Timeline: 2014

This is the timeline of major events for the characters on the wiki in the year 2014.


Date Location Event
1 Barfield, Miduna Beach, Lebeaux, Blackwood Mountain Happy New Year!
1 Miduna Beach Jake Howell comforts Ryan Lovato after some awful nightmares.
1 Barfield Anna Burmondy convinces Gabriel Beckham to come visit her to celebrate the new year. They also share their first kiss.
2 Barfield Corey Darnell Jr. is exploring in Barfield when he meets Cassa Lynn Firth.
3 Lebeaux Adelle Darnell asks her sister, Jade, if she can borrow money to buy fangirl stuff.
3 Miduna Beach Ryan Lovato starts talking to Eleanor Nightshade seeing as he only talks to his roommate and his roommate's sister.
3 Barfield Alexis Gilligan is going for a jog when she finds Rhys Sanders moving house and decides to briefly chat with him.
3 Miduna Beach Hayley Gilbert gives Joey Gilbert a pie after her step-mother made her socialize with some neighbors.
4 Barfield Ingrid Dixon has the misfortune of meeting Taylor Simpson while trying to find Pine Street.
4 Miduna Beach Cody Scott breaks up with his girlfriend, Amber Muir.
4 Blackwood Mountain Jeremy Kyra Sabatre-Komyshann gets lost in Blackwood Mountain and pulls over to ask Lucca Bruno-Jones for directions to Blackwood Mall.
4 Barfield Eleanor Nightshade and Kevin Crawford go on a date to the zoo.
4 Blackwood Mountain Nora Cooke tries to cheer up Cody Scott after he found out people only liked his poetry and writing because his sister told people he was dying of cancer. It doesn't work and Cody ends up committing suicide afterwards.
4 Blackwood Mountain Amber Muir goes to visit Cody Scott and see if he's alright after his behaviour worried her. Amber and Nora find out that Cody died.
4 Blackwood Mountain Nora Cooke breaks the news to Jennifer Summers about Cody Scott's passing.
5 Lebeaux Corbin McKessie and Alyssa Heist hang out in a park.
5 ? Alyssa Heist talks to Joey Parker after she thinks she recognises his face from somewhere.
5 Blackwood Mountain Cait Adams asks Nora Cooke what happened while she was out.
6 Barfield Marie Clarkson asks Leia Kingston for directions to her dentist appointment in Barfield.
6 Barfield Natalia Washington meets Alyssa Heist and is offended that she doesn't immediately know who she is.
6 Barfield Indie Foy mysteriously returns after disappearing, and reveals to Abdul Abboud that she found her mom again, and stayed with her for three weeks.
7 ? Mark Mays recognises Scarlette Haloske from somewhere and she seems pretty creeped out.
7 Miduna Beach Jackson Simmons and Bronte Gibson meet for the first time while working together. They continue talking in a second thread.
7 Barfield Rachelle Lemming-Redford tries (unsucessfully) to get Alicia Vega to go on a date. Instead, they hang out and talk about life.
7 Barfield Jake Little notices Rachel Clark's store is open and goes in to congratulate her. Rachel offers him a job and helps him dress better for a date.
8 Blackwood Mountain Kieran Neville sneaks into Caitlin McCaughey's house to surprise her with breakfast in bed.
9 Blackwood Mountain Dante Bruno-Vaughn randomly shows up to his long-lost twin, Lucca Bruno-Jones' house. Lucca is very confused.
9 Barfield Dmitri Young invites his girlfriend, Kat Hastings, over to his place seeing as he's going to be home alone for a weekend.
9 Barfield Prue Gilligan tells Nadia Rey about Rhys Sanders moving in with another girl and Nadia is a bit jealous.
9 Miduna Beach Stella and Maria Escalera decide to have a sleepover in their own house, while Holly Escalera questions their motives.
10 N/A Holly Escalera texts Michael Burmondy to tell him that her sisters were asking about him.
10 Miduna Beach

Cody Scott's Funeral

10 Miduna Beach Nina Lim tells Stella Escalera that some kid who used to go to their school died and Stella looks up some of his poetry.
10 Barfield Tiara Blackwell and Chloe Finnley hang out and catch up on things.
10 Barfield Tiara Blackwell and Chris Hyde hang out at a fair while waiting to pick up Chris' younger sister.
10 Miduna Beach Jackson Simmons and Bronte Gibson end up walking to work together seing as Bronte's house is on the way there.
10 Barfield Nessie Stevens and Tucker Kent meet and hang out in a movie theatre because they're both losers with no friends.
11 Miduna Beach Amber Muir is having a fight with her dad, when her brother Zachary rocks up and offers Amber a place to stay.
11 Barfield Lucy Hudson congratulates Ethan Stone on him and Grace Forbes dating.
11 Blackwood Mountain Nora Cooke takes a chance to grieve over Cody Scott before his stuff gets moved out of his room.
12 Miduna Beach Grant Burnham and Hayley Gilbert chat at school.
12 Lebeaux Luna Ramano is really excited about a Doctor Who marathon and builds a fort with her roommate Joel Mattias.
12 Miduna Beach Claire Yorke chats with Grant Burnham.
12 Blackwood Mountain Dante Bruno-Vaughn returns to Lucca Bruno-Jones' house to do stuff.
13 Barfield Ella Stevens and Zach Nelson are both in waiting line at BCC and chat.
13 Barfield Prue Gilligan and Rosalie King discuss their need to have a party or do something exciting as well as other things.
13 Barfield Max Lemming and Rachelle Lemming-Redford decide to go for a trip to Canada.
13 Lebeaux Jade Darnell decides to go bother her sister's friend, Drake Miller.
13 Miduna Beach Apparently Hayley Gilbert gave Joey Parker some good pie, because he goes to hang out with her again and she's bothered by something.
13 Lebeaux Andre Ramirez bothers Reyna Darnell for a math textbook.
14 Miduna Beach Nina Lim and Stella Escalera have a sleepover together and Stella outlaws studying.
14 Miduna Beach Hayley Gilbert and Joey Parker get lunch together and Hayley says she's going to help Joey win his ex-girlfriend back.
14 Barfield

Jake Little cooks a bunch of food and tells Phoebe Adams that he really likes cooking.

14 Barfield Charlie Harper randomly sees Elijah Clark walking down the street and offers him a lift.
14 Barfield Imogen Lloyd asks Cassie Harvelle to pretend that she knows her to avoid some creep.
14 Miduna Beach Stella Escalera recognises Jake Howell and Ryan Lovato from their youtube videos and fangirls or something.
14 Blackwood Mountain Caitlin McCaughey distracts Lamar Roth while he's supposed to be working.
15 Lebeaux Adelle Darnell and Drake Miller watch a movie together.
17 Lebeaux Adelle Darnell has a surprise for Drake Miller.
17 Barfield Alexis Gilligan annoys Imogen Lloyd while she's eating lunch.
17 Lebeaux Miranda and Lisa Chu surprise Ralph Jameson for his birthday.
18 Barfield Rianna Ashbridge bumps into Aspen Kingston and proceeds to insult her.
18 Barfield Rhys Sanders and Nadia Rey hang out while Rhys is on a break from work.
19 Barfield Justin Harrison and Ender Rutherford argue over a comic book.
19 Barfield Justin Harrison is still upset about Ender Rutherford buying that comic book.
20 Miduna Beach Emily Patrick cries because she wants a nose job and her sister is like don't do that. That's dumb.
20 Barfield Max Lemming is hanging out with his daughter wehn he starts chatting with Graceyn Stone.
20 Miduna Beach Sam Riddleman tells Travis Banderas that she wants to get a job and he's like um what.
21 Miduna Beach Hayley Gilbert gets all philosophical and Joey Parker is like mmkay.
23 ? All I retained from this was Corbin McKessie saying "Was it too long?" and Alyssa Heist saying "No. Not at all." Yikes.
25 Barfield Selene Goodacre has to explain how mall directories work to Taylor Simpson.
26 Lebeaux Reyna Darnell and Corey Darnell hang out.
26 Barfield Natalia Washtingon and Kristia Caverly have a bitch off or something.
26 N/A Natalia Washington texts Rosalie King to tell her she's changing schools.
26 N/A Theo Gilmore and Aphrodite Hart are being cute losers.
26 Barfield Shiec Alexander proves yet again that no one in this town knows how to get anywhere and asks Justin Harrison for directions.
27 Miduna Beach Jackson Simmons and Bronte Gibson go on a dumb date and do lots of dumb stuff. (Part 2)
27 N/A Nessie Stevens and Caitlin McCaughey chat about stuff.
28 Barfield Jake Little panics after he accidentlally poisoned Rachelle Lemming-Redford's daughter with bananas, which she was allergic to.
29 Barfield Abigail Jeffers finally gives Natalia Washington the recognition she deserves.
29 ? Chris Hyde and Tiara Blackwell try to be cute, awkwardly.
29 Lebeaux Gwen McKessie harasses Ingrid Dixon because she doesn't understand the concept of dopplegangers.
29 Barfield Abigail Jeffers tries to give Kristia Caverly a tour of BHS and she's like 'uh how do you know me'.
30 Miduna Beach Joey Parker wants to talk to Eleanor Nightshade. It's uh...for a friend.
30 Barfield Monika and Anna Burmondy have some sisterly bonding where Anna tells her about her obvious crush on Gabriel Beckham.
31 Miduna Beach Joey Parker reports back to Hayley Gilbert after talking to Eleanor Nightshade.


Date Location Event
1 Barfield Lexi Gilligan and Natalia Washington chat about stuff.
1 Barfield Dmitri Young calls up his concerned girlfriend after he skipped school without her.
1 N/A Anna Burmondy is finally ungrounded and decides to call up Gabriel Beckham to celebrate.
1 Barfield Prue Gilligan starts up a huge bitch fight with Rosalie King at a party while drunk.
2 Barfield Anna Burmondy tries to organise something for her sister's birthday with her brother, Michael.
2 Barfield Rhys Sanders and Miranda Chu meet for the first time.
2 Barfield Garrett Lowe and Alyssa Heist speak only in statements of the obvious.
2 Barfield Garrett Lowe annoys another girl. This time it's Gwen McKessie.
2 Barfield Lian Harper has to deal with one of her least favourite things; children. Specifically, Gracie Barilles.
2 Lebeaux Jade Darnell and Andre Ramirez organise stuff for Reyna's upcoming birthday.
2 Lebeaux Andre Ramirez and Reyna Darnell pass notes in class.
2 ? Anna Barilles is complaining about some book that Andre Ramirez liked.
2 Barfield Charlie Harper and Lian Harper hang out for Lian's birthday.
3 Barfield Michael Burmondy decides to intimidate Gabriel Beckham for hanging out with his little sister all the time.
3 Barfield Charlie Harper stalks her cousin's boyfriend, Matt Finch.
3 Barfield Abigail Jeffers decides to interrogate Ender Rutherford.
3 Lebeaux Reyna Darnell is crying on her bed when Jade Darnell walks in.
3 ? Amber Muir and Brenton Lowe briefly chat after they're both loners in a park.
4 Barfield Anna Burmondy annoys Monika Burmondy with birthday cheer.
4 Miduna Beach Aphrodie Hart and Leo Ferreira hang out.
4 Barfield Reece Carlisle is working at the librar when Justin Harrison comes in.
4 Blackwood Mountain Juliette Wicks moves into the Blackwood Home for Teens and Nora Cooke greets her.
4 Blackwood Mountain Juliette Wicks meets Cait Adams, and immediately helps her understand why she's been getting randomly sick lately.
5 Barfield Juliette Wicks and Astrid Mobele complain about stuff while waiting for food.
5 ? Natalie Patrick and Astrid Mobele chat about stuff.
5 Miduna Beach Selene Goodacre meets Alicia Vega.
5 Barfield Prue Gilligan goes full on bitch mode with her sister, Lexi and calls her dumb and clingy.
5 Barfield Reece Carlisle goes to Rosalie King for help after being followed around by some weirdo.
5 Barfield Lisa Chu and Zach Nelson prove that getting a job is as simple as walking into a shop and asking for one.
5 Barfield The Barilles family celebrate Anna's birthday.
6 Barfield Grey Landon tells Brenton Lowe that he's moving out.
6 Barfield Abigail Jeffers annoys Reece Carlisle.
6 Barfield Kieran Neville tries to take Caitlin McCaughey out to some fancy restaurant but after they get kicked out for not following the dress-code, they go somewhere else.
6 Barfield Jeremy whatever her name is Komyshann and Caleb Finnley talk about pickup lines.
7 Barfield Juliette Wicks befriends the first British person she can find at school, Hunter Beckham.
7 Barfield Prue Gilligan has no chill and Nadia's like bitch chill.
7 Barfield Yet again, no one has any sense of direction and Reece Carlisle has to direct Kristia Caverly to the science labs.
7 Barfield Brynnlee Lavere just wants to be friends with Prue Gilligan and Prue Gilligan is on a war path.
7 Barfield Lexi Gilligan cries to Kat Hastings after Prue Gilligan called her dumb and annoying.
8 Lebeaux

Reyna Darnell's birthday

8 Barfield Rhys Sanders and Charlie Harper go and adopt a bunch of puppies.
8 Barfield Caitria Dufort tries flirting with Lian Harper while she's working.
9 Miduna Beach Jackson Simmons and Bronte Gibson hang out some more.
9 Blackwood Mountain Blue Charleston moves into the Blackwood Home for Teens and Juliette Wicks is the first person to greet her.
9 ? Leo Ferreira talks to Andre Ramirez randomly.
10 Barfield Prue Gilligan wants to yell at Imogen Lloyd for ruining her life and I'm pretty sure Imogen just wants to flirt with her.
11 Barfield Ender is trying to return some comic book and Reece Carlisle is like hang on, I know you.
12 Barfield Prue Gilligan sees Dmitri Young hanging out with a drug dealer and is like "I'm gonna tell your girlfriend" and he's like "She definitely won't believe you bc ur cray".
12 Barfield Dmitri Young and Nadia Rey have a chat and try to avoid all the drama that's going on.
12 Barfield Alicia Vega and Selene Goodacre go visit a high school and overhear Nadia Rey and Rosalie King bitching about drama.
12 Lebeaux Ilana Haloske tells Giselle Panger that she found her phone.
12 Blackwood Mountain

Dylan West and Evan Bowles hang out after Dylan finishes work.

