyone, including Toby Blackburn.
30 Barfield Marzia Sinclair and Logan Smith are stupid again.
30 Miduna Beach Dillon Hopkins and Ben Monroe are buddies because they both play sports.
30 Miduna Beach Rosalynn Fett is building a sand death star at the beach when it is destroyed and Heaven Trevisani tries to help fix it.
30 Lebeaux Zoey Darnell and Corey Darnell Jr talk.
31 Barfield Bec Hamilton fails at sneaking up on Tucker Kent and scaring him.
31 N/A Bec Hamilton manages to fall on top of Sean Morgan.


Date Location Event
1 Lebeaux Monica Thompson and Lucas Middleton talk about stuff.
1 N/A Jake Howell hopes that Marzia Sinclair is in fact a living girl.
1 Miduna Beach Eleanor Nightshade does not understand the word 'hello.'
1 Barfield Ethan Stone acts like a whiny baby when Faith Everett accidentally bumps into him.
1 N/A Jake Howell and Elijah Clark bond over their manliness.
1 Miduna Beach Jason Blackburn complains to Marzia Sinclair about his job and how he wants a new one.
1 Miduna Beach Gwen Price is going for a stroll when she decides to talk to Madison Knight.
1 Barfield Carter Montgomery tries to flirt, but immediately Elizabeth Miller turns him down.
1 Miduna Beach Bronte Gibson bumps into Adelle Darnell at the beach.
1 Miduna Beach Bronte Gibson is sad after her breakup and Jake Howell seems to try and comfort her.
2 Miduna Beach Bronte Gibson is having a crap day when she gets to work and Marzia Sinclair tries to help her out.
2 Barfield Ethan Stone starts talking to Grace Forbes again.
2 Miduna Beach Eleanor Nightshade is jogging and sees Jake Howell and is very mad for some reason.
2 N/A Grace Forbes is hyper and talks to Ryan Lovato.
2 Miduna Beach Jake Howell and Matt Finch discuss the possibilities of what is up.
3 Barfield Rachel Clark answers her door very nicely and it's her boyfriend Luke Montgomery.
3 N/A Cait Adams and Hannah Ross discuss pretty hair.
3 Miduna Beach Jake Howell questions why Eleanor Nightshade wouldn't want to date him.
3 N/A Jennifer Summers is a freak and Jane Thomson is so done.
4 N/A Matt Finch texts Marzia Sinclair asking about a thing on Saturday.
4 N/A Madison Knight and Nessie Stevens compliment each other and speak in smileys.
5 Barfield Ethan Stone wants to know what Alaska Carlisle wants this time.
5 N/A Rhys Sanders questions if he knows who Cait Adams is.
5 Barfield Rhys Sanders wants to know Alaska Carlisle's name because he's a horny asshole.
5 Miduna Beach Miles Campell wants Alaska Carlisle to tell him whether he knows her or not.
5 Barfield Nessie Stevens tells Rachelle Redford that she's pretty, so perhaps Nessie is actually into girls.
5 Barfield Grace Forbes is bored and decides to talk to Nessie Stevens.
5 Barfield Rhys Sanders wants to know if he and Marzia Sinclair have met before.
5 Barfield Rhys Sanders flirts with everyone, including Natalia Silvia.
5 Miduna Beach Jennela Stygia sees Marzia Sinclair in the halls at Desmond.
6 Miduna Beach Jake Howell says hello to Mel Peterson.
6 Miduna Beach Rhys Sanders tries to flirt with Krista Henderson, who has a boyfriend.
6 Barfield Elizabeth Miller is forced by Carter Montgomery to watch a movie.
6 Miduna Beach Emo kid Cody Scott bumps into Jennifer Summers and causes her to drop her phone while she's freaking out about a guy talking to her.
7 Barfield Rhys Sanders loses his wallett and Monika Burmondy gives it back to him.
7 Barfield Rachel Clark tells Monika Burmondy that she has pretty hair.
7 Miduna Beach Emo kid Cody Scott is amazing by emo kid Fiona Lawrence's hair.
7 Miduna Beach Ben Monroe is wowed by Fiona Lawrence's hair.
Continuation of previous Ben Monroe and Fiona Lawrence thread.
8 Barfield Rhys Sanders tries to get Monika Burmondy to date him because he is horny.
8 Barfield Rhys Sanders harrasses Monika Burmondy at school too.
8 Barfield Monika Burmondy agrees to go to lasertag with Rhys Sanders.
8 Miduna Beach Eleanor Nightshade and Jake Howell discuss a sucky book.
9 Barfield Monika Burmondy and Rhys Sanders go to lasertag.
9 Barfield Monika Burmondy gotta deal with asshole Rhys Sanders and dumbass Kevin Crawford.
9 Barfield Monika Burmondy wants to know why Kevin Crawford is sitting her seat in English class.
9 Barfield Eleanor Nightshade is lost in Barfield and enlists Kevin Crawford to help her.
10 N/A Rhys Sanders is still an asshole and will Monika Burmondy learn to avoid him at all costs?
12 Miduna Beach Krista Henderson wishes her boyfriend Ben Monroe a happy birthday.
12 Miduna Beach Nate Carter and Marzia Sinclair meet again.
14 Barfield Rhys Sanders harasses Monika Burmondy through text messages again and wants her to come over so they can have sex.
14 Miduna Beach Marzia Sinclair has something to tell Bec Hamilton.
14 Barfield Grace Forbes and Lucy Hudson finally speak again.
16 N/A Gwen Price and Rose Wildehyde are at a family reunion.
16 Miduna Beach Ben Monroe sneaks up on Krista Henderson after soccer practice and surprises her.
17 Barfield Grace Forbes walks into Ethan Stone's room and he yells at her to go away.
18 Miduna Beach Marzia Sinclair recognizes Ariana Knight from the Red Dragon Express.
18 Barfield Winter Crimsen says hi to Ryan Lovato and hopes she isn't bothering him.
18 Barfield Monika Burmondy decides to sit next to Winter Crimsen at lunch.
19 Barfield Julie Lee loses her keys and Monika Burmondy is nice for once and gives them to her.
19 Miduna Beach Mel Peterson is jogging and bumps into Margaret Johnson.
20 Miduna Beach Anita Forrest and Erin Jacobsen discuss ballet stuff.
23 Barfield Monika Burmondy ruins Rhys Sanders stupid one-man basketball game.
23 Barfield Monika Burmondy is on break from work and sees Winter Crimsen.
23 Barfield Evidently Winter Crimsen and Josh Monroe had a dirty little secret.
23 Miduna Beach Reyna Darnell bumps into Lucy Hudson at Benny's.
24 Barfield Rhys Sanders is an asshole and texts Monika Burmondy.
25 Barfield Winter Crimsen is chasing her daughter around and bumps into Monika Burmondy.
26 Barfield Josh Monroe brings Winter Crimsen a flower.
27 Barfield Elizabeth Miller is glad Carter Montgomery is finally home.
28 Barfield Grace Forbes tells Ethan Stone that they have a problem.
28 Barfield Rhys Sanders is an asshole and has Monika Burmondy's phone.
28 Barfield Luke Montgomery is buying stuff and sees Drake Henderson and gives him a hug.
28 Miduna Beach Grace Forbes and Bronte Gibson are in fact friends.
29 Barfield Gaile Jung talks really fast and Grace Forbes is like woah there, slow down.
30 Barfield The first rped flirtation of Imogen Lloyd was with Elijah Clark.
30 Barfield Something weird happens between Ethan Stone, Astrid Mobele, and Hayley Gilbert.


Date Location Event
1 N/A Matt Finch and Imogen Lloyd are on a train together. Flirting ensues.
2 Miduna Beach Marzia Sinclair bumps into Matt Finch.
3 Lebeaux Gang Adelle and Reyna Darnell are sisters so they need to talk.
4 Barfield Rhys Sanders flirts with Noelle Hayes because he's an asshole.
4 Barfield Marzia Sinclair trips and bumps into Noelle Hayes.
4 Barfield Marzia Sinclair and Matt Finch do something fancy.
Continuation of previous Marzia Sinclair and Matt Finch thread.
5 Lebeaux Zoey and Reyna Darnell talk.
6 Barfield Hannah Ross and Grace Forbes talk for the first time in forever.
6 N/A Noelle Hayes awkwardly calls Joey King.
7 Barfield Graceyn Stone and Elijah Clark mistake each other for other people.
7 Miduna Beach Matt Finch mistakes Graceyn Stone for Marzia Sinclair.
7 N/A Chelsea Miller and Lucy Hudson have a riveting conversation.
7 Miduna Beach Ashley Parks gets Mark Mays a birthday present.
7 N/A Imogen Floyd is at the DMV and flirts with Nate Carter.
8 Barfield Graceyn Stone and Rachelle Redford recognize each other.
9 Barfield Julianna Collins runs into Noelle Hayes.
10 Lebeaux Adelle Darnell wants to know where Zoey Darnell has been.
10 Barfield Evidently Margo Smith is the cousin of Grace Forbes's future husband.
10 Barfield Julianna Collins has trouble reading in the terrible weather and complains to Penelope Burke.
10 Miduna Beach Margo Smith thinks Lucy Hudson looks like Grace Forbes.
11 Barfield Josh Monroe and Winter Crimsen make plans for Mother's Day.
11 N/A Karina Locke wants to know why Taylor Simpson wears black.
12 Miduna Beach Regan Martin makes fun of Amber Muir.
12 Miduna Beach Eleanor Nightshade throws a knife at Jake Howell.
12 Miduna Beach Emo kid Cody Scott is a drama queen around emo kid Amber Muir.
12 Barfield Grace Forbes and Maureen Cox are both in love with coffee.
12 Miduna Beach Emo kid Cody Scott tries to avoid hyper Jennifer Summers at all costs.
12 Miduna Beach Rosalynn Fett is excited to see emo kid Cody Scott who thinks she has been avoiding him.
13 N/A Reyna Darnell is forced to socialize, so she talks to Chelsea Miller.
14 Barfield Lian Harper is jogging and sees Marzia Sinclair and thinks her name is actually Mars.
15 Miduna Beach Alice Chang makes the mistake of asking emo kid Cody Scott where she is at.
15 Barfield Monika Burmondy makes the mistake of continuing to talk to Rhys Sanders by hanging out on his front porch.
15 Miduna Beach Even Seth Conrad knows that Eleanor Nightshade throws knives.
15 Miduna Beach Ben Monroe wants to go fishing, but Mina Wootin is in the way.
16 Barfield Monika Burmondy is happier than usual and Winter Crimsen notices.
17 Barfield Monika Burmondy lies when she says Rhys Sanders looks nice because he actually looks like a douchebag.
17 Miduna Beach Seth Conrad bumps into Eleanor Nightshade.
17 Barfield Monika Burmondy regretfully celebrates Rhys Sanders's birthday.
Continuation of the previous crap thread between Monika Burmondy and Rhys Sanders.
17 Miduna Beach Eleanor Nightshade knows that Rosalynn Fett will never tire of Miduna Beach.
18 Miduna Beach Jake Howell is wearing a tux for Eleanor Nightshade.
18 Miduna Beach Emo kid Cody Scott has a black eye and emo kid Amber Muir noticies.
18 Miduna Beach Amber Muir tells the MBHS Guidance Counselor Caroline Smart that her friend has a blackeye and she thinks it wasn't an accident.
18 Miduna Beach Seth Conrad asks Eleanor Nightshade out, but she turns him down since she's dating Jake Howell, who overhears everything.
18 Barfield Emma Vaughn is a freak and Logan Smith soon learns that.
19 Miduna Beach Emo kid Cody Scott got into a camp thing and tells Amber Muir.
19 Barfield Rosalynn Fett and Emma Vaughn are freaks.
24 N/A Marceline Wilkins and Caleb Holt talk.
24 Miduna Beach Bronte Gibson slips in a puddle and falls and Caleb Holt helps her up.
24 Barfield Emma Vaughn recognizes Winter Crimsen.
26 Barfield Ethan Stone and Astrid Mobele talk.
26 Barfield Eleanor Nightshade whines to Caleb Holt about Marzia Sinclair ditching her.
26 N/A Maureen Cox is very loud and screams at Winter Crimsen.
27 Miduna Beach Mina Wootin has a mental breakdown with Caroline Smart.
27 Barfield Lian Harper has a conversation on the phone with her mom and Matt Finch wants to know what it was all about.
27 Barfield Lamar Roth thinks Grace Forbes's hair is amazing.
28 Barfield Graceyn Stone and Marzia Sinclair finally meet.
28 Blackwood Mountain Caitlin McCaughey has an awkward encounter with Lamar Roth and they somehow become best friends for life.
29 Barfield Rachelle Redford knows where Graceyn Stone lives.
30 Miduna Beach Eleanor Nightshade and Marzia Sinclair argue.