12 Lebeaux Caitria Dufort and Aria Bates meet in a park.
12 Miduna Beach Emilia Holt is bitching about her dumb teacher to Grant Burnham.
13 Blackwood Mountain Destiny Mobele asks her twin sister, Stefanie Mobele, for help with some guy problem.
13 Miduna Beach Marzia Sinclair and Park Plaise hang out during their break at work.
13 Miduna Beach Grant Burnham and Amanda Ross get partnered together for some assignment.
13 Miduna Beach Jackson Simmons tries to surprise Bronte Gibson by ordering flowers for Valentine's Day.
13 Lebeaux Felicity Armitage and Gwen McKessie go shopping.
13 N/A Bronte Gibson calls up her friend, Marzia Sinclair, after work to tell her about her new boyfriend.
14 Lebeaux Alisa Emerson asks Philip Armitage to be her date to the Valentine's Day party.
14 Barfield Both Miranda and Lisa Chu meet Jade Grey at BIST.
14 Miduna Beach Natalie Patrick tells Emily Patrick that she bought some books.
14 Lebeaux Felicity and Philip Armitage argue over what to watch on TV.
14 Barfield Grey Landon assumes that Lian's in his class even though she's been out of college for like almost a year.
14 Barfield Destiny Mobele helps Grey Landon find a book.
14 N/A Rosalie King calls Lexi Gilligan to ask her if she hates her guts.
14 Blackwood Mountain Phegan O'Connor and Blue Charleston hang out and smoke cigarettes together.
14 Barfield Sam Riddleman and Tristan Locke meet again and decide that they could be friends with benefits but without the friendship and just the benefits.
14 Barfield Lian Harper invites Matt Finch over because she has the vodka.
14 Miduna Beach Hayley Gilbert finds flowers and chocolate in her locker and asks Joey Parker if he left them there.
14 Barfield Chloe Finnley's sister tries to convince Shiec Alexander that Chloe was planning on breaking up with him.
14 ? Sean Barilles asks Connie Mobele out on a date.
14 Barfield Saoirse Ronan is really excited to get some movie role and makes out with her boyfriend.
14 ? Kayla Pierce and Leo Ferreira talk about stuff.
14 ? Alisa Emerson and Kayla Pierce talk about stuff.
14 N/A Alisa Emerson and Philip Armitage go to a fair together.
14 ? Will Hasting and Karoline Summers flirt a bunch.
14 Lebeaux Ralph Jameson accidentally surprises the wrong twin with a kiss on Valentine's Day.
14 Blackwood Mountain Tiara Blackwell and Chris Hyde spent Valentines together playing Flappy Bird.
15 Lebeaux Alisa Emerson meets the sister of her new boyfriend.
15 ? Ingrid Dixon and Destiny Mobele are impatiently waiting in line for something.
15 ? Palmira Violas asks Maiselle Violas for help with homework and she's like 'no'.
15 Barfield Rianna Ashbridge flirts with Adrian Capaldi.
15 Barfield Ender Rutherford gets really annoyed at Justin Harrison for mentioning her name to Reece Carlisle.
15 Barfield Lucy Hudson bumps into Phoebe Adams while listening to music.
15 Barfield Reece Carlisle bothers Adrian Capaldi at work.
15 Lebeaux Camara Ribbon and Philip Armitage chat about stuff.
15 N/A Reece calls Justin to tell him that his comic book is back.
15 Barfield Mark Mays and Hunter Beckham go off to do some gay stuff instead of school.
15 Lebeaux Lindsey Sterling befriends Felicity Armitage.
15 ? Lucy Carson meets Ralph Jameson and demonstrates a lack of ability to speak proper English.
15 Barfield Imogen Lloyd and Katie Stone flirt with each other but like in a friend way.
15 Barfield

Riley Kane and Prue Gilligan try to out-bitch each other.

15 Barfield Nadia Rey has to do a double take after running into someone who looks like her dead ex.
15 Miduna Beach Emilia Holt and Dean Dellucci hang out and hate on Hawaiian pizza.
16 ? Literally nothing happens but we're supposed to believe that Stefanie Mobele and Paul West are a cute couple.
16 ? Kayla Pierce demonstrates an ability to recognise that face claims sometimes look like celebrities.
16 Blackwood Mountain Cait Adams tells Phegan O'Connor that he's gonna be a dad and I think she expects him to be excited but he is far from it.
16 Blackwood Mountain Nora Cooke's bitch of a girlfriend dumped her because she couldn't deal with Nora's grieving. Cait gets lumped with comforting Nora.
17 Barfield Kat Hastings calls Prue Gilligan out as the bitch she is.
17 Barfield Lexi Gilligan askes Nadia Rey for help with tutoring.
17 Barfield Kat Hastings and Nadia Rey talk about their futures and how Prue Gilligan is a crazy ho.
17 Barfield Rosalie King tells Kat Hastings about how much she doesn't want to talk about Prue.
17 Miduna Beach Holly Escalera is trying to study when her sister, Stella decides to annoy her as much as possible.
17 Blackwood Mountain Mark Holland tries to be manly after letting his boyfriend's little sister put makeup all over his face.
17 ? Destiny Mobele and Grey Landon get excited to see each other outside of a bookshop.
17 Barfield Anna Burmondy and Gabriel Beckham go on a date together.
17 Canada

Rachelle Lemming-Redford decides that she no longer wants to deal with being a mother so she ditches her family and goes back to LA to stay with her mom.

18 Barfield Mark Holland bumps into Juliette Wicks and decides that that means the should chat.
18 Barfield Nessie Stevens is a rude bitch who doesn't remember the names of her classmates.
18 N/A Jake Little and Graceyn Stone find out that Rachelle Redford left voicemails for both of them.
19 Barfield Rhys Sanders is a tool and tries to convince Charlie Harper that she should kick her puppies out of her apartment.
19 Miduna Beach Bronte Gibson decides to tell her whole life story to her boyfriend, Jackson Simmons, ignoring the fact that they've only been dating for like five days.
19 Barfield Ender Rutherford and Reece Carlisle hang out again.
19 Barfield Justin Harrison goes to hang out with Ender Rutherford and she's like 'what the hell'
20 Miduna Beach Nina Lim and Claire Yorke hang out and talk about nerdy stuff.
20 Blackwood Mountain Juliette Wicks tells Blue Charleston about her plans to sell her organs on the black market to pay for alcohol.
20 Barfield Jeremy too many names and Autumn Tate hang out and catch up.
21 Miduna Beach Sam Riddleman regrets getting a job and her friends try to tell her she's complaining too much.
22 N/A Nora Cooke calls up Jennifer Summers while trying to be all mopey about Cody Scott.
22 Lebeaux Lauren Brodie walks in on a barely clothed Jaime Cabrera and thus begins the epic saga that is the Lebeaux Gang.
22 Barfield Lara Gonzalez is like hella thirsty for some hot guy and her friend Mia Larson is like dude just go get the D.
22 Miduna Beach Selene Goodacre and Rachel Clark meet at their big kids school.
22 Barfield Monika Burmondy shows happiness for once and it's while telling her brother about her sister's changed relationship status.
22 Lebeaux Connor Prichard and Paige Siobhan chill out early one morning.
22 Miduna Beach Dean Dellucci tries to teach Maria Escalera how to do a backflip.
23 Barfield Nadia Rey decides that it's totally a great idea to hang out with Rhys Doucheface because he hasn't Hans-ed her yet.
23 Barfield Mia Larson tries to hook Lara Gonzalez up with dreamboat Steven Hall because she's a true friend.
23 Lebeaux Wesley Mercer tries to get mad at Jaime Cabrera for keeping the apartment messy but who can ever really stay mad at Jaime?
23 Miduna Beach Maria Escalera tries to convince her friend, Ricky Callahan to go back to school.
23 N/A Abigail Jeffers tries stalking Rosalie King's affairs and Rosalie is like um bitch who are you?
23 Lebeaux Lauren Brodie is trying to mark essays late at night and Connor Prichard is like no go to bed.
23 Lebeaux Paige Siobhan and Jaime Cabrera hang out and watch morning cartoons because they're grown ups.
23 Lebeaux Wesley Mercer hangs out with Paige Siobhan because this is when he still had a crush on her.
24 ? Dylan West meets her boyfriend's crazy stalker fangirl in real life and she's like oh shit.
24 N/A Anna Burmondy texts Gabriel Beckham to tell him that she got her license.
25 ? Aria Bates confronts Evan Bowles because apparently she heard that he did someone in a movie theatre.
25 Barfield Autumn Tate goes to Jeremy too many names' house and her boyfriend Caleb Finnley is there.
25 Barfield Rosalie King and Nadia Rey finally have a moment of peace after Prue Gilligan moves away.
25 Miduna Beach Peyton and Ricky Callahan have a moment where Ricky's not a total tool for once.
27 Lebeaux Philip Armitage and Alisa Emerson have a cute moment.
28 Miduna Beach Sam Riddleman calls up her boytoy, Tristan Locke, for sexytimes and stress relief.
28 Miduna Beach Jackson Simmons and Grant Burnham have chills at work instead of doing work.
28 Barfield Dmitri Young and Kat Hastings make out a lot and I'm pretty sure they have sex too.
28 N/A Nessie Stevens calls up Travis Banderas because apparently he was looking for a phonecall even though I didn't know you could look for those.
28 Miduna Beach Jackson Simmons and Bronte Gibson decide to make out in the rain because apparently pneumonia is not a big enough threat for either of them.
28 ? Nothing happens but just - dear God - somebody should have stopped those Word Bubbles
28 Barfield

Nadia Rey and Kat Hastings joint 18th Birthday


Date Location Event
1 Barfield Mia Larson tries to prostitute Steven Hall out to her friend Lara Gonzalez with a signed poster.
1 Barfield Imogen Lloyd, Katie Stone and Darren Ferguson all go out and get drunk for Katie and Imogen's birthday.
1 Miduna Beach

Holly Escalera stresses herself out too much and deals with it by getting really drunk and inviting her boyfriend Michael Burmondy over.

1 Lebeaux Corsey gets really, really, REALLY weird.
1 Barfield Anna Burmondy gets hella defensive of her big sister after she hears Abigail Jeffers talking shit.
1 Barfield After Anna Burmondy dealt with that Abigail bitch but anyway she's all super duper mopey until her boyfriend comes along and is like hey maybe not do that.
2 Barfield Holly Escalera wakes up the morning after her drunk escapades filled with regret.
2 N/A Travis Banderas and Nessie Stevens talk because Nessie has time for him now.
2 Barfield Reece Carlisle and Adrian Capaldi are doin the flirty flirt.
2 N/A Evan Bowles tries to call Dylan West and fails to understand how joke greetings work.
2 Miduna Beach Actually takes place after the last Mian thread whenever that is, but Matt Finch and Lian Harper wake up next to each other hungover and they're like wait what the fuck
2 ? Elliot Nightshade hangs out with Tiara Blackwell just because her name is Tiara.
2 Barfield Natalia Washington decides to brag about her life to Kristia Caverly
3 Barfield Taylor Simpson congratulates Theo Gilmore on getting a girlfriend and he's so confused about how to be like uh thanks.
4 Blackwood Mountain Juliette Wicks tries to cheer up Nora Cooke by offering her ice cream but Nora's still a grumpy bum even though Cody Scott died like two months ago.
4 Barfield Monika Burmondy meets someone as annoying as her.
4 Lebeaux Jaime Cabrera gets locked out of his apartment and takes the opportunity to annoy Lauren Brodie until she helps him.
4 Barfield Jake Little and Graceyn Stone finally return from their super long road trip.
4 Miduna Beach Reyna Darnell meets this guy who she previously lied to about her name and she's like wait who the hell is Harley Rutherford?
5 Lebeaux Reyna Darnell is all excited about her sister Jade's birthday.
5 Barfield Leo Ferreira notices Grey Landon is totally trying to focus on stuff so she strikes up a convo with him.
6 Miduna Beach Juliette Wicks tries to convince Dean Dellucci that she's a new student at MBHS named Jane and asks him for directions.
7 Miduna Beach Seeing as Blue Charleston agreed to this challenge too, she gets stuck asking Theo Gilmore for directions and has to pretend her name is Mercedes.
7 Miduna Beach Maria Escalera asks Dean Dellucci about the new girl he was chatting up at school.
7 Miduna Beach Blue Charleston meets Dean Dellucci while under the guise of Mercedes.
7 Barfield Jake Little comes back from his trip and goes to visit Rachel Clark.
8 Blackwood Mountain Gabriel Beckham tries to force his brother to come out of the closet because Gabriel is actually an asshole.
9 Blackwood Mountain Caitlin McCaughey and Kieran Neville have a cute fluffy moment in Caitlin's house.
9 Blackwood Mountain Juliette Wicks and Blue Charleston finally explain everything to Dean Dellucci about how they were lying about everything.
10 N/A Kristia Caverly and Ariana Knight have some conversation with lots of xx's.
11 Barfield Garrett Lowe bothers Grey Landon in his new apartment.
11 Lebeaux Garrett Lowe flirts with Felicity Armitage bc that's all heterosexuals are capable of.
11 Barfield Miranda Chu tries to befriend Lexi Gilligan and Lexi's not all that talkative.
12 Barfield Leo and Grey meet again but this time they actually meet.
12 Lebeaux Miranda Chu's like yo gurl my bf's being weird and Lisa Chu's like idk waddya mean wasn't me. I totally didn't kiss him.
12 N/A Corbin McKessie and Alyssa Heist have a phonecall to catch up on stuff.
12 ? Two straight dudes have the most boring, uneventful conversation ever.
12 Barfield Chloe Finnley and her brother Caleb hang out on the night before Chloe's birthday.
13 Lebeaux Jade Darnell is upset because all of her siblings are disappearing.
13 Barfield Justin Harrison goes to Reece Carlisle for relationship advice and she's like uh I ain't no counsellor.
14 Lebeaux Silvana Swoosman and Benilde Politon get their tests mixed up.
14 Miduna Beach Eleanor Nightshade goes to talk to the wife of her ex-boyfriend and Stella Escalera's like yeah well he moved away I think.
14 Lebeaux Adelle Darnell and Reyna Darnell hang out and talk about stuff.
14 N/A Chloe Finnley and Shiec Alexander are chatting bc Chloe didn't invite him to her birthday.
15 Barfield Peyton Callahan finds someone to give her the D and that someone's page doesn't exist anymore so his name is irrelevant.
15 Barfield Dmitri Young's sidehoe, Hadley Chambers, gives him a belated birthday cupcake. I'm 90% sure at one point there was supposed to be a plot where Dmitri cheated on Kat with Hadley but it never happened.
15 Miduna Beach Aphrodite Hart demands ice cream from her boyfriend late one night.
15 Lebeaux Adelle Darnell somehow missed her sister's birthday despite living in the same house as her.
15 Barfield Blue Charleston is looking for some books but gets Zach Nelson to look for them instead of her.
15 Miduna Beach Natalie Patrick tries to bug her sister Emily to finish reading a book.
16 Barfield Destiny Mobele is looking for directions from Epilogue Zlyphia and honestly both of those names have something to do with stuff that happens in the future.
16 Miduna Beach Lara Gonzalez's friends sent her on a while goose chase and she ends up talking to Nina Lim.
16 Miduna Beach Mia Larson rocks up at Steven Hall's house and I have a great feeling that Mia is totally gonna try and take Steven for herself bc screw Lara.
16 Miduna Beach Wyatt Butler and Stella Escalera hang out in a grocery store.
17 ? I'm pretty sure this is how heterosexuals flirt. It's Scarlette Haloske and a really white Carlos.
17 Lebeaux Someone else tries to flirt with Paige Siobhan. They don't yet realise that she is destined to be with Jaime Cabrera.
17 Barfield

Gwen McKessie gets dared to ask people for an autograph.

17 Barfield Lucy Hudson says she's gonna try not to freak out while meeting Hadley Chambers then does precisely that.
17 Lebeaux Jade Darnell annoys her sister, Reyna.
17 Miduna Beach Grant Burnham asks Leo Ferreira for help because he's a terrible student who sleeps during class.
17 Barfield Nadia Rey and Kevin Crawford hang out and I'm pretty sure they don't flirt at all.
18 Miduna Beach Maria Escalera tried to sneak out to a party but her plan gets ruined when her alibi comes by to check out her other alibi.
19 Barfield Monika Burmondy is very angry at vegetables and Michael Burmondy is like careful you'll stab your hand and she's like no I won't and she stabs her hand.
20 Barfield So Rhys Doucheface is still here and still pestering Charlie to get rid of her puppies when we know who the truly replaceable one here is.
20 ? Steven Hall makes Pierre Beaumier drop his phone and Pierre's just like nah it's chill i'm loaded af i'll just get a new phone.
20 Miduna Beach Oh what do you know, Steven Hall actually asked Lara out.
20 Barfield

Kieran Neville bothers his drinking buddy, Lian Harper at the liquor store because they're both clearly alcoholics.

21 Miduna Beach

Jackson Simmons invites Bronte Gibson out on a surprise date and chills with her little brother beforehand.

21 Lebeaux Hayley Gilbert gets stuck babysitting the Darnell children.
22 Lebeaux Pierre Beaumier and Corey Darnell, Jr. confirm my theory that the only things straight dudes do is either flirt with girls or talk about how they succesfully flirted with someone.
22 Lebeaux I didn't read a word, I was distracted by Nathan Hartly's abs.
22 Miduna Beach Joey Gilbert decides to tell his ex-girlfriend that he has a crush on a girl who was previously trying to get him together with his ex-girlfriend.
22 Barfield Imogen Lloyd and Darren Ferguson have the weirdest proposal ever after playing domestic couple for a little bit.
23 Barfield Imogen Lloyd calls up Katie Stone so they can have a great bachelorette party.
23 Blackwood Mountain

Mark Holland comes out to his brother and gets kicked out of home.

23 Miduna Beach Gabriel Beckham's car starts playing up and Aaron Moore has to help him fix it.
23 Lebeaux Gwen McKessie's creepy stalking of relationships apparently also extends to her brother's relationship.
23 Barfield Rhys Doucheface takes Nadia Rey out on a date to a sports game.
23 Miduna Beach Emilia Holt decides to bother Grant Burnham with more texts than he can fathom.
24 Barfield Rachel Clark calls Jake Little to comfort her after her boyfriend left her.
25 Barfield Mason Saunders is just straight up like 'Aspen Kingston I am not doing your homework for you'
25 Barfield Elliot Martin is stalking Grace Forbes.
25 Barfield White Carlos asks Ariana Knight out on a date to Club Zoo bc they're very romantic like that.
26 ? Riley Kane teaches people why they shouldn't drink and drive or rely on one person for all of their happiness. TW: Suicide
26 Barfield Anna Burmondy doesn't deal well with death and goes to her boyfriend Gabriel Beckham to comfort her.
26 Barfield Destiny Mobele hangs out with her sister.
26 Blackwood Mountain Caitlin McCaughey is babysitting her cousin's baby and gets really excited and calls up Kieran.
27 Barfield Phegan O'Connor tries to rape Imogen Lloyd as she's leaving work.
27 Miduna Beach Peyton Callahan helps her little brother with his math homework.
27 Barfield Monika Burmondy and Hunter Beckham hang out in their cool kids hangout outside the guidance counsellor's office.
27 Lebeaux Doesn't even matter, just read this.
28 Barfield

Club Zoo UV Party

28 Miduna Beach Maria Escalera confides in Ricky Callahan that she doesn't want to be seen as a goody-two-shoes anymore. Also what is a goody-two-shoes? Is this a pirate thing? Like pirates had peg legs so they were bad and only wore one shoe? Were evil people famous for wearing more than two shoes? Less than two shoes? What even?
29 Lebeaux Andre Ramirez and Brandon Martinez talk about stuff that hetero guys talk about.
29 Barfield

Danica Posavec and Nessie Stevens hang out and talk about marrying a microwave I think.

29 Barfield Cassidy Evans and Destiny Mobele hang out at work.
29 Miduna Beach Nina Lim asks Stella Escalera to catch her up on the whole thing that happened at Club Zoo.
29 Barfield Chris Hyde assumes that everyone who looks like Emma Watson is a Henderson twin.
29 Barfield What kind of bookstore is open til 1:35am in the first place? What kind of sweatshop is this? They better be making triple overtime.
29 Barfield Phegan O'Connor is really pissed at Imogen Lloyd after her husband punched him in the face the other day and tries to abuse her in daylight while she's at college.
29 Blackwood Mountain Blue Charleston and Cait Adams hang out after Blue gets lazy looking for her girlfriend.
29 N/A Rachelle Lemming-Redford calls up Alicia Vega to wish her a happy birthday and they make plans for Alicia to visit Rachelle after she gives birth to her son in July.
30 Miduna Beach Holly Escalera asks her sister Stella for help moving out and Stella gets really upset when she finds out about it.
30 Miduna Beach Silvana Swoosman's douchey ex-friend (boyfriend maybe) comes to bother her on her date with Abface.
31 Lebeaux

Wesley Mercer's birthday

31 Lebeaux Lindsey Sterling's parents are getting a divorce.
31 Barfield Mia Larson and Elliot Martin organise a date at Mia's place to celebrate Mia prostituting some guy out to date her friend. Probs innaccurate but you should actually read these if you want accurate things.
31 Miduna Beach Emilia Holt and Claire Yorke hang out.
31 Barfield Nadia Rey and Kat Hastings establish that they are both bored.
31 Barfield Lexi Gilligan rings Kat to tell her she got into some university in Dallas and at some point Mini forgot to reply to it.
31 Lebeaux Lindsey Sterling tells her boyfriend, Corey Darnell, Jr. that her parents are getting a divorce.


Date Location Event
1 Barfield

Charlie Harper's Birthday

1 ? Ilana Haloske runs into the French kid who stole her phone.
1 Blackwood Mountain Chris Hyde asks Tiara Blackwell if she wants to go to the park... or something. I think they break up.
1 Miduna Beach Holly Escalera takes her youngest sister, Maria, for a tour of her new apartment.
1 Barfield Shiec Alexander gets annoyed at Chloe Finnley for calling another girl a bitch.
1 Barfield Darren Ferguson and Tucker Kent hang out at work.
1 Blackwood Mountain Dorky kid Evan Bowles gets his girlfriend, Dylan West, a rose for her birthday. Cheesy stuff presumably ensues.
1 Lebeaux Corey Darnell Jr. and Lindsey Sterling hang out before Lindsey moves away.
1 Miduna Beach Sam Riddleman tries to trick her dumb boyfriend into thinking she's pregnant but he doesn't understand how pranks work.
2 Miduna Beach Elliot Nightshade and White Carlos hang out and talk about hetero stuff.
3 ? Alyssa Heist hangs out with other young teenager, Maria Escalera.
3 Barfield Ralph Jameson tries to make out with the wrong twin again because he sucks.
3 Miduna Beach Aphrodite Hart and Theo Gilmore argue about setting an alarm for his birthday.
3 Blackwood Mountain

Nora Cooke's birthday

3 Barfield Reece Carlisle and Steven Hall talk in class after Reece showed up late because she's the worst student ever.
4 Barfield Monika Burmondy is super pissed off to see that Rhys Doucheface is back at his old house and he's like 'i still love you' she's like 'this is exhausting. like we are never getting back together. like ever.'
4 Blackwood Mountain Nora Cooke invites Cait Adams to visit her English grandmother with her.
4 N/A Aaron Moore tells Gabriel Beckham that he might have found a place for them to live together.
4 Barfield Rhys Doucheface tries to get comfort from Nadia Rey after his ex girlfriend wasn't interested in his creepy crush but little did he know that he was an idiot who butt dialed her while confessing his undying love for Monika.
4 Blackwood Mountain Chris Hyde and Jennifer Summers hang out bc Hunger Games costars do that.
5 Lebeaux

Lindsey Sterling finally has to move out and Corey Darnell Jr. is like aww.

5 Lebeaux Reyna Darnell is trying to escape her sister and goes to hang out with Ariadne Lu.
5 Lebeaux Ariadne Lue complains to Corey Darnell about the strange noises coming from his room.
5 Barfield Adrian Capaldi flirts with another girl. This time it's Natalia Washington.
5 Miduna Beach Peter Haifler and Leo Ferreira hang out and talk about Leo's name.
5 Blackwood Mountain Jennifer Summers gets visited by her old friend, Kina Tare.
6 N/A

Stella Escalera texts her boyfriend, Aaron Moore and finds out that he's apartment hunting.

6 Barfield Autumn Tate talks to Caleb Finnley for some reason.
6 Barfield Will Finch shows up at his cousin Matt's house after getting kicked out of home.
6 Barfield Will Finch decides the best way to get Matt to like him is to flirt with his friend Marzia Sinclair.
6 Lebeaux Jaime Cabrera decides to bother Lauren Brodie after Connor Prichard was somewhere else and unable to elope with Jaime.
6 Barfield Rosalie King and Marlene Choi meet and talk about hair products.
7 Miduna Beach Alicia Vega asks Rachel Clark what's up and Rachel tells her absolutely everything.
7 N/A Rosalie King tries to comfort Nadia Rey after reading her lumblr status about Rhys Doucheface.
7 Barfield Lexi Gilligan comforts Nadia Rey as well.
7 ? Marzia Sinclair and White Carlos hang out and talk about performances and how they know each other.
7 Barfield Marlene Choi meets Abigail Jeffers and she's like ugh you're that girl.
8 Barfield Marlene Choi asks Anna Burmondy for her notes and the two of them befriend each other.
8 Barfield Liesel Argent gets lost in Barfield and asks Nora Cooke where she is.
8 Barfield Grace Forbes has to get Ethan Stone to buy her tampons.
8 Barfield Reece Carlisle tries to play matchmaker with Ender Rutherford.
9 Lebeaux Ilana Haloske is like Keeping Up With the Darnells
9 ? Scarlette Haloske makes lame jokes to Ariana Knight.
9 Miduna Beach Eleanor Nightshade tries to convince Joey Parker to ask out Hayley Gilbert.
9 Barfield Imogen Lloyd asks her husband, Darren Ferguson, to teach her how to defend herself.
9 Barfield Ender Rutherford and Justin Harrison talk about their feelings.
10 Miduna Beach Caitlin McCaughey tells her boyfriend Kieran Neville that she is going camping with her family for a week.
11 Barfield Marzia Sinclair comforts Elijah Clark after he got dumped by his girlfriend.
11 Lebeaux Jaime Cabrera gets really excited after one of his artworks won a competition and invites Paige Siobhan to come to the celebration thing.
12 Barfield Blake Fording asks Mark Holland if he's gay and he's like yeah.
12 Barfield Leo Ferreira is helping Grey Landon find his biological parents I think.
12 Lebeaux Gwen McKessie and Jade Darnell hang out with one of Jade's friends who doesn't have a page.
12 N/A Marzia Sinclair goes to Eleanor Nightshade for all the dirt on Elijah's breakup.
13 Lebeaux Ariadne Lu and Jade Darnell hang out.
13 Lebeaux Kappan Janowski is like 'yo Jaime have we met' completely ignoring the fact that he knows Jaime's name somehow.
13 Barfield Blake Fording just wants the library's WiFi password and Marlene Choi is like stop I'm trying to study.
13 Barfield Imogen Lloyd has a nightmare and Darren Ferguson comforts her.
13 Lebeaux Lauren Brodie asks Corey Darnell what happened to one of her favourite art students.
13 N/A Liesel Argent accidentally calls up Mason Saunders while trying to order pizza.
13 Miduna Beach Nora Cooke and Liesel Argent meet again on the bus.
13 Miduna Beach Lian Harper meets Will Finch after assuming that he was Matt and asking if he had her bra.
13 Lebeaux Caitria Dufort and Aria Bates flirt hang out.
15 Barfield Nadia Rey, Rosalie King and Kat Hastings all go to Lexi Gilligan's house for a sleepover.
15 Barfield Drama Queen Jake Little has a temper tantrum after burning his hand.
15 Miduna Beach Nora Cooke decides to go speak with her dead friend, Cody Scott.
15 Barfield Danica Posavec hangs out with Imogen Lloyd at college and arranges to get a lift with her.
15 N/A Chloe Finnley calls up Shiec Alexander at 1am and he's like "WHY ARE YOU ANNOYING ME?"
15 Barfield Imogen Lloyd reveals her secret plot was actually to play matchmaker with Danica Posavec and Tucker Kent.
16 Lebeaux Brooke Vincent runs into her ex, Jaime Cabrera while he's working.
16 Lebeaux Brooke Vincent meets her future boyfriend, Wesley Mercer, while basically naked.
16 Barfield Juliette Wicks brags to Hunter Beckham about how she was very great at guessing that he was gay.
16 ? Lara Gonzalez tries and fails to befriend Kina Tare.
16 Barfield Dmitri Young and Kat Hastings watch The Notebook together just to make fun of it.
17 Blackwood Mountain Hunter Beckham tries to wake up his boyfriend on his birthday.
17 Lebeaux Miranda Chu's Surprise Party

19 Blackwood Mountain Jennifer Summers meets Cait Adams for the first time.
19 Miduna Beach

Holly Escalera recruits the help of her two younger sisters to help her move out, but they're useless as usual, so she invites her boyfriend, Michael Burmondy over.