Date Location Event
1 Miduna Beach Eleanor Nightshade and Marzia Sinclair get into an argument.
3 Blackwood Mountain Sydney Wells asks Lamar Roth if he's seen her pet turtle.
7 Miduna Beach Eleanor Nightshade drags Marzia Sinclair out of work at Benny's.
7 Miduna Beach Jake Howell wants to know if Marzia Sinclair is cheating on him with someone named Joey.
8 Miduna Beach Jake Howell wants to know how Bronte Gibson has been.
8 Miduna Beach Jake Howell and Eleanor Nightshade break up :(
8 Miduna Beach Jake Howell tells Ryan Lovato that he and Eleanor Nightshade broke up.
8 Barfield Ben Monroe and Krista Henderson break up. :(
8 Barfield Drake Henderson wants to see his kid, but Carter Montgomery says no.
8 Barfield Erica Henderson wants to know why Noelle Hayes has a whole lot of groceries.
8 Barfield Lian Harper and Matt Finch go on a date.
9 Miduna Beach Seth Conrad wants to know what is wrong with Eleanor Nightshade.
9 Barfield Nora Cooke is at the Barfield mall and talks to Krista Henderson.
9 Barfield Ben Monroe tries somewhat to get back with Krista Henderson.
11 Barfield Monika Burmondy wants to know where Rhys Sanders has been.
11 Blackwood Mountain Nora Cooke meets emo kid Cody Scott.
11 Blackwood Mountain Cait Adams and Nora Cooke meet.
11 N/A Lucy Carson is back to harass Matt Finch.
11 Blackwood Mountain Kendall Pierce sees emo kid Cody Scott.
11 N/A Marzia Sinclair texts Matt Finch and they decide to hang out.
11 Blackwood Mountain Amber Muir wants to know how emo kid Cody Scott has been.
12 Barfield Rhys Sanders texts Monika Burmondy telling her that he is bored.
13 Miduna Beach Dakota Mallard visits Bronte Gibson.
14 Barfield Rachel Clark is worried that Luke Montgomery is cheating on her.
15 Miduna Beach Hannah Ross and James Radke meet Kieran Neville.
16 Miduna Beach Caitlin McCaughey meets her hero Kieran Neville and she accidentally mentions sucking balls to him.
16 Barfield For some reason a nice pizza shop hires Rhys Sanders and he tells Monika Burmondy about it.
16 Barfield Rhys Sanders is an asshole while playing basketball and Monika Burmondy shows up.
16 Lebeaux Bronte Gibson gets Caleb Morgan, who oddly looks like Wesley Mercer, to help her out.
16 N/A Kevin Crawford and Eleanor Nightshade meet up at a library.
16 Lebeaux Corey and Adelle Darnell do some sibling stuff.
16 Lebeaux Reyna Darnell and Caleb Morgan talk.
16 Miduna Beach Penelope Burke sees Kieran Neville and freaks out, as anyone would.
17 N/A Caitlin McCaughey somehow gets Kieran Neville's number and texts him.
17 Barfield Rhys Sanders uses his asshole skills to get Kieran Neville to come over so Monika Burmondy can meet him.
18 Barfield Jake Little decides to visit his friend Rachelle Redford.
18 Barfield Rachel Clark and Jake Little reunite.
19 Barfield Riley Kane and Alice Chang meet.
19 Miduna Beach Rachelle Redford and Kieran Neville talk to each other and for a second Kieran thinks the baby is his.
19 Lebeaux Adelle and Zoey Darnell talk.
19 N/A Matt Finch texts Bec Hamilton, telling her his sister had her baby.
19 Barfield Rachel Clark goes over and visits Elizabeth Miller while she's babysitting.
19 Barfield Camille Jackson and Jake Little reunite.
19 N/A Matt Finch tells Marzia Sinclair that his sister had a baby.
19 Barfield Riley Kane bumps into Alice Chang and drops all of his papers.
20 N/A Evie Queen and Karina Locke meet each other and sushi is good.
22 N/A Kieran Neville texts Caitlin McCaughey.
22 Miduna Beach Eleanor Nightshade does her best to avoid talking to Seth Conrad, but majorly fails.
22 N/A Jack Knight and Arielle Maver are police buds now.
23 Barfield Grace Forbes ponders why Ethan Stone is all dressed up.
23 N/A Caitlin McCaughey fangirls over Travis Banderas to Kieran Neville through text messages.
23 N/A Caitlin McCaughey goes with Kieran Neville to see Travis Banderas at the airport.
23 N/A Kieran Neville sends fangirl Hannah Ross a private message through Lumblr.
23 N/A Reyne Darnell cannot speak the Spanish to Hayley Gilbert.
25 Miduna Beach Hayley Gilbert and Bronte Gibson decide to talk since they have a class together.
25 N/A Rachel Clark is yelling at her younger cousin and bumps into Bronte Gibson.
25 Miduna Beach The truest OTP of Travis Banderas and Kieran Neville is sitting around drinking beer together because true love.
25 Miduna Beach Dakota Mallard and Hayley Gilbert talk.
28 Miduna Beach Kieran Neville throws a party at his place. Caitlin McCaughey is socially awkward and Travis Banderas decides to chill with her.
Continuation of the previous thread.
Another continuation of the previous thread.
Even more continuation.
28 Blackwood Mountain Cait Adams goes over to talk to Nore Cooke.
28 Barfield Graceyn Stone and Jake Little reunite.
30 Blackwood Mountain Nora Cooke's dog harasses Lauren Santiago.
30 N/A Alice Chang fangirls about Travis Banderas.
30 Miduna Beach Cait Adams's father is an asshole.
30 Barfield Alice Chang and Riley Kane are awkward.


Date Location Event
02 Blackwood Mountain Kieran Neville decides to visit Caitlin McCaughey.
Continuation of previous thread.
02 Barfield Monika Burmondy shows Kevin Crawford the ropes of the job.
03 Blackwood Mountain Emo kid Cody Scott knocks on Nora Cooke's door so they can socialize.
03 N/A Kieran Neville and Travis Banderas call Caitlin McCaughey, wondering why she is dying.
03 Blackwood Mountain Evidently it's Travis Banderas's birthday, so Kieran Neville and Caitlin McCaughey do stuff.
04 N/A Britt Anderson calls up Toby Blackburn to do closure.
05 Miduna Beach The OTP of Travis Banderas and Kieran Neville does gay stuff together.
05 Barfield Monika Burmondy makes the grave mistake of sleeping over at Rhys Sanders's house.
05 Blackwood Mountain Toby Blackburn bumps into Caitlin McCaughey.
05 Barfield Rachel Clark yells at Jake Little to wake up.
06 Miduna Beach Joey Parker almost gets killed by crazy knife throwing child Eleanor Nightshade.
06 Barfield Alice Chang and Riley Kane do some stuff.
08 Blackwood Mountain Travis Banderas wants to talk to Caitlin McCaughey about something that happened between them. They probably kissed. Idk. I'm not reading the thread.
08 N/A Rachel Clark gets a phonecall from Jack Knight telling her that Jake Little was arrested.
08 N/A Nora Cooke recognizes Alice Chang.
09 N/A Caitlin McCaughey is terrified of thunderstorms or something and Mouse, her cat, got out of the house. Travis Banderas and Kieran Neville come over to help her. Also, Thunderstruck is a very nice AC/DC song.
09 Blackwood Mountain Jennifer Summers and emo kid Cody Scott talk.
09 Barfield Nora Cooke bumps into Riley Kane, and he gets mad at her.
10 Miduna Beach Joey Parker and Jake Howell talk about Eleanor Nightshade.
11 Barfield Rhys Sanders accidentally loses his wallet, but Anya Collins give it to him.
12 Miduna Beach Joey Parker and Eleanor Nightshade talk about Jake Howell.
12 Miduna Beach Bronte Gibson is working at Benny's and thinks she knows Joey Parker.
12 N/A Travis Banderas texts Caitlin McCaughey and finds out she's cool enough to eat cereal in the afternoon.
12 Barfield Jake Little is glad to see Rachel Clark when she gets home from work.
13 Barfield Winter Crimsen and Monika Burmondy talk about Kieran Neville.
13 Miduna Beach Matt Finch decides to bother Marzia Sinclair at Benny's.
13 Barfield Luke Montgomery goes to visit his girlfriend Rachel Clark but instead finds Jake Little there.
15 Blackwood Mountain Nora Cooke wants to know what Cody Scott has written in his journal.
16 Barfield Autumn Tate is forced to socialize, so she talks to Rachelle Redford.
17 N/A Taylor Simpson and Chelsea Miller bump into each other.
18 Barfield Alyanna Hayes bumps into Britt Robertson.
18 N/A The boss ass bitch of this universe, Sam Riddleman, makes her first appearance by calling up Kieran Neville, her bitch.