19 Lebeaux Autumn Tate stops Chloe Finnley for directions to Lebeaux Shopping Centre
19 Lebeaux Connor Prichard drops by Lauren Brodie's art studio and flirts with her before convincing her to go to a strip club with him.
19 Lebeaux Connor Prichard brags to Jaime Cabrera about how he managed to get Lauren Brodie drunk in a strip club.
19 Lebeaux Wesley Mercer goes to Paige Siobhan for advice on what to do after he heard Lauren and Jaime arguing about not telling Connor that they did the do.
19 N/A Nessie Stevens calls up Travis Banderas after finding out that he's going back on tour.
20 ? Kina Tare runs into Echo Alexander and is like 'do i know you?'
20 Blackwood Mountain Juliette Wicks surprise Blue Charleston with an Easter surprise.
20 Miduna Beach Stella Escalera and Wyatt Butler decide to hang out.
20 Miduna Beach Echo Alexander tries to flirt with Wyatt Butler by pouring cold water on him.
20 Barfield Blue Charleston tries to convince Lexi Gilligan that she's a 26 year old escaped convict.
20 ? Will Finch tries to flirt with Fiona Wagner and I think it works.
21 Lebeaux Jaime Cabrera and Imogen Lloyd do the nasty after meeting at some club.
21 ? Tiara Blackwell sees Echo Alexander and is like stop copying my FC yo.
22 Barfield Dmitri Young tries to apologise to Monika Burmondy for prejudging her and she's like 'k don't need ur apology bye nerd'
22 Barfield Lexi Gilligan and Natalia Washington hang out.
22 Miduna Beach Jackson Simmons tells Bronte Gibson that he got offered a trial job at La Belle and that he'll have to quit his job at Benny's Cafe.
22 N/A Eleanor Nightshade invites Joey Parker (and also Hayley Gilbert) to her birthday party.
22 N/A Kristia Caverly invites Ariana Knight over to eat pizza and watch Netflix.
23 ? Mark Holland approaches Brenton Lowe after he wanders off looking like a lost puppy.
23 N/A Matt Finch rings up Lian Harper to tell her that he won $100K on a lottery ticket.
23 Miduna Beach

Eleanor Nightshade's birthday party

23 Barfield Prue Gilligan makes a surprise appearance on her and Lexi's birthday.
24 Miduna Beach Natalie Patrick gets annoyed at her sister for shutting down her Lumblr Network account.
26 Barfield Marlene Choi and Blake Fording are both after the same book in some library.
26 Lebeaux Connor Prichard steals one of Paige Siobhan's cupcakes right as she's walking into the room.
26 Lebeaux Lauren Brodie finds out that Wesley Mercer knew about her sleeping with Jaime years ago.
26 Barfield Monika Burmondy is freaking out in hospital after her little sister had a minor car crash.
26 Miduna Beach Hayley Gilbert uses 'has a sister' as an identifying feature.
26 Miduna Beach Wyatt Butler overhears Lindsey Donahue singing and he's like 'woah damn girl u got some pipes'
27 ? Abigail Jeffers meets Lindsey Donahue and Lindsey continues to be adorable.
27 N/A Peyton Callahan tries to get the D from her boyfriend again.
27 Lebeaux Hadley Chambers meets Abface.
27 Lebeaux Lauren Brodie interrogates Paige Siobhan about her kiss with Wesley Mercer and Paige thinks she's talking about something entirely different.
27 Miduna Beach Nina Lim and Eleanor Nightshade hang out at school and talk about Eleanor's party.
28 N/A Imogen Lloyd makes a promise to Katie Stone that she's never hooking up with guys again.
28 Lebeaux Zoey Darnell comes back to visit the other Darnell children.
28 N/A Jade Darnell does the flirty flirt with Danny Richardson
28 Lebeaux Lauren Brodie finds out that Jaime Cabrera has a crush on Paige Siobhan and makes fun of him for a bit and then they realise that Wes must've told someone else about them sleeping together and become paranoid.
28 Lebeaux Reyna Darnell barges into Jade's room, jumping and squealing.
28 Lebeaux Adelle Darnell meets her sister's crush/friend/thing.
28 N/A Liesel Argent calls up Mason Saunders to apologise for the pizza incident.
29 Barfield Gabriel Beckham surprise visits Anna Burmondy after her accident.
30 Lebeaux Ilana Haloske is complaining about her phone going missing and the guy who stole it gives her a heart attack.
30 Lebeaux Ariadne Lu welcomes Zoey Darnell back to town.
30 Lebeaux Lauren Brodie discovers Connor Prichard's tramp stamp that he got and she's like 'why did u get a dessert tattooed on you in chinese?'
30 N/A Matt Finch apologises to Marzia Sinclair for being a douche. Finally.


Date Location Event
1 Barfield

Charlie Harper gets busted while trying to sneak into a nightclub and Lian Harper has to deal with her shit.

1 Barfield Jake Little is really happy one day and decides to put a purple streak in his hair.
2 Miduna Beach Maria Escalera texts Ricky Callahan on his birthday.
3 Blackwood Mountain Caitlin McCaughey hangs out with Lamar Roth after trying (and failing) to annoy her sister at work.
3 N/A Danica Posavec calls up Tucker Kent hoping to get the D if she buys him food.
3 Miduna Beach Bronte Gibson decides to dumb Jackson Simmons because she's done with his shit.
3 Lebeaux Alyssa Heist tells her boyfriend that she knows his dirty secret. That his name is actually Samuel.
4 Lebeaux

Connor Prichard and Jaime Cabrera are hanging out until paranoid Jaime and Lauren spill the beans about them sleeping together.

4 ? Leo Ferreira has the misfortune of meeting Garrett Lowe while she's tryna hang out with her bf.
5 Lebeaux Andre Ramirez visits Reyna Darnell after she was sick and couldn't go to school.
5 N/A Liesel Argent texts Mason Saunders a lot but he completely ignores her.
5 Miduna Beach Holly Escalera is trying to relax when her apartment is invaded by her two little sisters coming to annoy her.
6 Lebeaux

Connor returns to visit Paige and give her support when her dad comes to visit which he promised he would.

6 N/A Stella Escalera asks her boyfriend, Aaron to ask her out to prom.
7 Lebeaux Jaime Cabrera tries to make up for really upsetting Lauren Brodie by giving her paint lessons but Lauren just gets really drunk and they make out.
7 Miduna Beach Stella Escalera finds out that Nina Lim is going to have her house to herself for two weeks and tries to convince Nina to throw a party.
7 Miduna Beach One time I ran out of ideas and was like maybe Kieran Neville is afraid of germs and then I gave up on that very shortly after.
7 Lebeaux Connor Prichard and Jaime Cabrera make up in a bar.
7 Lebeaux Paige Siobhan and Brooke Vincent bump into each other somewhere and are like 'hey wanna switch love interests' 'sure'
7 Barfield Gabriel Beckham surprises Anna Burmondy with a kitten for her birthday.
8 Barfield Reece Carlisle asks Adrian Capaldi if they can go out for a date for her birthday and Adrian agrees only for the chocolate cake bc that is his tru luv.
8 Miduna Beach It's Jennifer Summers' birthday and she doesn't even care. Kina Tare is like 'bruh'.
8 Lebeaux Connor Prichard shows up back home and is like 'Lauren marry me' and she's like hell yeah I will.
9 Barfield Emilia Holt makes fun of Justin Harrison's comic book preferences because she's a douchebag.
9 Miduna Beach Bade Grant Burnham hangs out with Lindsey Donahue at school.
9 Miduna Beach Grant Burnham is trying to do an assignment with Emilia Holt and she is having none of that.
9 N/A Dean Dellucci asks Cait Adams to be his date to prom.
9 Lebeaux Wesley Mercer and Lauren Brodie have a cute bonding moment when Lauren's like 'Connor proposed' and Wes is like 'we should plan a wedding'
9 N/A Mason Saunders tries to ask Liesel Argent to prom but she can't so he's like 'k i'll just ask this girl with a dead boyfriend'
10 Barfield Marlene Choi finds Blake Fording and helps him pick out a sharpie colour for his prom proposal.
10 Lebeaux Lauren Brodie tells Paige Siobhan about her proposal after waiting up for her to get back.
11 Barfield

BHS Prom

11 Barfield Caitlin McCaughey and Cassidy Evans hang out.
11 Barfield Darren Ferguson and Imogen Lloyd give Danica Posavec dating advice.
11 Miduna Beach Caitlin McCaughey is annoyed because people started spreading rumours about her and Lamar Roth dating.
12 Miduna Beach Stella Escalera and Jackson Simmons hang out and talk about stuff.
14 Miduna Beach Stella Escalera decides that she wants to get a manicure from her boyfriend's sister and then she comes back like 'aaron ur sister is hella gay'
15 N/A Nessie Stevens is like 'hey Sam let's have a date and not tell my boyfriend' and Sam Riddleman is like 'sounds gay. i'm in.'
15 Miduna Beach Jackson Simmons decides that he should still visit Bronte Gibson for her birthday.
16 Barfield Lian Harper and Tucker Kent have awkward ex-lovers bonding time.
17 Barfield Blake Fording goes to Zach Nelson for book advice.
17 Barfield Juliette Wicks and Adrian Capaldi meet on a school trip which Juliette snuck onto and other than foreshadowing so much stuff they end up making out in the woods.
17 Lebeaux Lauren Brodie asks Serena Beaumont for help with art supplies.
17 Lebeaux Lenore Bryant hangs out with Corbin McKessie after she has no one else to sit with.
17 Lebeaux Brooke Vincent meets Lauren Brodie while dropping stuff in front of her.
17 Miduna Beach MBHS Prom/Afterparty

18 Blackwood Mountain Dylan West was actually the first person out of Dylan and Lamar to ditch the other one by getting a job at Barfield Sportcenter.
18 Lebeaux Lenore Bryant and Hadley Chambers meet and they're both like 'lol we're so rich. money is useless'
18 Blackwood Mountain Dylan West decides to take her boyfriend, Evan Bowles to the beach.
18 Blackwood Mountain Kieran Neville meets the guy her girlfriend was supposedly cheating on her with and it's super awkward for both of them.
19 Lebeaux Blake Alexander helps Lauren Brodie with her groceries bc true neighbours help other neighbours.
19 Barfield Echo Alexander and Abigail Jeffers get stuck in an elevator together.
19 ? Hunter Beckham sneaks into an 18+ bar and chats up Amanda Myers.
19 Miduna Beach

Sam Riddleman just asks for one nice date with Tristan Locke and he gets her greasy burgers and expects sex so she's like 'nah u ain't shit. bye'

19 Lebeaux Corey Darnell and Silvana Swoosman hang out.
21 Lebeaux Lauren Brodie paints Jaime Cabrera's nails while complaining about him and then Connor Prichard comes out and unknowingly fistbumps his best friend for making out with his fiancee.
21 Lebeaux Brooke Vincent somehow manages to turn looking for her purse into having sex with Wesley Mercer.
21 Barfield Danica Posavec recruits her hunky boyfriend, Tucker Kent to help her fix her terrible car. Instead they get tired of that and have sex.
22 Lebeaux Scarlette Haloske trips over Kappan Janowski while he's trying to be a detective. Is it bad that I keep reading the neam Kappan as like Cap'n?
23 Miduna Beach Matt Finch walks in on his cousin making out with his girlfriend's cousin and he's like wait, is this incest?
23 N/A Lian Harper calls Matt Finch to bother him but he's a grumpy shit and she's like damn son.
25 Barfield One time I had this crack idea like man, Lauren Brodie and Matt Finch probably knew each other as kids and then this happened.
25 Barfield Charlie Harper invites Lian Harper to come out and take her dog for a walk with her.
26 Miduna Beach Lindsey Donahue is very confused as usual and thinks she has AIDS.
26 Lebeaux Lauren Brodie is one of those annoying people who can't watch a movie without searching up the actors on IMDB.
26 Lebeaux Jaime Cabrera is like "Brooke why is your shit in my living room" and she's like "I'm moving in if you don't like it let's just make out"
26 Miduna Beach Stella Escalera is complaining to Aaron Moore about how Nina apparently doesn't want to speak to her after Stella was responsible for getting her house trashed.
26 Barfield Juliette Wicks bothers her boyfriend at work but more importantly my iTunes shuffled to the song that this thread title is from while I was adding this.
27 Barfield Lexi Gilligan almost gets hit by a car and this other guy named Oliver saves her and she's like k let's date then and he's a huge dork.
27 Barfield Lexi Gilligan and Rosalie King go mini-golfing for Rosalie's birthday.
28 Barfield Zach Nelson tries to hit on another guy working at his store because that's all he does. I think.
28 Barfield Darren Ferguson and Katie Stone hang out and Darren's like this guy who is rlly dangerous escaped jail and Katie's like get his number for me. I wanna fuck a criminal.
28 Lebeaux After being engaged for nearly three weeks, Lauren decides that she and Connor should tell their parents about their engagement.
28 Barfield Grace Forbes tells Ethan Stone that she got this scholarship in New York and Ethan's like "you should defs go to New York".
29 Barfield Amanda Myers is just trying to walk somewhere and Cannady Haul is a huge bitch like could u walk any faster??
30 Miduna Beach Alyssa Heist hangs out with Shego and Lindsey Donahue for Lindsey's birthday.
31 Barfield

BHS Graduation

31 Miduna Beach Stella Escalera runs into Caitlin McCaughey on a bus and fangirls and they hang out.
31 Miduna Beach Matt Finch gets some flier for a Hawaiian cruise and jokingly suggests it to Lian and she's like yes let's go on a cruise and he's like wait, what?
31 Lebeaux

Jaime Cabrera's birthday

31 Barfield Tucker Kent and Danica Posavec hang out some more and flood Danica's apartment through a weird series of events where they got distracted by sex.


Date Location Event
1 Barfield Imogen Lloyd has to give her friend Danica Posavec even more dating advice even though Danica succesfully got the D from Tucker.
1 N/A Juliette Wicks texts Hunter Beckham about stuff.
1 Miduna Beach Aaron Moore and Gabriel Beckham move into their new apartment and Stella Escalera 'helps'.
1 Barfield Monika Burmondy finds out that her brother Michael might be getting transferred back to Florida.
2 Barfield Oliver Wells and Timothy Harth hang out and talk about books.
2 N/A

Juliette Wicks texts Adrian Capaldi like "hey what up, i'm bored" and he's like "good for you".

3 Barfield Samir Mishra has his first day of work and he befriends Dylan West because they're work buddies.
3 Barfield Rani Mishra hangs out with Cannady Haul while jogging.
3 Barfield Rani Mishra displays her ability to be a sassy shit while talking with her brother, Samir.
3 Lebeaux Wesley Mercer is so happy after sleeping with Brooke Vincent that he cooks her pancakes because why not.
3 Miduna Beach Emily Patrick says goodbye to her sister Natalie before she heads off to Europe.
3 Miduna Beach Adara Hawthorne is chillin in some cafe and then she just gets up and throws her coffee on Peter Haifler so they can date in future probably idk I didn't read this properly.
4 Barfield Adara Hawthorne just wants a really good book and she's hoping that Zach Nelson might be able to give her the B.
4 Barfield Rani Mishra is visiting her brother at work and meets Tristan Locke, whom she immediately outsmarts.
4 Blackwood Mountain Juliette WIcks is trying to get Nikita Kaminski to let her help find her daughter, but Nikita is very stubborn.
5 Miduna Beach Wyatt Butler and Echo Alexander are trying to find out what they should do with their time.
5 Barfield Sam Riddleman runs into Zach Nelson while trying to avoid Tristan Locke at a grocery store.
6 Lebeaux Sam Riddleman gets over her ex the old fashioned way. With tequila and hooking up with the first guy she meets at a club.
6 Miduna Beach Caitlin McCaughey and Sam Riddleman hang out and Sam calls Caitlin a nursing home candy pimp.
7 Miduna Beach Mingan Oka and Emily Patrick meet in a park and talk about their lives.
7 Lebeaux Abface and Lenore Bryant are working out and talk about how gross and sweaty they are.
7 Miduna Beach Brooke Vincent and Holly Escalera meet at the beach and hang out for ages.
7 N/A Oliver Wells gets dumped by Lexi Gilligan after he tells her about his pet rat.
7 Barfield Lisa Chu and Ralph Jameson flirt a lot.
7 Barfield Lexi Gilligan freaks out to Nadia Rey, saying that she doesn't think she can move out to Texas and leave everyone but then Nadia's like no it'll be great for you.
8 Miduna Beach Holly Escalera picks up her sister Maria so they can spend the day together seeing as Mr and Mrs Escalera are fighting.
9 Lebeaux Lauren Brodie and Wesley Mercer hang out and go watch a movie together seeing as they're friends.
10 Barfield Rani Mishra runs into Evan Bowles and chills because she can.
10 Barfield Zach Nelson finally asks Tristan Locke what happened with him and Sam.
11 N/A Bec Hamilton calls Matt Finch to make sure he's not doing anything stupid with his life.
11 Barfield Imogen Lloyd seems to be the only person who actually gets pissed off when someone's drink gets spilled on them.
11 Miduna Beach Lexi Knight gets Peter Haifler to buy her a coffee or something because he's an idiot and she's like here's your phone, buy me coffee.
11 Lebeaux Jaime Cabrera does what he always does in his spare time when he's not eating or having sex, annoying Lauren.
12 Blackwood Mountain

Adrian Capaldi visits Juliette Wicks for her birthday and they basically plan on having birthday sex before Blue Charleston jumps in like ayo I'm back bitches.

12 Lebeaux Paige Siobhan goes to visit her apartment and realises she forgot her key so she asks Jaime if he can help her get into her apartment.
12 Lebeaux Connor Prichard returns home and finds Paige Siobhan in his living room. He's like hang on, let's go bowling together and really shock Lauren with your sudden reappearance.
13 Lebeaux Pierre Beaumier is like "give it back" and Ilana Haloske is like um what i have no idea what you're talking about.
13 Blackwood Mountain Leah Keynes meets Juliette Wicks while returning her phone and the two of them befriend each other.
13 Barfield Samir and Rani Mishra argue after Samir keeps interrogating her about all the stuff that's going on in her life and she's like "fun fact: i am an adult"
13 Miduna Beach Jackson Simmons and Nessie Stevens meet on a bus and chill out because they both have a lot in common.
13 Barfield Anna Burmondy decides to tell her boyfriend, Gabriel Beckham that she's moving to Florida and then the two of them decide to make the best of their time together by hanging out with Gabriel's roommate.
13 Miduna Beach Will Finch complains to Matt Finch that he wasn't invited to go to Hawaii and Matt's like go be annoying somewhere else.
14 Lebeaux Sam Riddleman is really hungover and recognises Jaime Cabrera while she's out grocery shopping with Kieran. She decides to go bother him and actually introduce herself considering they had sex eight days ago.
14 Lebeaux Scarlette Haloske accidentally breaks a mailbox and Miranda Chu is like um first of all how dare
15 Blackwood Mountain Jennifer Summers comes to visit Nora Cooke and Juliette Wicks is like "oh ya ur friend moved out ages ago she's in england now"
15 N/A Jaime Cabrera calls up Sam Riddleman and is like "hey, wanna bang, i mean hang" and she's like "yeah duh"
15 Hawaii Matt Finch and Lian Harper are on a cruise and Matt's complaining that Lian is reading a book instead of spending time with him so he decides to go get really drunk.
15 Barfield Danica Posavec and Tucker Kent go bowling together after joking about how they're the worst bowlers ever.
15 Miduna Beach Lindsey Donahue and Grant Burnham hang out in a park together and watch videos of mean animals.
15 Barfield Phoenix Bola thinks he can challenge Nadia Rey's reign as supreme HBIC and she's like think again, sweetie.
16 Miduna Beach Will Finch gets locked out of his apartment and Charlie Harper comes by to water the plants only to accidentally lock herself out too.
16 Blackwood Mountain Rosemarie Sparrow meets her new roommate, Carrie Rowan and the two of them hit it off right away. Rose is like "I'm gonna be the best roommate you ever had."
16 Miduna Beach Stella Escalera and Wyatt Butler hang out and make plans to go to Disneyland together.
17 Blackwood Mountain Leah Keynes and Rosemarie Sparrow hang out and just immediately go for flirting.
17 N/A Juliette Wicks calls up Adrian Capaldi to comfort her after her ex-girlfriend ditches town again and she gets really drunk.
17 Barfield Lamar Roth and Jackson Simmons hang out in a library and talk about books.
17 Barfield Emilia Holt is walking her dog when it escapes and runs to Charlie Harper and her three dogs. The two girls end up bonding probably because they're both insane with a love of dogs.
17 Barfield Samir Mishra sees Dylan West waiting for a bus and he's like "yo i can drive you home" and she's like "sure why not" and they hang out and talk about how bad they are at English.
17 Blackwood Mountain Carrie Rowan meets Cait Adams and the two of them talk about stuff.
17 Barfield Lexi Gilligan and Kat Hastings hang out and bake cupcakes and brownies.
17 Barfield Dmitri Young and Nadia Rey hang out outside Barfield Mall and Nadia's like "you smell like cigarettes" and he's like "well that's weird because I totally don't smoke them."
17 Barfield Dylan West is hanging up fliers for a tennis comp and nearly kills herself while doing it, but thankfully Grey Landon is around to save her.
17 Barfield Dylan West and Tristan Locke hang out at work together.
18 Barfield Leo Ferreira goes to visit Grey Landon and takes him out to get smoothies.
19 Miduna Beach Jennifer Summers asks Kina Tare to buy groceries but Kina's like no I got stuff to do, woman.
19 Barfield Zach Nelson and Cassidy Evans are driving to work and Zach tries to hide his gay for his best friend Tristan.
19 Barfield Rachel Clark bothers Aaron Moore at a cafe while he's waiting for his girlfriend.
19 Lebeaux Connor Prichard surprises Lauren Brodie with the news that he booked a romantic getaway for the two of them and they also joke about having kids and Lauren's like "no don't make me want a baby" even though by this point she's unknowingly two weeks pregnant.
19 Lebeaux Jaime Cabrera tells Connor that he's found a girl for a bet that Connor and Jaime stupidly made and Connor's like dammit.
19 Miduna Beach Travis Banderas tries to ask about Sam Riddleman's mystery guy and then he asks if Nessie missed him while he was gone and Sam's like "no but we did have sex. on the couch. twice."
19 Blackwood Mountain Nessie Stevens and Evan Bowles hang out at some family reunion where they can be losers together.
19 Lebeaux Blake Alexander and Wesley Mercer hang out in their apartment hallway.
19 Blackwood Mountain Evan Bowles travels up to Blackwood Mountain just to ask his girlfriend if they're actually officially together and she's like sure.
20 Miduna Beach Leo Ferreira and Stella Escalera hang out while waiting in line at The Wave Shop.
20 Blackwood Mountain Karli Connor and Leah Keynes talk about coffee shops.
20 Miduna Beach Travis Banderas and Nessie Stevens finally kiss for the first time despite being dating for a while.
20 N/A Danica Posavec and Tucker Kent get stuck along the side of the road after Danica's terrible car breaks down and they decide to make the best of it by having sex in the backseat, not realising that is a terrible idea.
21 Blackwood Mountain Lamar Roth has to help Juliette Wicks out on her first day of work and show her how everything works.
22 Lebeaux Connor Prichard wants to go to the beach so he just barges into the other apartment right as Brooke Vincent is getting out of the shower and after some awkward introductions they end up going to the beach together.
22 N/A Jaime Cabrera calls up Sam Riddleman because he is horny and he has a bet to win with Connor, so he asks her out.
22 Miduna Beach Alyssa Heist is literally just trying to help and Ricky Callahan is like maybe I don't need your advice. Maybe I wanna die and she's like bruh chill.
22 Miduna Beach Leo Ferreira and Lindsey Donahue hang out in a grocery store and talk about fruit.
22 Lebeaux Wesley Mercer gets home really late one night only to find Brooke Vincent is still up and she's like yo I'm watching TV and he's like sickkk i'll join
22 Lebeaux Wesley Mercer and Jaime Cabrera hang out and Jaime tells Wes about his dumb bet with Connor to date a girl for six weeks.
23 N/A Charlie Harper rings up Matt Finch while he's in Hawaii because she's sick of Matt's cousin living in her apartment and he's like bruh just use the window to get in and then Charlie's like k but I better get paid double.
24 Blackwood Mountain Shannon Aiea forgets how to walk and Rosemarie Sparrow has to help her out.
24 Miduna Beach Holly Escalera has to comfort her sister, Stella after their parents had a fight which ended with her mom and youngest sister leaving to go to LA.
26 Blackwood Mountain Diego Estevez decides to catch up with his old friend, Juliette Wicks after not speaking to her for ten months.
26 N/A Adara Hawthorne texts Peter Haifler because she's bored and wants the D probably.
27 Blackwood Mountain Juliette Wicks meets Rosemarie Sparrow and they immediately start flirting with each other even though Juliette is taken.
27 Blackwood Mountain Diego Estevez decides to take a break from exercise to go hit on Leah Keynes which is obviously the better alternative here despite Leah being a lesbian.
28 Barfield Lisa Chu is working at the bookstore and Adara Hawthorne is like chillin completely forgetting that she ordered a coffee.
28 Blackwood Mountain Juliette Wicks wakes up Adrian Capaldi so she can spend time with him on his birthday. She then ends up buying him a chocolate cake.
28 Miduna Beach Caitlin McCaughey and Kieran Neville surprise Travis Banderas by coming back with two dogs after they went to the pound looking for a friend for Caitlin's cat.
29 Barfield Monika Burmondy once again proves that you can get a job by literally just walking into a place and asking for a job.
29 Barfield Shannon Aiea and Diego Estevez hang out together and go for a drive I think??
30 Barfield Lexi Gilligan talks to Adrian Capaldi and after he refuses to come to her party seeing as parties are stupid Lexi decides to ask if he knows what happened to Reece Carlisle.


Date Location Event
1 Barfield Danica Posavec calls up her boyfriend, Tucker Kent, seeing as she found out she was supposed to be babysitting her twelve year old cousin and she has no idea how to keep him occupied.
1 Barfield Gabe Martin congratulates Diego Estevez on his great test score and Diego's like nah bro it's July why are we even in school?
1 N/A Lauren Brodie and Connor Prichard decide to be huge nerds and play dumb kiddy games while they're at their Bed & Breakfast get away.
2 Barfield

Danica's cousin, Jordan, arrives, and it turns out that his mom hates Danica and that he just likes books. He also ends up finding a condom wrapper and making things awkward for Danica.

2 Blackwood Mountain After getting like no sleep the night before, Carrie Rowan is accidentally woken by her roommate, Rosemarie Sparrow and the two of them talk about how terrible Carrie is at sleeping.
3 Barfield Lance Angelo is a bro and helps a bro out after Gabe Martin drops his wallet.
5 Barfield Bec Hamilton flies all the way out to Barfield just so she can surprise Tucker Kent at work and it's really cute because he's so excited to see her and they go get food and catch up.
5 Miduna Beach Lexi Knight and Mingan Oka hang out at a laundromat seeing as they've both got nothing better to do.
7 Lebeaux Lauren Brodie and Jaime Cabrera are out shopping together when they get stuck in an elevator together and are forced to talk about their feelings for one another.
7 Lebeaux Connor Prichard cooks his fiancee breakfast and tells her about a new job offer he got. He then rings up his mom and tells her, before deciding to joke that Lauren was pregnant and Lauren's like "HE'S LYING!" when really he's truthing and they just don't know it yet.
7 N/A Charlie Harper has to get her cousin, Lian, to bail her out of jail after she was arrested for trying to bribe an officer.
8 Lebeaux Tatiana Reinhardt wakes up Nicolas Santiago and bothers him because she's a loser.
8 N/A Juliette Wicks calls up Adrian Capaldi so she can talk to him while she's walking home because she's bored.
8 Miduna Beach Nessie Stevens decides that her only true love is Sam Riddleman so she and Travis Banderas break up.
9 Lebeaux Sam Riddleman decides to introduce herself to Brooke Vincent after she finds herself in Brooke's apartment on the couch.
10 Lebeaux Verity Schwartz is like yo Miles I have good news and bad news and he's like "how can i be as emo as possible about this"
10 Lebeaux Verity Scwartz calls up Trace Joel and I don't even know if anything happens I'm not re-reading this.
10 Lebeaux Tatiana Reinhardt calls up Verity Schwartz and is like yo bish let's go camping.
10 Miduna Beach Ricky Callahan runs away from home and his sister, Peyton, is like no Ricky don't.
10 Lebeaux Tatiana Reinhardt visits Miles Baker and they talk about stuff that's probably sexual.
10 Barfield Lance Angelo has to save Barfield citizen, Chanel Clark, after she exhibits one of the traits known to many characters in Lumblrverse - an inability to not bump into things.
11 Lebeaux Sam Riddleman and Connor Prichard meet and Sam tries to invite him to a threesome I think.
11 Blackwood Mountain Diego Estevez goes to visit Juliette Wicks but after she proves to be too busy for him, he hangs out with Rosemarie Sparrow instead.
11 N/A Anna Burmondy skypes her boyfriend, Gabriel Beckham, all the way from Florida.
11 Lebeaux Lavender Fitzgerald goes to visit Tatiana Reinhardt and she's like nah son no one's home.
13 Lebeaux Lavender Fitzgerald and Nicolas Santiago hang out in a park and talk about stuff.
14 Miduna Beach Sam Riddleman invites Jaime Cabrera over because it's her birthday and her roommates are throwing her a party but really she just wants to get drunk and have sex with Jaime.
14 Miduna Beach Nessie Stevens and Caitlin McCaughey hang out while they're at Sam's party and Caitlin's a bit tipsy.
14 N/A Nadia Rey texts Kat Hastings to complain about her parents making her get a job.
15 Lebeaux Paige Siobhan returns back home after leaving to take care of her grandmother who has now passed away and surprises Lauren. The two of them share some wine together and Lauren catches her up on everything she's missed.
15 Lebeaux After talking to Lauren, Paige decides to go visit Jaime and the two of them catch up and hang out together while Jaime tries to cheer her up.
15 Miduna Beach Lian Harper goes to Matt Finch's place so she can get laid but Matt is out with Bec Hamilton looking at a house to buy, so Lian is left to annoy Will. Matt comes back shortly after and reveals the house to Lian as well as asking if she wants to move in with him.
15 Lebeaux Miranda Chu reveals to Lisa Chu that she's back together with Ralph Jameson and Lisa's like wait what?
16 Barfield Georgia Russet gets horny one night and decides to invite her brother's best friend over for sexytimes.
17 Miduna Beach Emily Patrick decides to bother Mingan Oka while he's working.
18 Lebeaux After getting really sick at a job interview and throwing up in a pot plant, Lauren Brodie calls up Connor Prichard to come pick her up and he playfully makes fun of her.
18 Barfield Kai Mahelona and Cameron Bradford go to the beach together.
18 Barfield Georgia Russet decides to go hang out with her BFF, Ellie Daniels.
18 Barfield Dmitri Young and Kat Hastings talk after Dmitri spent the night at Kat's house.
19 Lebeaux

Lauren Brodie takes a pregnancy test after her random sickness the day before, and her and Connor find out that it's positive.