Technically a continuation of previous thread.
18 Blackwood Mountain Amber Muir wants to visit emo kid Cody Scott, but instead she talks to Nora Cooke.
19 N/A Jake Howell messages Bronte Gibson on Lumblr, asking her about her breakup.
20 Miduna Beach Bronte Gibson bumps into Zeke Watson, who also looks like Wesley Mercer.
21 Barfield Grace Forbes and Ethan Stone argue about Ethan spending so much time with his girlfriend.
21 Miduna Beach Nora Cooke gives Claudia Endicott some stuff she dropped.
21 Miduna Beach Kieran Neville and Sam Riddleman do a livestream together.
22 N/A Jennifer Summers talks to Claudia Endicott.
23 N/A Caitlin McCaughey texts Kieran Neville to tell him something she does not like.
Continuation of previous thread.
More continuation.
24 Barfield Rhys Sanders thankfully ends up in the hospital, but Monika Burmondy decides to visit him.
24 Blackwood Mountain Nora Cooke decides to cautiously talk to emo kid Cody Scott.
25 N/A Libby Edwards compliments the streaks in Marzia Sinclair's hair.
25 N/A Corey Darnell is ranting about Degrassi when he sees Hayley Gilbert.
26 Barfield Monika Burmondy is mad because she got fired from her job. She goes to Rhys Sanders's house for reasons.
26 N/A Ariana Knight and Marzia Sinclair talk.
27 Miduna Beach Noelle and Piper Hayes talk.
27 Miduna Beach Piper Hayes and Alyanna Hayes talk.
27 N/A Jennifer Summers talks to Nora Cooke.
28 N/A Autumn Tate and Phoebe Adams talk.
28 Barfield Jake Little and Phoebe Adams reunite and evidently they used to be a thing.
29 N/A Our OTP decides to make up after their fight because Kieran Neville calls up Travis Banderas. Very emotional. Such OTP.
29 Miduna Beach Grace Forbes bumps into Drake Tate.
29 N/A Penelope Burke and Drake Tate talk.
29 Blackwood Mountain Travis Banderas texts Caitlin McCaughey, asking to come over. He then tells her that he's leaving.
29 Barfield Our goddess Rosalie King talks to Rianna Ashbridge.
29 N/A Aria Bates and Graceyn Stone meet.
31 Lebeaux Mallory and Reyna Darnell talk.
31 N/A Claudia Endicott and Winter Crimsen talk.
31 Barfield Alicia Vega and Lian Harper talk once again.
31 Miduna Beach Bronte Gibson is back to school shopping and talks to Damian Shrader.


Date Location Event
2 Miduna Beach Caitlin McCaughey, Kieran Neville, and Sam Riddleman play poker together.
2 Barfield Prue Gilligan is at Starbucks and sees Kevin Crawford, who pretends to not know Prue.
2 Lebeaux Mallory Darnell and Andrew Roberts are like omfg.
2 Lebeaux Hayley Gilbert and Skyler Stonem go bother Adelle Darnell.
2 Lebeaux Corey Darnell believes that Andrew Roberts like Reyna.
2 Miduna Beach Piper Hayes and Emma Vaughn talk to each other.
2 N/A Claudia Endicott and McKenzie West are discussing things.
2 N/A Matt Finch texts Marzia Sinclair.
2 N/A Scarlet Garcia really likes Britt Anderson's unnatural hair.
2 Barfield Lexi Gilligan is lounging around late at night when Prue Gilligan finally gets home.
2 Barfield Rachelle Redford calls up Alicia Vega, wondering if she wants to go shopping.
3 Lebeaux Zoey and Reyna Darnell do stuff.
3 Blackwood Mountain Dylan West and Lamar Roth decide to go out and eat together. Dylan ends up making fun of Lamar the whole time.
3 Lebeaux Adelle and Mallory Darnell talk about medicine.
3 N/A Juliet Santiago talks to Alicia Vega.
3 Barfield Alice Chang goes to a coffee shop and sees Riley Kane.
4 Barfield Prue and Lexi Gilligan bother Rhys Sanders.
4 Barfield Some really bad shit happens between Rachelle Redford and Jake Little.
4 N/A Mallory Darnell and Autumn Tate talk.
4 Barfield Rachel Clark goes to Luke Montgomery's to yell at him for ignoring her.
4 Barfield Lexi Gilligan is out shopping when she sees Nadia Rey. The truest BROTP is then roleplayed.
4 Lebeaux Mallory Darnell is a freak and tells Adelle Darnell about their days of conception.
4 Barfield Rosalie King and Prue Gilligan discuss party plans.
5 Barfield Nadia Rey sees Kevin Crawford at Starbucks and totally flirts with him.
5 Barfield Dmitri Young sees Kat Hastings at a food court and decides to approach her.
5 Blackwood Mountain Dylan West and Lamar Roth go back to Dylan's place and be dumb.
6 Barfield Margo Smith is back in town and talks to Ethan Stone.
6 Barfield Lexi Williams compliments Nadia Rey's hair, because Nadia is hot as hell.
6 N/A Lucy Hudson is glad to see that Margo Smith is back.
6 Barfield Jake Little goes to Graceyn Stone's place.
7 Lebeaux Toby Muriel and Jo Johnson are at a fertility clinic.
7 Barfield The unlikely friendship between Lian Harper and Kieran Neville is formed at Specks.
Continuation of the previous thread.
8 Barfield Kat Hastings is reading a terrible book in the park when Dmitri Young sees her and, after Prue Gilligan told him to give her another chance, he decides to try and get to know her.
8 Barfield Dmitri Young and Prue Gilligan talk at the mall.
8 Barfield Jake Little calls Rachel Clark while she's at work.
8 Lebeaux Adelle Darnell wants to know where the puppy is, so she asks Corey Darnell.
8 N/A Lian Harper drunk texts Matt Finch.
8 Lebeaux Sarabi Denisof when Corey Darnell's dog comes over to her.
8 Blackwood Mountain Amber Muir goes over to check on emo kid Cody Scott.
9 N/A Caitlin McCaughey calls Travis Banderas.
9 Lebeaux Mallory and Corey Darnell are freaks.
9 Blackwood Mountain Cait Adams is dressed like she was the previous night at a party when she sees Nora Cooke and talks to her.
10 Blackwood Mountain Caitlin McCaughey sees Lamar Roth at the same grocery store again.
10 N/A Drake Tate and Zoey Darnell talk.
11 Lebeaux Reyna Darnell and Andrew Roberts flirt.
11 Miduna Beach Aphrodite Hart and Zeke Watson are besties.
14 Barfield Monika Burmondy wears a short dress and tells Rhys Sanders that she looks like a slut.
14 Barfield  Lexi Gilligan is buying supplies for the party when Jane Thomson asks her where she can find organic drinks.