19 Lebeaux Verity Schwartz and Nicolas Santiago hang out and talk about stuff.
19 Barfield Ashlynn Montgomery suffers from being unable to walk and do other things and bumps into Gabe Martin but it's okay because that's how you make friends here.
19 Barfield Kai Mahelona decides to go chill with Ashlynn Montgomery and they talk about stuff.
20 N/A Evan Bowles texts Dylan West and tries to be the most annoying twit ever.
20 Barfield Sofia Reyes takes some clothing that Ashlynn Montgomery wanted and Ashlynn is like "hey give that back" and Sofia's like "no" and that's it.
20 Barfield Danica Posavec has to get Tucker Kent to babysit her cousin after she gets called into work at the last minute.
21 Barfield Kai Mahelona finds Sofia Reyes in a cafe and decides to hang out with her.
21 Barfield Holly Escalera and Brooke Vincent decide to meet up again and go watch a movie in Barfield.
21 Lebeaux Somehow on the same day, Holly Escalera also ends up in Lebeaux talking to Paige Siobhan and having lunch with her seeing as the cafe was really busy and the only empty seat was with Paige.
21 Blackwood Mountain While camping, Tatiana Reinhardt decides to invite Verity Schwartz out with her to go swimming.
22 Blackwood Mountain Lindsey Donahue gets lost in Blackwood Mountain and asks Diego Estevez if he can call someone to pick her up, but instead, he ends up driving her home.
22 Blackwood Mountain Diego Estevez visits Juliette Wicks at work and he's like hey you should like me again and Juliette's like nah Diego you kinda became an asshole in the ten months you stopped speaking to me.
22 Lebeaux Somehow despite being a lawyer, Connor Prichard is a terrible liar and Lauren Brodie finds out about the bet he made with Jaime Cabrera to date a girl and Lauren's like "you're an asshole."
23 Miduna Beach Yolanda Monet and Marie Zoet hang out in a park after Yolanda almost sat on gum. (At one point, Yolanda says she's boring and white because Mini originally had a white FC for her.)
23 Barfield Gino Pennington and Tristan Locke also suffer from chronic bumpitis, a condition which unites many Lumblrians.
23 Barfield Juliette Wicks gets really drunk in a cemetary while commemorating the fifth anniversary of her dad's death. She decides to call up Adrian Capaldi, who then goes out of his way to take care of her and make sure she's safe.
23 Miduna Beach Ashlynn Montgomery recognises Yolanda Monet from a billboard sign and the two of them talk about stuff.
24 Miduna Beach Holly Escalera finds a random cat on her doormat which belongs to her new neighbour Yolanda. Yolanda decides to invite Holly over for dinner and gets realyl confused when she can't tell if Holly's flirting with her or not.
24 Miduna Beach Yolanda Monet is trying to find her dumb cat again and ends up trying to explain herself to Mingan Oka when he comes home to find her randomly in his yard.
25 Barfield Leo Ferreira visits Grey Landon at the post office and all I saw was that Grey's bosses names were Demi and Gregg. Like wow, that was subtle.
25 Barfield Juliette Wicks and Ruthie Wrick hang out and talk about smoothies.
26 Miduna Beach Alysse Montgomery decides to flirt with Dallas Madden after watching him surf.
26 Miduna Beach Alysse Montgomery and Allison Myers also suffer from bumpitis.
27 ? Alex Simms and Talia Robinson hang out and talk about stuff.
27 Miduna Beach Bec Hamilton gets a little sad once she realises that Matt's moving out of their old apartment and that she won't be able to come back and visit it anymore.
27 ? Melrose Airlim rescues Adara Hawthorne's lost license and then they hang out and talk about stuff.
28 ? Melrose Airlim asks Marie Zoet for directions to take her daughter to daycare.
29 Lebeaux I've come to accept that everyone in Lumblrverse is inherently clumsy and their insurance probably costs a lot more.
29 Blackwood Mountain Liz Styvesant is working when Rosemarie Sparrow comes in for food.
29 Lebeaux Lauren Brodie is too tired to yell at Jaime Cabrera for stealing her food but does reveal to him that she knows about his bet with Connor and he's like oh crap.
30 Barfield Leighton Diggs and Gabe Martin hang out in an ice cream shop and talk about stuff.
30 ? Alysse Montgomery has a hard time distinguishing between FCs and characters and fangirls over Harry Bleu.
30 Barfield Dylan West and Alyssa Heist get really pissed off while at a sports game.
30 Barfield Nadia Rey and Lance Angelo go jogging together because Nadia has no friends and needs to make new ones.
30 ? Melrose Airlim is waiting at some restaurant for ages when she decides to complain to Danny Vespa.
30 Barfield Gino Pennington catches up with his sister, Margo and they talk about stuff.
31 Barfield Caroline Cambridge and Dominic Fitzgerald are hanging out at their place and even though Caroline is like "no I'm really not in the mood for sex" Dominic is like sure you are and then they have sex anyway and that kids, is by very definition, rape.
31 Florida Gabriel Beckham and Anna Burmondy are hanging out together for the last day before Gabriel goes back home to Barfield.
31 Blackwood Mountain Cait Adams decides to be friendly and talk to Rosemarie Sparrow about stuff.
31 Barfield Georgia Russet is disappointed to find her brother at home after both of her parents went out on a date and she thought she could bring over one of her boytoys.


Date Location Event
1 Blackwood Mountain Carrie Rowan has a crisis about calling her family and Rosemarie Sparrow is like #yolo #justdoit #nike
1 Lebeaux

Sam Riddleman decides it would be totally responsible of her to let her boyfriend, Jaime Cabrera drive her roommate's lamborghini.

1 Barfield Kimi Natsukawa recognises Nadia Rey from somewhere and the two of them hang out and talk about stuff.
2 Blackwood Mountain Juliette Wicks calls Adrian Capaldi all the way up to Blackwood Mountain just so she can break up with him.
2 Barfield Briar Sawyer and Lloyd Dauchan talk about how great umbrellas are for not getting you wet.
2 Lebeaux Arabella Garcia gets hit in the head by a book thanks to Therese Hepburn and decides the only appropriate response to this mild accident is to threaten to shoot her. I guess Arabella is one of the few people who doesn't tolerate Lumblrians and their bumpitis.
3 Lebeaux Melrose Airlim has the misfortune of also meeting Arabella Garcia but she's like "aww you're adorable."
3 Blackwood Mountain Diego Estevez asks Juliette Wicks on her opinion of whether he should meet his dad or not and Juliette's like yeah duh and Diego's like maybe not. Plus you don't even visit your mom in jail.
3 Lebeaux Despite it clearly saying that Jamie Hepburn bumped into Lloyd Dauchan, Jamie's first instinct is to yell at Lloyd.
3 Lebeaux Jamie Hepburn tries to sneak out of home and she ends up getting caught.
3 Barfield Sofia Reyes texts Leighton Diggs and is like bruh hang out with me.
3 Blackwood Mountain Rosemarie Sparrow and Juliette Wicks hang out and Rose tries to flirt with Juliette but Juliette's a bit bummed because she dumped her great boyfriend.
4 Lebeaux Briar Sawyer decides to pick a fight with Arabella Garcia over littering and they try to one-up each other with their sad life stories.
4 Barfield Milah Hirschfeld sees someone about to walk into some cafe and she's like yoooo hold up girl.
4 Blackwood Mountain Kimi Natsukawa and Bryce Walker are hanging out at Bryce's house babysitting when Bryce is like, actually Kimi, I'm a douche and I need money so you need to babysit my little brother.
4 Barfield Sofia Reyes is tryna get the D from her teacher but before he can secretly pick her up in secret, Cameron Bradford appears and is like "hey let's hang out" and she's like "uh sure."
5 Lebeaux Holy shit just read this one it's great.
5 Lebeaux

Jaime Cabrera is like "bruh i've been dating a girl for six weeks give me your money" and Connor Prichard is like "but bruh i have a baby" and Jaime is like "bruh."

5 Barfield Kai Mahelona calls up Sofia Reyes and is like bruh come cure me of my boredom and they go watch a movie and go for a drive.
6 Barfield After Will Finch literally gets stuck inside a closet, Charlie Harper gets a very confusing phonecall from him.
7 Blackwood Mountain Diego Estevez basically drags Juliette Wicks out of bed and is like "you promised you'd go see your mom, now let's go" and Juliette's like "yes but get this, I don't want to."
7 Barfield So after Diego left Juliette alone outside Barfield's Women's Prison, Juliette Wicks resorts to calling Adrian Capaldi to pick her up and they talk about stuff and Juliette's like "I don't know why I broke up with you. That was a dumb idea" and he's like yeah "don't do dumb stuff."
8 Miduna Beach Allison Myers is like hey yo Ian Harrison, it's our mate Harry's birthday let's have a kickin party yo.
8 ? Therese Hepburn continues to be a pushover for her little sister, Jamie who is really rude and yells at her for not having ice cream yet.
8 Miduna Beach Addison Ryan buys a lot of stuff at The Wave Shop and Dallas Madden is like uh okay then you're not a tourist and she's like nah i ain't a tourist.
9 Miduna Beach Craig Nelson is like bruh I need to use a payphone and Addison Ryan is like oh ya bruh I got ya covered and gives him quarters.
9 Miduna Beach Danny Vespa tries hitting on Sam Riddleman in a music store by complimenting her music taste and Sam is like awesome well I've impressed a stranger which is all I need to do in life.
9 Miduna Beach Ian Harrison recognises Addison Ryan from her great learning abilities and he's like "Hey" and she's like "Hey. Idk who you are."
9 Barfield Nessie Stevens and Jackson Simmons meet again outside BCC and talk about stuff for a while.
10 N/A After making up with Adrian and ignoring all of Diego's phonecalls, Juliette Wicks decides to call Diego Estevez and he reveals that he met his dad after he disappeared.
10 Lebeaux Brooke Vincent and Yasmine Porter hang out at work and help each other out with stuff.
10 Lebeaux Therese Hepburn is just casually sketching in a park when Yasmine Porter is like "um I don't know you but I'm here to give you art advice."
11 Lebeaux Milah Hirschfeld tries to help out Arabella Garcia and Arabella's like "bitch don't kill my vibe."
11 Lebeaux

Liz Styvesant is like hey, Arabella Garcia can you hook me up with a good food joint and Arabella is like 'no.'

11 Lebeaux Melrose Airlim is chilling with her baby and Lauren Brodie is there and is like 'awww your baby is cute'
11 N/A Sam Riddleman rings Jaime Cabrera from Baltimore and is like "some family emergency came up. I'll be back monday" and then they flirt on the phone.
12 Barfield

Juliette Wicks and Adrian Capaldi hang out at the zoo and Juliette gets way too excited about it and tries to convince Adrian to let her kidnap a meerkat and he's like nah son.

12 Lebeaux Jaime Cabrera and Paige Siobhan have a feast of stolen food and end up dancing together all cutesy like.
12 Lebeaux Brooke Vincent is walking home and she suffers from being a Lumblrian so she trips over nothing and hangs out with Lauren Brodie in the hallway like "i meant to do this"
12 Lebeaux Briar Sawyer compliments Talia Robinson on her hair and Talia's like ikr????
13 Lebeaux Briar Sawyer embarrasses herself in public and Milah Hirschfeld is there for all of it.
14 Barfield Matt Finch wakes Lian Harper up to tell her that he bought her food and after initially complaining about being woken up she's like "Fine. I'll eat food and then go skinny dipping" and Matt's like mmkay.
14 Barfield Nadia Rey is moving into her new dorm at BIST when she finds out that her new roommate is none other than Monika Burmondy. They're clearly both ecstatic.
15 Barfield Kimi Natsukawa and Yasmine Porter argue over a dress in a store and it involves a lot of bitchiness.
15 Miduna Beach Kieran Neville asks his girlfriend, Caitlin McCaughey to move in with him on their first anniversary.
15 Barfield Jackson Simmons loses his keys but thankfully one of his coworkers is there to help him and is like bruh u dropped these.
15 Barfield Therese Hepburn is complaining about how hard her life is with Ian Harrison is like lemme help you.
15 Lebeaux Lauren Brodie is like uh baby I think we need to postpone our wedding bc I don't want to be pregnant at my own wedding.
15 Barfield Lance Angelo throws paper at Cara Collins' head and makes up for it by saying he mistook her for a trashcan.
16 Barfield Briar Sawyer and Bryce Walker hang out and talk about ice cream.
16 Lebeaux Cara Collins almost gives Therese Hepburn a heart attack so naturally they then become best friends.
16 N/A Lexi Gilligan skypes Nadia Rey to see how she's going and finds out that Nadia is living with Monika Burmondy and she's like ouch babe that sucks.
17 Barfield Cara Collins bumpitis causes her to bump into Nadia Rey and it does not end well for her.
17 Barfield Blue Charleston and Lance Angelo hang out in school and pass notes and get each other in trouble.
17 Blackwood Mountain Juliette Wicks is surprised by Blue Charleston's sudden reappearance at the boarding house and they hug and make up.
17 Miduna Beach Amanda Myers comments on Talia Robinson changing her hair to brown and Talia's like ya well people kept complimenting me and I didn't want to compliment them so I figured this was easier.
18 Lebeaux Milah Hirschfeld and Wesley Mercer hang out at work and talk about stuff.
18 Blackwood Mountain Nora Cooke flies all the way back from England to surprise visit Cait Adams so she can be there when Cait's baby is born.
18 Miduna Beach Kai Mahelona calls up Sofia Reyes and is like "We're going to the beach" and basically just drags her there with him.
18 Barfield Jaime Cabrera picks up Sam Riddleman from the airport after she arrives back in town and they go on a date or something.
19 N/A Allison Myers gets bored and texts Harry Bleu.
19 Barfield Jamie Hepburn is trying to be a hipster in Starbucks when some annoying chick next to her is laughing and being happy and she's like yo Allison Myers chill out kid.
20 Lebeaux Sakutaro Inoue is just tryna chill on his own when Yasmine Porter decides to embarass him by publicly commenting on his singing.
20 Lebeaux Brooke Vincent and Wesley Mercer hang out and do domestic stuff together because that's what cute couples do.
20 Barfield Chad Vasquez finds some wallet lying on the ground and he's like uh Ma'am it says here that this ID is yours and Cara Collins is like oh yeah duh.
20 Miduna Beach Mingan Oka decides to compliment Therese Hepburn on her sketching works.
20 Miduna Beach Danny Vespa is actually working for once and hangs out with Dallas Madden making smalltalk.
21 Barfield Sakutaro Inoue is being as Japanese as he can and Ashlynn Montgomery's like "do u speak English"
21 Lebeaux Connor Prichard is like worn out from work and he's like "I need a drink" and Jaime Cabrera is like "aww baby have some of my beer."
22 Barfield Aside from being terrible at not bumping into things, Lumblrians are also terrible at holding onto valuables like car keys or in this case, Shego Donahue finds a wad of cash.
22 Miduna Beach Leo Ferreira decides to yell at Dallas Madden after being unhappy with the quality of her Wave Shop merchandise.
22 Barfield Phoenix Bola bothers Ellie Daniels for drugs and she's like "I only have drugs for period cramps" because apparently she doesn't realise that's usually just stronger dosages of painkillers.
22 Lebeaux Arabella Garcia and Jamie Hepburn continue to develop their enemyship.
22 Miduna Beach Ian Harrison, Allison Myers and Harry Bleu all decide to play truth or dare together.
23 Lebeaux Jamie Hepburn forces her sister to go through the torture of a makeover.
23 Lebeaux Arabella Garcia nearly shoots up some stranger with her gun and Alysse Montgomery is like what the actual fuck?
24 Miduna Beach Arabella Garcia terrifies more people after bumping into Addison Ryan and dropping her gun.
24 Barfield Lian Harper and Nayana Hawke recognise each other from work and decide to hang out and chill.
25 Barfield Lloyd Dauchan is like "Hey, Jamie Hepburn, we haven't hung out in a while" and she's like eh?
25 Barfield Alex Simms and Talia Robinson are having a picnic when Alex sees Therese Hepburn sitting on her own and he's like hey come crash our date.
25 Barfield Carrie Rowan distracts Rosemarie Sparrow from her classes after she has a panic attack on the first day of school.
25 Barfield Sam Riddleman and Brooke Vincent go on a lunchdate together and Brooke's like yeah I think your boyfriend might be cheating on you or at least flirting on this girl he had feelings for once and Sam's like super.
25 Blackwood Mountain Blue Charleston has no idea who Carrie Rowan is so the two of them introduce themselves.
25 N/A Chanel Clark decides to text Lance Angelo and talk about stuff.
25 Barfield Gabriel Beckham and Margo Pennington are working together at the movie theatre and decide to chat about stuff.
25 Miduna Beach Kieran Neville notices Sam Riddleman's a bit upset after her date with Brooke and decides to bother her to find out what's wrong.
27 Lebeaux After deciding that she wanted to go speak to Connor, Sam Riddleman goes over into his apartment and ends up meeting Paige Siobhan instead.
27 Lebeaux Lauren Brodie is complaining about her baby being a menace while she's trying to work and then her and Connor Prichard talk about possible baby names because she's like "ain't no way in hell I'm naming our child Connor Jr.
28 N/A Connor Prichard calls up Sam Riddleman and is like "you wanted to see me" and she's like yeah does your boyfriend and my boyfriend have a thing for Paige and Connor's like uhhhhhh
30 Lebeaux Sam Riddleman decides to ask Jaime Cabrera if he's cheating on her because she's suddenly paranoid and he's like bitch I ain't cheating on you.
30 Miduna Beach Abbie Ryan is like um bitch even though we're on a beach I'm gonna need u to keep that sand far far away from me and Amanda Myers is like um bitch make me.


Date Location Event
1 Barfield Kai Mahelona and Leighton Diggs hang out and go go-karting together.
1 Barfield Miranda Chu and Bryce Walker hang out and talk about stuff.
1 Barfield Adrian Capaldi decides to be social for the first time since meeting Juliette and starts talking to Margo Pennington at work.
1 Lebeaux

Miranda Chu is crying because her boyfriend dumped her after like a week and Lisa Chu comforts her and is like aww bby u ok.

1 Barfield Chad Vasquez is useless and needs to ask Tristan Locke for directions and then the gay begins.
2 Barfield Alexa Mader gets pissed off at Gabe Martin staring at her and then he compliments her and she's like ikr i'm amazing.
2 Barfield Margo Pennington and Cannady Haul try to out-annoy each other but really just prove that they're both horrible neighbours to live near.
2 Barfield Cara Collins and Grey Landon hang out on a bus. Mason and Alex Russo reunite after all these years of WOWP being cancelled.
2 Barfield Sam Riddleman runs into Tristan Locke while grocery shopping because she's short and asks the nearest tall eprson for help. Sam proves that she can still be a bitch.
2 Barfield Bryce Walker decides to annoy his girlfriend, Kimi Natsukawa at work.
4 Lebeaux Holly Escalera calls up Brooke Vincent hoping she'll be her date to an open house inspection for a new apartment.



Charlie Harper calls up her cousin, Lian Harper and is like "um can u believe my sister is getting married before me??? how dare she!"
4 Barfield Georgia Russet tells Ellie Daniels to come over ASAP after she finds out she's pregnant and wants to go get it aborted.
5 Barfield Yasmine Porter is trying to sketch and Josephine Beaumont is like "um trying to sketch things which aren't me??? rude"
5 Barfield Nora Cooke goes to visit Cait Adams in the hospital after her son, Ricardo (this baby is like the next gen White Carlos) is born.
5 Barfield Josephone Beaumont brags about her language learning skills and Shego Donahue is like uh huh I'm sure. Sounds realistic.
6 Blackwood Mountain Juliette Wicks invites her boyfriend, Adrian Capaldi over so they can chill with a new baby and Juliette's like "you wanna hold it?" and he's like uh yeah no i'll pass
7 Barfield Juliette Wicks decides to chill with Blue Charleston and tries to encourage her to skip school and Blue's like "no I'm trying to be good now"
7 Lebeaux Josephine Beaumont's bumpitis kicks in and she throws a frappuccino all over Damien Aries.
8 Barfield Bryce Walker and Sofia Reyes hang out and talk about how much school sucks.
8 Barfield Nadia Rey is pissed because she was planning on making out in a movie theatre with her boyfriend, but he had to cancel so instead she chats to Grey Landon about how hard her rich girl lifestyle is.
8 Miduna Beach Paige Siobhan gets the pleasure of hanging out with a soaking wet Danny Vespa on a bus.
9 Barfield Diego Estevez decides to talk to Piper Duffy after he notices that she dropped some test paper while leaving school. He ends up driving her home and she's like 'yeah whatever'
10 Barfield Dylan West is working as a lifeguard and Kimi Natsukawa does her best work to distract her from that.
10 Miduna Beach

Kieran Neville tries to ask Sam Riddleman why she's so glum and after that fails he gives her tequila because it is the true way to Sam's heart.

10 Barfield Kimi Natsukawa and Gino Pennington hang out while walking to their class together and they talk about stuff.
10 Lebeaux Lauren Brodie is like 'hey wes i heard you almost died the other day' and Wesley Mercer is like 'yeah i trusted jaime' and Lauren's like 'there's ur first mistake'
10 Barfield Monika Burmondy sees Gabriel Beckham in Barfield Mall and is like "oh you're the one dating my sister. hi."
10 Barfield Will Finch gets lost and then immediately forgets that when he sees the first attractive person and decides to go flirt with Milah Hirschfeld.
10 Lebeaux Connor Prichard is trying to be a comforting friend for Jaime Cabrera and Jaime is like "i ain't gonna talk about stuff ur wasting ur time" and Connor's like "fine wanna help me pick out a name for my baby?"
12 Barfield Kallistrate Adamas is watching anime in a park and yelling at it when Ian Harrison walks past really confused.
13 Barfield Haruhi Inoue complains that Addison Ryan is taking up her sunlight and Addison Ryan is like "it's outdoors there's literally sunlight everywhere are you drunk??"
13 Barfield Katelyn Greyson is skateboarding near Kallistrate Adamas when her bumpitis kicks in and they both crash.
13 Barfield Despite knowing that everyone here suffers from bumpitis, Sofia Reyes decides to try walking backwards and makes Katelyn Greyson drop all her books.
13 Barfield Alexa Mader sits down to have a chat with Arabella Garcia about stuff and I dunno. She probably gets threatened with a gun.
14 Barfield Monika Burmondy overhears part of Nadia Rey's conversation with her dad and is like "wow you call ur dad daddy lol" and Nadia's like "at least i have a dad, bitch"
14 Barfield Kallistrate Adamas fails to grasp that FCs and characters are not the same person and she harrasses Damien Aries.
14 Barfield Kallistrate Adamas tries to educate Harry Bleu on anime because she is clearly the expert.
15 Barfield Sakutaro Inoue is chillin in a teahouse doin his thing when Abbie Ryan comes along like "hey let's hang out" and he's like w-what??
15 Lebeaux Arabella Garcia's bumpitis kicks in with Ciara Roberts who for some reason introduces herself as Filipino.
17 Lebeaux Ciara Roberts has severe bumpitis and has actually done nothing but bump into people since she arrived.
18 Miduna Beach Ciara Roberts' bumpitis attracts the attention of Allison Myers' volleyball.
18 Lebeaux Lauren Brodie freaks out that she might potentially miscarry her baby and Connor Prichard is like let's get you to a hospital.
19 Barfield Alexa Mader recruits the help of expert sleuth Blue Charleston to find her phone seeing as her name is Blue and well... stop explaining jokes Mini.
19 Barfield Grace Davies finds Cannady Haul's wallet and Cannady Haul is a complete bitch to her like what the fuck.
19 Barfield Ciara Roberts drops her phone because she has butterfingers and Grace Davies is the one who finds it.
20 Lebeaux Connor Prichard calls Paige Siobhan to let her know that he's in the hospital with Lauren and Paige freaks out and is like 'no i'll join you'
20 Lebeaux Grace Davies bumps into Arabella Garcia and quickly learns why that's a terrible idea.
20 Lebeaux Addison Ryan bumps into Grace Davies and fsr thinks she's Arabella.
20 Barfield Kallistrate Adamas and Sakutaro Inoue are too busy watching anime to watch where they are walking and they both collide.
20 Lebeaux Nivedita Bhaduri decides to hang out with her neighbour, Rory Bales, seeing as they're both loners.
20 Lebeaux Grace Davies gives Kallistrate Adamas grocery shopping advice.
20 Barfield Sofia Reyes tries to flirt with Ella Carter while they're out shopping.
21 Barfield Mary Ramms tries to befriend Arabella Garcia and Arabella must be taking after her sister's cray-ness bc she is rude as heck.
21 N/A Ciara Roberts and Nathan Robers chat about stuff while Mini has a hard time working out how whitey mcwhite pants Louis Tomlinson was somehow chosen to be a relative to the girl who introduced herself as Filipino from the get go.
21 Barfield Sam Riddleman decides to take Danny Vespa out drinking and clubbing as a late birthday celebration and Danny is very thirsty.
21 Miduna Beach Megan Lane runs into Harry Bleu while trying to escape her crazed fans or something like that.
22 Lebeaux Chad Vasquez got dumped by his date so he decides to complain to Milah Hirschfeld about how much his life sucks.
22 Lebeaux Tamika Lee is walking her dogs when she realises she's lost and has to stop and ask Wesley Mercer for directions home.
22 Barfield Kai Mahelona calls Ellie Daniels after his sister ends up in the hospital after a dodgy abortion and Ellie just talks about masturbating the whole time and Kai's like 'ew gross'
22 Barfield Adrian Capaldi and Juliette Wicks are hanging out in Adrian's new apartment when Juliette is like yes but consider this 'making out with me instead of unpacking'
25 Lebeaux Lauren Brodie is high as a kite on sedatives when she decides to go bother Jaime Cabrera.
26 Blackwood Mountain Diego Estevez texts Rosemarie Sparrow and they somehow end up making out in the back of a movie theatre while Adrian Capaldi has to kick them out of the movie.
27 Blackwood Mountain Kimi Natsukawa is babysitting her boyfriend's brother when he comes home high on something and gets really violent towards her. After she threatens to leave him if he lays another hand on her, she eventually dumps him.
27 N/A Diego Estevez texts Blue Charleston after Juliette Wicks mentioned to him that Blue needed a tutor.
28 Miduna Beach Tia Singh loses her purse in a cafe and Kieran Neville finds it and is like 'let me buy you a coffee I feel like you could use one'
29 Miduna Beach Mingan Oka is hanging out at Miduna Beach Shopping Center when Aileen Taylor sits down next to him and starts up a chat.
29 Lebeaux Milah Hirschfeld is picking out clothes at Brooke's work and Brooke decides to hit on her by complimenting her taste in clothes.
29 Barfield Kimi Natsukawa is trying to cover up a bruise on her eyebrow with makeup when Rosemarie Sparrow walks in the bathroom and is like ay yo lemme help you.
29 Lebeaux Miranda Chu and Lisa Chu continue to be the most awkward sisters who try to get along when Miranda intrudes and is like "I can style your hair"