15 Miduna Beach Mandy Ross and Darcy Lowe say hi.
15 Miduna Beach Aphrodite Hart recognizes Evan Bowles as her brothers' friend.
15 N/A Stalker Gwen McKessie meets Evan Bowles.
15 N/A Aria Bates and Evan Bowles meet for the very first time.
17 Miduna Beach Elaine Hayes and Alice Chang talk.
17 Barfield Nate Carter bothers Lian Harper at Specks.
18 Miduna Beach Emily Patrick and Evan Bowles meet each other.
18 N/A Imogen Lloyd and Nate Carter meet each other again.
19 Blackwood Mountain Kieran Neville and Caitlin McCaughey went out to get lunch and groceries. He then drops her off at her place.
19 N/A Aria Bates and Ella Stevens meet.
19 Barfield Kat Hastings and Dmitri Young are at a party together.
19 N/A Natalie Patrick flirts with Rory Kendrick.
19 Barfield Imogen Lloyd and Prue Gilligan get into a fight over who is truly the HBIC.
20 Miduna Beach Zeke Watson needs girl advice from Aphrodite Hart.
20 Barfield Poor Winter Crimsen has to talk to Rhys Sanders.
20 Barfield Lexi Gilligan sees Rory Kendrick, Nadia Rey's ex-boyfriend.
20 N/A Natalie Patrick and Aria Bates meet.
21 Blackwood Mountain Kieran Neville and Caitlin McCaughey celebrate Caitlin's birthday.
21 Lebeaux Adelle Darnell tsks Andrew Roberts.
21 Lebeaux Reyna Darnell and Mitchell Holland talk.
21 Lebeaux Adelle Darnell harasses Mitchell Holland.
21 Lebeaux Adelle Darnell needs to borrow a book from Mallory Darnell.
22 Lebeaux Andrew Roberts finds Reyna Darnell in a tree.
22 Barfield Grace Forbes is packing her things when Ethan Stone is questioning what she's doing.
24 N/A Autumn Tate knows all about Andrew Roberts thanks to the Darnells.
25 Miduna Beach Evidently Joey Parker lended Eleanor Nightshade a shirt.
25 Miduna Beach Kendall Pierce has been trying to avoid some guy named Drew when he runs into Nate Carter instead.
25 N/A Gwen McKessie believes that Elijah Clark is Logan Lerman.
27 N/A Kieran Neville, Sam Riddleman, and Caitlin McCaughey all go to pick up Travis Banderas from the airport. Also, our OTP of Travan gets to kiss.
28 N/A Autumn Tate and Evan Bowles talk and stuff.
28 Barfield Monika Burmondy checks Rhys Sanders's phone after he gets a text message from a girl named Imogen Lloyd.
28 N/A Matt Finch calls up Marzia Sinclair.
29 Lebeaux Evelyn Greene sees Jo Johnson and they talk.
29 N/A Lucy Carson knows all about Matt Finch's life.
29 Barfield Nadia Rey finds out about Rhys Sander's breakup with Monika Burmondy and checks up on him.
29 Barfield Nadia Rey sees Kat Hastings out and about. They discuss boys and stuff.
30 Miduna Beach Erin Jacobsen tells Kate Pinner that she loves her scarf.
31 Miduna Beach Dominic Blake sees Bronte Gibson and believes he knows her from somewhere.
31 N/A Matt Finch calls Lian Harper. She's asleep and gets grumpy due to his annoying phone call.


Date Location Event
1 Barfield Phoebe Adams bumps into Elijah Clark. Graceyn Stone then sees Phoebe and wants to talk to her, but then she notices Elijah.
1 Barfield Grace Forbes goes to check on Ethan Stone when she finds him drunk and crying over his girlfriend cheating on him.
1 N/A Chloe Finnley is cursing when Penelope Burke hears her and wants to know if everything is okay.
1 N/A Ashley Parks and Penelope Burke talk.
1 Miduna Beach Claire Yorke and Seth Conrad both recognize each other from MBHS.
1 Miduna Beach Bronte Gibson and Claire Yorke are back in school.
1 Barfield Evan Bowles goes to the Barfield Cafe where he gets really great customer service from Nancy Ross.
1 Barfield Camille Jackson sees Jake Little and knows him, but he's too hungover to really recognize her.
2 N/A Caitlin McCaughey texts Kieran Neville at 8:30 AM.
2 Miduna Beach Claire Yorke recognizes Jake Howell since she follows him or something.
5 Barfield Prue Gilligan and Rosalie King are at school and chit chat.
5 Barfield Nora Cooke is worried about why Cait Adams isn't going to school anymore.
6 N/A Chloe Finnley  is bumped into by Tiara Blackwell.
6 Blackwood Mountain Tiara Blackwell and Chris Hyde are in their house when the Chris's phone rings.
6 Barfield Ethan Stone is watching random movies and Grace Forbes walks into the room.
7 Barfield Thus begins Rhys Sanders stalking Monika Burmondy.
7 N/A Marzia Sinclair texts Matt Finch, wondering why he has yet to call her.
8 Lebeaux Adelle Darnell bothers Andrew Roberts.
8 Lebeaux Reyna Darnell finds Andrew Roberts playing video games in her house.
8 Miduna Beach Jennifer Summers swears that Ryder Arrow is a peasant.
8 Barfield Alice Chang asks Dmitri Young if he's seen a scary tall guy around.
8 Blackwood Mountain Kevin Crawford was trying to find Miduna Beach, but somehow he ended up in Blackwood Mountain. He gets Chris Hyde to help him.
9 Barfield Nessie Stevens freaks out with Lee Wildehyde about the possibility of Travis Banderas being dead.
9 Miduna Beach Travis Banderas walks into the living room in the morning and finds Caitlin McCaughey and Kieran Neville cuddling.
10 Miduna Beach Kieran Neville and Caitlin McCaughey taking a stroll along the beach when Nessie Stevens spots him and proceeds to fangirl.
10 Miduna Beach Kieran Neville and Caitlin McCaughey tell Travis Banderas and Sam Riddleman about the fangirl Nessie Stevens.
10 Blackwood Mountain Dylan West and Evan Bowles see each other around and start arguing, as usual.
10 Blackwood Mountain Dylan West recognizes Caitlin McCaughey from somewhere, but she isn't sure where. Soon enough they both realize they have a mutual friendship with Lamar Roth.
10 Barfield Lian Harper and Matt Finch go and do something and then sex.
11 Barfield Ryder Arrow meets Rosalie King and claims she looks like Sarah Hyland. Rosalie immediately says that no one is amazing as herself.
11 Barfield Monika Burmondy goes to Rhys Sanders's house asking for help. She only needs his family's money to afford a lawyer, but nothing to do with Rhys.
11 Miduna Beach Chloe Finnley ends up lost and enlists the help of Nate Carter.
11 Miduna Beach Jennifer Summers exlaims "holy potatoes" when she meets Travis Banderas.
12 Miduna Beach Nora Cooke is looking for Cait Adams when she instead finds Seth Conrad.
12 N/A Travis Banderas sends Nessie Stevens a message on Lumblr.
12 Barfield Jake Little visits Phoebe Adams.
13 N/A Caitlin McCaughey calls Travis Banderas about a thunderstorm.
14 Barfield Riley Kane loses his temper and punches lockers. Dmitri Young is confused.
14 Barfield Christian Rodriguez sees Nora Cooke in the school cafeteria.
14 Barfield Rachelle Redford mistakes Lamar Roth for someone else.
15 Miduna Beach Hannah Ross, James Radke, and Ryan Lovato do stuff while Hannah has had her wisdom teeth removed.
15 Miduna Beach Kathleen Cameron meets Travis Banderas and Kieran Neville.
15 N/A Aria Bates and Evan Bowles meet again.
15 N/A Reyna Darnell recognizes Ilana Haloske.
17 Miduna Beach Emo kid Cody Scott recognizes Amber Muir even though she doesn't want him to notice her.
19 Barfield Rachel Clark and Jake Little talk again ever since some incident.
21 Barfield Saoirse O'Doyle is out jogging when she gets a text message. Without noticing him, she runs into Alex Norwood.
21 Miduna Beach Nate Carter and Misha Peck flirt - hardcore.
21 Miduna Beach Jennifer Summers messes up on Ryder Arrow's name.
22 Barfield Riley Kane ends up getting suspended from school and tells Alice Chang about it.
23 Miduna Beach Hannah Ross and James Radke discover crazy news about Hannah.
23 Barfield Misha Peck and Tristan Locke flirt and stuff, probably.
23 Barfield Dylan West and Evan Bowles are at a batting cage together, trying to see who gets the most hits.
24 N/A Reyna Darnell thinks that Joel Mattias is Pewds.
25 Barfield Prue Gilligan tries to sneak into the house after she's completely drunk, but Lexi Gilligan notices her.
25 Barfield Leila Hyeon is forced to socialize.
25 N/A Kieran Neville drunk calls Caitlin McCaughey.
25 Barfield Tristan Locke and Imogen Lloyd flirt with each other.
29 Blackwood Mountain Tiara Blackwell wants to know all about Chris Hyde's likes and dislikes.
29 N/A Gwen McKessie meets Shiec Alexander.
29 Blackwood Mountain Dylan West and Lamar Roth move in together.
29 Barfield Britt Anderson is texting when she bumps into Phoebe Adams.
29 Barfield Lian Harper is jogging and bumps into Shiec Alexander, causing her to drop her phone.
29 N/A Aphrodite Hart and Evan Bowles make plans to hang out together.


Date Location Event
1 Miduna Beach Maria Escalera and Stella Escalera talk about porn.
1 Miduna Beach Satine Brion interviews Travis Banderas.
1 Miduna Beach Holly and Stella Escalera go shopping. While there, Holly meets Kieran Neville, who is shopping with Caitlin McCaughey.
1 N/A Ella Stevens texts Aria Bates, wondering if Aria remembers her.
1 Blackwood Mountain Evidently Dylan West and Holly Escalera used to work together and were friends. They catch up with each other when Holly sees Dylan.
3 Miduna Beach Charlotte Conroy and Scarlet Garcia reunite.
5 Miduna Beach Eleanor Nightshade is shooting stuff with a bow and arrow when Joey Parker shows up.
5 Blackwood Mountain Tiara Blackwell sees her new neighbor Lamar Roth, so she says hey to him.
5 Miduna Beach Stella Escalera goes to Benny's and asks Marzia Sinclair if they have free wifi.
6 Barfield Kevin Crawford calls Rosalie King "Rosie" which is definitely a mistake.
6 Barfield Kevin Crawford does small talk with Monika Burmondy.
6 Miduna Beach Claire Yorke gets Seth Conrad to cure her boredom.
6 Lebeaux Rachel Clark tells Aria Bates that she loves her shoes.
7 Miduna Beach Marks Mays recognizes Eleanor Nightshade from their biology class.
9 Miduna Beach Kathleen Cameron and Nathaniel Carter talk about stuff.
11 Barfield Chloe Finnley and Shiec Alexander talk about books in a bookstore.
11 Barfield Shiec Alexander sees Chloe Finnley reading a book.
11 Lebeaux Lindsey Sterling barges into Corey Darnell's room.
11 N/A Maria Escalera is waiting to get picked up and sees Reyna Darnell.
11 Lebeaux Reyna Darnell asks Lindsey Sterling if she knows where Corey Darnell is.
12 Barfield Chloe Finnley wants to know Shiec Alexander's surname.
12 Barfield Chloe Finnley and Shiec Alexander face an obsessed girl named Alexis who apparently thinks that Shiec is her boyfriend.
13 Miduna Beach Caitlin McCaughey is cooking pancakes and is very happy. Travis Banderas notices this.
13 N/A Nessie Stevens messages Travis Banderas on Lumblr.
13 Barfield Dmitri Young decides to sneak up on Kat Hastings, but he doesn't expect to be put in a headlock.
14 Barfield Shiec Alexander sees Chloe Finnley talking with Elijah Clark.
14 Blackwood Mountain Cait Adams is a mess and goes to the boarding house in Blackwood. She goes to Nora Cooke's room to talk to her.
15 Barfield Rhys Sanders asks Winter Crimsen if she knows why Monika Burmondy has been avoiding him lately.
15 N/A Rachelle Redford calls up Lamar Roth.
16 N/A Jake Little calls Rachelle Redford to see if she'll give him a ride.
17 N/A Jane Thomson messages Lee Wildehyde on Lumblr.
17 Miduna Beach Jane Thomson thinks that Holly Escalera is a librarian.
18 Barfield Monika and Anna Burmondy find their mother dead.
18 Lebeaux Lindsey Sterling shows up in Corey Darnell's bedroom.
19 Lebeaux Reyna Darnell and Andrew Roberts chill in her bedroom.
19 Miduna Beach Britt Anderson ends up completely lost and tries to get directions from Marzia Sinclair.
20 Miduna Beach Kieran Neville invites Caitlin McCaughey to go on vacation with him to Baltimore.
21 Barfield Monika and Anna Burmondy are in the hospital, waiting to hear more news about their mother's death.
21 Miduna Beach Maria Escalera tells her sister Stella some exciting news about a dance competition.
21 N/A Monika Burmondy calls Michael Burmondy with news about her mother's death.
21 Miduna Beach Dominic Blake wants to start working at Benny's and sees Bronte Gibson there.
21 Miduna Beach Seth Conrad calls Ellery Peterson.
21 Barfield Jake Little drops one of his crutches, and Imogen Lloyd picks it up for him.
22 Blackwood Mountain Tiara Blackwell signs Chris Hyde up for a dating website.
22 Barfield Sam Riddleman and Tristan Locke meet at Specks.
23 Lebeaux Mallory and Corey Darnell discuss schools.
24 N/A Michael Burmondy calls Monika Burmondy back, wondering if he can be her and Anna's legal guardian.
24 Miduna Beach Kieran Neville and Sam Riddleman discuss Kieran's trip to Baltimore.
25 N/A Michael Burmondy calls Monika Burmonday, but instead Anna Burmondy answers.
Continuation of previous thread.
27 Barfield Chloe Finnley confesses her love to Shiec Alexander.
27 Barfield Anna Burmondy basically tells Rhys Sanders to fuck off.
27 N/A Monika Burmondy picks up Michael Burmondy from the airport.
27 Barfield Continuation of previous two threads, evidently.
27 Barfield Anna Burmondy didn't have her phone over the weekend and talks to Gabriel Beckham at school on Monday, where she also talks to his twin Hunter Beckham.
27 Miduna Beach Ashley Parks surprises Mark Mays at Starbucks.
28 Blackwood Mountain Nora Cooke is worried why emo kid Cody Scott is not at the party.
28 Barfield Chloe and Caleb Finnley celebrate Caleb's birthday and talk about Chloe's boyfriend.
28 Barfield Rosalie King is listening to her iPod and singing along while walking down a street, when she bumps into Dante Bruno-Vaughn.
29 Barfield Caleb Finnley doesn't see Jeremy Kyra Sabatre-Komyshann crossing the street and almost runs her over with his motorcycle.
29 N/A Kevin Crawford calls Eleanor Nightshade.
30 Lebeaux Lindsey Sterling and Corey Darnell discuss bitches from school together.
30 Blackwood Mountain Kieran Neville and Caitlin McCaughey get ready to go away.
31 Lebeaux Tiara Blackwell, Chris Hyde, Corey Darnell, Jr., Lindsey Sterling, Shiec Alexander, and Chloe Finnley meet at Lebeaux Park.
31 Barfield Jake Little is dressed up as a pirate and wants to take Rachelle Redford's daughter trick-or-treating.
31 N/A Kieran Neville, Sam Riddleman, Travis Banderas, and Caitlin McCaughey leave the airport while Sam flips off the paparazzi.
31 Lebeaux Chloe Finnley and Shiec Alexander are at the Lebeaux Park together, where Chloe pretends she wants to break up with him.
31 N/A Chloe Finnley texts Shiec Alexander at 3 AM.


Date Location Event
1 Barfield Rianna Ashbridge is at the park and flirts with Shiec Alexander.
1 Blackwood Mountain Cait Adams has moved into the boarding house and is talking to Cody Scott.
2 Miduna Beach Eleanor and Elliot Nightshade are discussing Elliot's roadtrip when Marzia Sinclair appears.
3 Barfield After chatting with Travis Banderas, Nessie Stevens is invited to go eat dinner with him. She tells Lee Wildehyde all about it.
4 Barfield Travis Banderas goes to Nessie Stevens's house where he also meets Lee Wildehyde.
6 Miduna Beach Caitlin McCaughey and Travis Banderas both wake up early and Caitlin wants to know about a friend of Travis's.
Continuation of previous thread, I think.
7 Barfield Monika Burmondy decides to wake up her sister Anna Burmondy early in the morning
7 N/A Lisa Chu and Kristia Caverly meet each other.
8 Lebeaux Ralph Jameson and Miranda Chu meet after Ralph moves in down the street from the Chu's.
8 Lebeaux Ralph Jameson goes to welcome the Chu family, and there he meets Miranda Chu.
8 Miduna Beach Kieran Neville and Sam Riddleman are drunk and discuss Caitlin McCaughey's butt.
9 Miduna Beach Stella Escalera is still in her PJs at 2 PM when there's a knocking on the door. She yells at her sister Maria Escalera to get it, only to find out it's Maria knocking.
9 Barfield Seeing as how there's nowhere to sit in the cafeteria, Monika Burmondy sits next to Dmitri Young.
9 N/A Matt Finch sees Marzia Sinclair in public and decides to sneak up on her.
9 Barfield Gabriel is late for class and is speeding down the hallways until he sees Anna just sitting on the floor, presumably in front of her locker. He stops and talks to her.
9 N/A Hunter Beckham and Lisa Chu talk.
10 Barfield Natalia Washington and Rosalie King talk about Natalia's trip to Paris.
11 N/A Ella Stevens calls her sister, Nessie Stevens, at two in the morning.
Continuation of the previous thread.
12 Barfield Rachelle Redford gets Alicia Vega to come over to tell her about how Rachelle and Max are eloping.
15 Miduna Beach Michael Burmondy stops and asks for directions from Holly Escalera, and is it love?
Continuation of previous thread.
15 Miduna Beach Kieran Neville and Travis Banderas are watching a football game together.
16 Miduna Beach Caleb Finnley, Jeremy Kyra Sabatre-Komyshann, Chloe Finnley, and Shiec Alexander visit their cousin, Audrey Vankanaitrye.
17 Barfield Evidently Anna Burmondy likes to skip school, so Monika Burmondy approaches her about it.
17 Lebeaux Lindsey Sterling and Corey Darnell celebrate Corey's birthday.
17 Barfield Nadia Rey is having a mental breakdown about her ex-boyfriend dying, so she goes to Rhys Sanders's house and bothers him.
17 Barfield Dylan West drags Lamar Roth out to go shopping with her.
18 ? Ralph Jameson and Lucy Carson meet, having a weird encounter.
18 Blackwood Mountain Nora Cooke is sick and coughing in her room, keeping Cody Scott awake. He goes over to check on her.
18 Miduna Beach Kieran Neville accidentally hits Caitlin McCaughey in the eye while playing air guitar.
19 Barfield Monika Burmondy finds out her sister, Anna, has been talking to Rhys Sanders. She loses her temper and goes over and yells at him.
19 Barfield Nadia Rey and Rosalie King get bored in class, so Rosalie fakes sick, getting them out of class. They end up going to the Barfield Mall for the rest of the day.
20 Miduna Beach Hannah Ross and James Radke try to figure out more about Hannah's adoption.
22 Blackwood Mountain Cody Scott and Nora Cooke go to the doctor to make sure that Nora is okay. She tells him that she's fine, which is a lie.
22 Miduna Beach Caitlin McCaughey wakes up next to Kieran Neville.
23 N/A Sam Riddleman has some important news to tell Kieran Neville.
23 Blackwood Mountain Cody Scott talks to a lawyer and gets good news for Nora Cooke.
23 Lebeaux Ralph Jameson sees Lisa Chu, but he thinks she's Miranda.
23 Barfield The Australians invade because Dmitri Young and Hadley Chambers.
23 Blackwood Mountain Phegan O'Connor is really drunk when he gets to the boarding house, and he talks to Cait Adams.
24 Blackwood Mountain Cait Adams tells Nora Cooke about how she lost her virginity the previous night to Phegan O'Connor.
23 Barfield Lee Wildehyde as exciting news about her writing to tell Nessie Stevens.
24 Miduna Beach Edward Ramirez moves in with Scarlet Garcia.
24 N/A Shiec Alexander and Emilia Holt talk to each other about stuff.
24 N/A Rianna Ashbridge sees Emily Patrick, and decides that she's a dumb blonde.
25 Blackwood Mountain A few days after Nora Cooke gets the cough syrup, she still has not gotten better. Cody Scott decides to find out what is really wrong.
25 N/A Caitlin McCaughey checks up on Kieran Neville after finding out that Sam Riddleman isn't going home with them.
25 Barfield Phoebe Adams and Graceyn Stone get back from Barfield and go talk to Jake Little.
26 N/A Caitlin McCaughey, Sam Riddleman, and Travis Banderas go out to eat. Caitlin is worried about Kieran.
27 Lebeaux Lindsey Sterling and Corey Darnell talk about a kiss.
28 N/A Kieran Neville, Travis Banderas, and Caitlin McCaughey all head back home.
29 Barfield Anna Burmondy is ready to celebrate Thanksgiving and rambles to Monika Burmondy about it.
29 N/A Sam Riddleman calls Kieran Neville. She tells him that she's changed her mind and is coming back to Miduna Beach.
29 Miduna Beach Holly Escalera comes home where she ends up in an intervention with her sisters, Stella and Maria Escalera.
30 Barfield Rachel Clark and Jake Little make up.
30 N/A Aphrodite Hart and Hunter Beckham talk about twins.
30 N/A Eleanor Nightshade sneaks up behind Kevin Crawford and surprises him.


Date Location Event
1 Barfield Shelly Elberry and Tristan Locke do the do.
1 Barfield Grace Forbes calls Lucy Hudson, while Ethan Stone yells in the background.
1 Barfield Michael Burmondy helps Rachel Clark pick up papers about her new store.
1 Blackwood Mountain Travis Banderas and Kieran Neville help Caitlin McCaughey decorate her house. Travis and Kieran also make out because Travan is otp.
1 Miduna Beach Erin Jacobsen goes over to the Carter household and goes to Nate Carter's room to talk to him.
1 Barfield Rianna Ashbridge bumps into Natalia Washington.
1 N/A Dylan West and Evan Bowles go out bowling.
3 Barfield Tristan Locke things that Zach Nelson needs to get out more, so Tristan throws Zach over his shoulder. How did we not realize Tristan was gay sooner?
3 Barfield Lexi Gilligan comes back to Barfield and surprises Rosalie King at school.
3 Barfield Graceyn Stone wants to know why Rachelle Redford didn't tell her about getting married.
3 Barfield Prue Gilligan stops by Nadia Rey's house. They talk about cookies and diets.
4 Barfield Monika Burmondy and Michael Burmondy talk about stuff.
4 Miduna Beach Caitlin McCaughey is a crying mess, and tells Kieran Neville about how she is unable to get pregnant - ever.
4 Barfield Phegan O'Connor harasses Imogen Lloyd.
5 Barfield Imogen Lloyd bumps into Caleb Finnley, while being a grump.
6 Miduna Beach Kieran Neville is at Bookends, looking for books on infertility. Matt Finch comes over to him, asking if he needs help with anything.
6 Barfield Dmitri Young catches up with Kat Hastings after class.
6 N/A Anna Burmondy texts Gabriel Beckham, asking about his leg.
8 Lebeaux Corey Darnell comes over to wish Lindsey Sterling a happy birthday.
8 Miduna Beach Marzia Sinclair and Matt Finch celebrate Matt's birthday.
9 Miduna Beach Matt Finch is harassed by Lucy Carson.
10 Miduna Beach Eleanor Nightshade is far too excited about Christmas and bothers Elliot Nightshade about it.
10 Barfield Rachelle Redford goes over to Alicia Vega's house.
10 N/A Sam Riddleman sends Nessie Stevens a message on Lumblr, thus starting one of our favorite ships.
11 Blackwood Mountain Caitlin McCaughey wants to know why Kieran Neville put alcohol in her orange juice.
11 Barfield Rachelle Redford tells Jake Little that she's pregnant again.
11 N/A Cody Scott and Cait Adams surprise Nora Cooke after she is discharged from the hospital.
11 Blackwood Mountain Cait Adams tries to have a conversation with Phegan O'Connor.
11 Barfield Hadley Chambers and Dmitri Young talk.
13 Barfield Ethan Stone goes to Grace Forbes's house at 2 AM while it's snowing hardcore outside.
13 Barfield Alice Chang wakes up Riley Kane.
14 Barfield Chloe Finnley and Shiec Alexander have an argument during Christmas and later kiss under the mistletoe.
14 Miduna Beach Bronte Gibson is walking with her little brother who is being a bother. Bronte then sees Grace Forbes and chit chats with her.
14 Blackwood Mountain Sam Riddleman goes over to Caitlin McCaughey's house to talk to her about the whole infertility thing.
14 Barfield Chloe Finnley and Shiec Alexander get into an argument about Shiec having other girls flirting with him.
14 Barfield Kat Hastings asks Prue Gilligan where she has been, only to find out she's been at military school.
15 Barfield Katie Stone bothers Tristan Locke at his job at the Barfield Sportcenter, where she also wants him to be gay. He says that's gross, but we all know the lie.
15 Barfield Grace Forbes tells Lucy Hudson that she and Ethan Stone are dating.
16 Barfield Anna Burmondy goes to Rhys Sanders's place to get his help, which doesn't prove to be a good idea at all.
16 N/A Anna Burmondy private messages Kieran Neville, asking if he can help cheer up her sister, Monika Burmondy.
16 Barfield Hunter Beckham tells Gabriel Beckham that Gabriel likes Anna Burmondy.
16 N/A A drunk Charlie Harper calls Lian Harper.
17 Barfield Lexi Gilligan legitimately believes that Monika Burmondy killed her and Anna's mother, so Lexi tries to comfort Anna Burmondy and make sure she is alright.
17 Barfield Max Lemming and Rachelle Redford are gross and coupley or something.
17 Barfield Charlie Harper sees Elijah Clark when she's out Christmas shopping.
17 Miduna Beach Lian Harper is being a loser at Bookends. She sees Matt and he seems unamused. Lian also steals his employee card for free coffee - and his heart, of course.
19 Barfield Sadly, Rhys Sanders decides to talk to Charlie Harper at the food court at the Barfield Mall.
Continuation of previous thread.
19 N/A Caitlin McCaughey gets Travis Banderas to go Christmas shopping with her.
19 N/A Alyssa Heist and Ashley Parks meet each other.
20 N/A Alyssa Heist and Corbin McKessie meet.
21 Lebeaux Lisa Chu is putting up Christmas lights, when Ralph Jameson comes by her house.
21 N/A Matt Finch and Marzia Sinclair talk about how she's now officially an adult.
21 Miduna Beach Emilia Holt is out shopping when she sees Charry Everett and they talk.
23 Barfield Anna Burmondy and Monika Burmondy are being lazy, when there's a knock on the door. Anna answers it, revealing Kieran Neville.
23 N/A Anna Burmondy calls Gabriel Beckham.
25 Miduna Beach Holly, Stella, and Maria Escalera open Christmas presents.
25 Barfield Zach Nelson and Tristan Locke are gay and celebrate Christmas.
26 Miduna Beach Erin Jacobsen goes to check up on Nate Carter again, and he's also half-dressed. OTP.
30 N/A Alyssa Heist and Gwen McKessie talk about Lumblr.
31 Lebeaux Corey Darnell surprises Lindsey Sterling by showing up at her house.
31 Barfield Harry Smith bumps into Lian Harper and she reacts as she would.

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