Date Location Event
1 Lebeaux Connor Prichard finds some article saying that Jaime Cabrera's girlfriend was cheating on him so he decides to tell Jaime.
3 Barfield Cameron Bradford tries to be a supportive boyfriend to Georgia Russet until he stops replying entirely.
3 Barfield Matt Finch and Lian Harper hang out at 3am after Lian gets back from work and Lian tells him how dumb he is before asking him to carry her around while he's half asleep.
3 Lebeaux Jack Greyson bumps into Jaime Hepburn and finds her phone and she's a huge bitch about it.
4 Lebeaux Arabella Garcia bumps into Michael Hayden and drops her gun and he's like what the fuck? A gun?? Sick!!
6 Barfield Lance Angelo and Allison Myers hang out in a shopping center and talk about how much their lives suck.
9 Blackwood Mountain Diego Estevez runs into Juliette Wicks while she's in a bad mood and manages to piss her off even more.
10 Miduna Beach Juliette Wicks is still pissed off at Diego and decides to go hang out at the beach shack in Miduna Beach and she tells Adrian Capaldi to meet her there. She ends up going swimming and making herself really cold but thankfully Adrian brings her clothes and a towel and a blanket.
10 Miduna Beach Gabriella Parker gets lost in Miduna Beach and asks Josephine Beaumont for directions.
10 Barfield Steven Thompson sees Michael Hayden being very careless and is like dude you're about to walk into a wall and he's like 'eh?'
10 Barfield Gabriella Parker hears Leighton Diggs' music and decides to go talk to him about music and stuff.
11 Miduna Beach Allison Myers is sitting on the beach when Charlie Hayden comes along to be a tool.
11 Miduna Beach Sarah Willow asks Lindsey Donahue for directions and is then rude to her when Lindsey doesn't know.
12 Barfield Mary Ramms is getting ready to enjoy some popcorn when she bumps into Daniella Cooper and spills it everywhere.
12 N/A Gabriella Parker calls her twin sister to catch up on things in their lives.
12 Miduna Beach April Dawson gets ditched at some party by her friends and ends up talking to Daniella Cooper for company.
12 Miduna Beach Daniella Cooper is super rude to Charlie Hayden for like no reason at all.
13 N/A Anna Burmondy calls her sister, Monika to tell her that she won't be back to visit for the memorial of their mom's death.
13 Barfield Daniella Cooper is tryna order a coffee when Sarah Willow is a bitch to her and then Daniella Cooper is a bitch back.
13 Barfield Sarah Willow makes fun of Alexa Mader's school and Alexa's like um bitch my school is great.
13 Lebeaux Sarah Willow is not a bitch to someone for once and Michael Hayden mentions how in love he is with Therese Hepburn.
13 Miduna Beach Addison Ryan sees Lindsey Donahue and is like 'hey we have a class together' and Lindsey probably does something adorable.
14 Miduna Beach Nivedita Bhaduri and Leo Ferreira hang out and talk about spas and stuff.
14 Barfield Miranda Chu sits down next to Juliette Wicks and keeps calling her Julie and Juliette's like can u nah.
15 Miduna Beach Alexia Dawson decides to be a grown up and skip work to spend time sleeping with her husband, Rob.
15 Blackwood Mountain Tia Singh gets herself lost in Blackwood Mountain and asks Steven Thompson for directions but he's useless as well.
15 Blackwood Mountain Carrie Rowan comforts Rosemarie Sparrow for once after they get stuck in a thunderstorm.
15 Lebeaux Lauren Brodie and Rory Bales hang out in a grocery store line and talk about stuff.
15 Lebeaux Sam Riddleman bugs Jaime Cabrera and is like 'hey let's go dancing' and he's like 'but food'
16 Blackwood Mountain Dylan West fails at throwing rubbish in a bin and Damien Aries is like bro you suck.
16 Barfield Lloyd Dauchan is hanging out when he recognises Leighton Diggs and is like bruh.
16 N/A Will Finch calls Charlie Harper for advice after he finds out one of his exes is very pregnant but he refuses to acknowledge that it might be his child.
19 Barfield Gino Pennington runs into his sister, Margo and she's like go to church with me bro. bro church.
19 Miduna Beach Abbie Ryan and Alex Simms encounter an evil cat.
20 Barfield Blue Charleston and Crash Glenn hang out and talk about their weird names.
20 Lebeaux Paige Siobhan gets hit on by some dude in a cafe.
20 Blackwood Mountain Arabella Garcia trips over and loses her gun and Crash Glenn is like wait what did I miss?
21 Lebeaux Wes Mercer tells Lauren Brodie that he's been accepted into some dental training program for six months and Lauren is emotional about things.
21 Barfield Kai Mahelona and Sofia Reyes are being losers and annoying each other while complaining about cafeteria pizza and each other.
21 Lebeaux Holly Escalera is forced to stay behind late at work and meets Rory Bales. The two of them hang out and Holly invites him out to dinner.
22 Lebeaux Cannady Haul flirts with Victor Cardozo.
22 Barfield Lian Harper is clothes shopping when Sarah Willow is like "your clothes choices suck" and Lian's like "lol dun curr"
22 Miduna Beach Mingan Oka and Dallas Madden hang out and talk about how cold the water is.
23 Barfield Miranda Chu bothers Lisa Chu and is like hey hang out with me and Lisa's like "I'm gonna nap"
23 Lebeaux Jaime Cabrera decides to complain to Paige Siobhan about his relationship problems.
23 Lebeaux Brooke Vincent gets over her commitment issues long enough to ask Wesley Mercer if they're officially dating and he's like "yeah sure, by the way I'm leaving for six months."
24 Miduna Beach Megan Hale asks Allison Myers for directions to MBHS and they both talk about how useless boys are.
24 Miduna Beach Alyssa Heist runs into Abbie Ryan while trying to find Shego Donahue at UMB.
24 Miduna Beach Megan Hale meets Allison Myers and Harry Bleu again and she's like "hey remember me?" and Allison is probably like "yeah i saw you a few hours ago"
25 Barfield Chanel Clark and Lance Angelo hang out at homecoming and he's like BHS won the game and she's like "that's great, keep me entertained"
25 Miduna Beach Megan Hale and Ciara Roberts are talking about stuff when they bump into Ian Harrison and talk about stuff.
25 Miduna Beach Addison Ryan and Ian Harrison meet again and Ian's like "yeah i'm looking for my friends."
25 Lebeaux Gabriella Parker is just living her life when she makes the mistake of bumping into Rude Bitch Sarah Willow.
26 Lebeaux Lauren Brodie and Brooke Vincent hang out and talk about how much their lives suck or something.
28 Barfield Chanel Clark and Leighton Diggs hang out and Leighton flirts with himself.
29 Miduna Beach Megan Hale, Ian Harrison, Allison Myers and Harry Bleu all go swimming in Megan's pool and I'm pretty sure someone drowns if I'm remembering this correctly.
30 Miduna Beach Sam Riddleman tries to ask Kieran Neville for relationship advice but in a really confusing way and he's like "idk what ur on"
30 Barfield Elisa Rosales sits down next to Lance Angelo in class and they talk about stuff seeing as she's only new.
30 Barfield Matt and Will Finch hang out and Will asks Matt a bunch of weird questions and when Matt's like "why are you asking me this" Will's like "no reason"
30 Barfield Blue Charleston somehow managed to sneak a Blue's Clue pawprint next to the urinal in the boys bathroom and Lance Angelo immediately recognises this as a sign that Blue's been wanting to talk to him.
31 Lebeaux Lindsey Donahue and Alyssa Heist go trick or treating at Arabella's aunt's house and Lindsey's like "aww you're so cute" and Arabella's like "stop that"
31 Miduna Beach

At her halloween party, Sam Riddleman introduces her boyfriend Jaime Cabrera to the guy she was supposedly cheating on Jaime with, Danny Vespa. It does not go well for Sam and Jaime.


Date Location Event
1 Barfield Katelyn Greyson decides to throw her homework at Michael Hayden. I once broke up with my first grade boyfriend, Michael, by throwing my homework book at him. Small world.
1 Miduna Beach Matthieu Beaumont decides to be awkward around Allison Myers and she's like "what"
1 Lebeaux Megan Hale bumps into Arabella Garcia and after Arabella says some rude stuff Megan just stares at her for ten seconds. Not even kidding.
1 Barfield Kiera Mason is trying to read in a park and Matthieu Beaumont is like "oh sorry. i just wanted to look at your, how you say, book"
2 Barfield Kiera Mason and Luke Magnalora discuss having a different taste in books despite being in the same part of the library because they don't seem to know how libraries work.
2 Blackwood Mountain Dylan West buys more Halloween candy than she could ever need and brags about it to Crash Glenn.
3 Miduna Beach Tia Singh has to help a Savannah Gomez's little dog after it ran through traffic.
3 Miduna Beach Mingan Oka meets his mom, Ruby Kong, while serving her in a restaurant and he has no idea and she's like "oh shit das my kid"
3 Miduna Beach Megan Hale suffers from bumpitis, but she explains to Charlie Hayden that it's only because she's running from a crazed mob. I don't know why she has a crazed mob. Maybe they want her dead. Who knows? Read to find out.
3 Miduna Beach Savannah Gomez, Megan Hale and Harry Bleu all hang out and talk about stuff like cookies and hair.
4 Barfield On the third line in this it says that Tristan Locke gives Chad Vasquez a boyish grin and before my eyes adjusted to actual letters I read it as "Tristan gives him a blowjob grin" and I was so confused.
6 Blackwood Mountain Ocasia Marcus bumps into Diego Estevez and then Diego's like "u ok" and she's like "no i'm gonna bitch u out" and he's like "bruh"
6 Barfield Kai Mahelona and Elisa Rosales meet and Kai helps her find her class.
7 Blackwood Mountain Diego Estevez asks his mom why some of their mail says "final notice" on it and she's like "nah son it's fine they send those all the time" and he's like "i really don't think so"
8 Barfield Kai Mahelona and Georgia Russet talk after Kai's date and Georgia's like "how do u even date someone like her" and he's like "huh" and she's like "wow u dated a famous girl and didn't even know her ur dumb"
8 Miduna Beach Grace Davies and Mary Ramms are partnered up for a project together.
8 Barfield Luke Magnalora's dog starts attacking Nathan Roberts' shoes.
10 Miduna Beach Sandara Magnalora almost dies at the beach but thankfully Ian Harrison and Megan Hale were there to save the day.
8 Lebeaux Milah Hirschfield is about to close up the Insomniac Cafe for the night when Ralph Jameson comes inside the cafe. Milah offers to get him something though.
11 Barfield Katelyn Greyson gets to class early and talks with Lisa Chu for a while.
11 Barfield Lian Harper and Charlie Harper hang out and Charlie is like "hey so apparently you can't visit your ex-boyfriend's mom if he has a restraining order against you and Lian is like "wat"
12 Lebeaux Lauren Brodie is craving pizza which Jaime Cabrera has and Jaime gets very defensive of his true love.
12 Lebeaux Holly Escalera has broken her leg at some point and drops her crutch while she's near Rory Bales. She ends up flirting talking with him.
12 Barfield Juliette Wicks runs into her ex-girlfriend, Maggie Carter, outside high school and the two of them catch up on stuff.
12 Barfield Sofia Reyes falls asleep in class and then decides to ask Bryce Walker what they're supposed to be learning when she suddenly wakes up.
12 Miduna Beach Megan Hale and Sandara Magnalora have a conversation which looks like it might entirely consist of Megan and Sandara saying each other's names with different inflections.
13 Miduna Beach Alexia Dawson asks Maggie Carter for movie recommendation so she can buy her daughters something cool.
13 Barfield Juliette Wicks and Adrian Capaldi have a blanket fort and try to make a cake to celebrate their almost half-year anniversary but realise they both suck at cooking.
14 Lebeaux Therese Hepburn and Michael Hayden have a collision and ruin everything but lo and behold Michael finally gets to meet the girl of his dreams.
15 Miduna Beach Jimena Cabrera laughs at so other person for being dumb before bumping into Theo Howard.
15 Miduna Beach Jimena Cabrera harasses her brother Jaime Cabrera to bring her alcohol until he finally does.
16 Barfield The magic of Jesus Penis brought to you by Jasper Gao and Trey Bowen
16 Miduna Beach Sam Riddleman's like "yo bitch zip me up I'm gonna go get laid" and Kieran Neville is like "dude you broke up with your couple of months boyfriend 16 days ago. chill."
16 Lebeaux Therese Hepburn apparently doesn't know when her birthday is and her sister, Jamie Hepburn, has to remind her.
17 Miduna Beach After not getting laid the night before, Sam Riddleman decides to call up Danny Vespa to take her out shopping and probably to get laid. She ends up grabbing his butt in public.
17 Barfield Leo Ferreira sits down with Grey Landon's aunt and tells her about the mission to find Grey's biological father and she decides to help.
18 Barfield Nivedita Bhaduri misplaces her phone and asks Daniella Cooper if she's seen an iPhone in a purple case and Daniella's like "maybe. what did it look like?" and she's like "an iPhone in a purple case"
19 Miduna Beach Kieran Neville and Tia Singh meet again and hang out in the cafe together.
19 Blackwood Mountain Oscar Molloy decides to go bother Crash Glenn at his house and Crash Glenn burns the food he was cooking.
19 Lebeaux Arabella Garcia loses her gun in a park and Tamika Lee finds it then does the responsible thing of taking it off her and giving it to a police officer because she's like "hang on, this is dangerous." Arabella does not take it well.
20 Lebeaux Therese Hepburn trips over Arabella Garcia and is like "my sister made me get a makeover" and Arabella's like "i don't care"
20 Miduna Beach Danny Vespa flirts with a stripper in a cafe and she got deleted before this was finished but they ended up doing the do.
21 Barfield Rosemarie Sparrow convinces Carrie Rowan that being a lesbian witch who cuts school is cooler than not being that.
21 Miduna Beach Alexia and April Dawson both snuck back home when they shouldn't have been there and basically, April spends the whole time sassing her mom.
21 Lebeaux Therese Hepburn falls into Alex Simms' arms and he seems to be pretty used to it by this point.
21 Miduna Beach Sandara Magnalora bumps into both Grace Davies and Arabella Garcia somehow because apparently if you do not have an actual purpose that's all you do in these towns.
21 Lebeaux Holly Escalera invites Brooke Vincent over so that she can have some company and also to tell her about her new crush.
22 Lebeaux I'm pretty sure this is the one where Sydney Easton shoots herself in the foot with Arabella Garcia's gun and literally everyone is confused.
23 Barfield Nikki Evans decides to go sit next to Reanne Britt at lunch because they both have no friends.
23 Barfield Nikki Evans decides to trash talk her teacher to Charlie Hayden who is like cool.
24 Miduna Beach Sam Riddleman is like "hey bro are we doing anything for thanksgiving this year" and Kieran Neville is a sassy shit before revealing that he's actually ditching her for thanksgiving.
24 Lebeaux Sarah Willow decides to call Tamika Lee 'dumb' for some reason and Tamika responds with bigger words than Sarah could ever think of yet is somehow still the dumb one here.
25 Lebeaux Holly Escalera thinks she saw her little sister, Ria, but it turns out it was actually Reanne Britt.
25 Lebeaux Rory Bales and Nivedita Bhaduri hang out and talk about stuff.
25 Miduna Beach Lilly Jane meets Leo Ferreira and they talk about stuff.
25 Barfield Nikki Evans is taking care of the environment after CK Agustin just recklessly threw rubbish on the ground.
25 Miduna Beach Megan Hale gets greeted by Becky Crystal and she's like "um hey you should know who I am".
26 Lebeaux Alexa Mader and Reanne Britt talk about a store being closed and sales ending.
26 Lebeaux Becky Crystal and Mary Ramms meet and become good friends I think maybe.
26 N/A Trey Bowen gets given a fake number by a date and ends up having a very interesting conversation with Alexa Mader who regularly gets texts from people 'Ashley' hooked up with.
26 Miduna Beach April Dawson refuses to take her medication and her dad is like "April this is kinda mandatory. You have to take this."
26 Barfield Sofia Reyes is trying to talk to Cameron Bradford who is like not listening and then she says stuff about him stripping for her.
26 Barfield Nadia Rey and Grey Landon meet again and have some eyesex while flirting with each other.
26 Miduna Beach Sam Riddleman tells Kieran Neville about her bet to find a perfect woman for Danny and after describing herself Kieran tries not to laugh at her when he works out that Danny likes Sam.
27 Barfield Milah Hirschfeld is like "so how about that weather. getting pretty cold huh" and then Pamela le Croix is like "wow it's almost like that's what it does in Winter"
27 Miduna Beach Sam Riddleman makes plans to get drunk and annoy Danny on thanksgiving and he ends up inviting her to his family's thanksgiving while consistently making fun of her for being short.
28 Miduna Beach Christina Ventura visits Hayden Archer early one morning and tells him to put some pants on before they go on a long quest to annoy a check out chick and pull some pregnancy prank on her. It's a very long RP.
28 Miduna Beach Lilly Jane bumps into Dallas Madden and they talk about stuff.
28 Miduna Beach Lilly Jane asks Abbie Ryan to be her friend and Abbie is like "huh???"
29 Lebeaux Sydney Easton tells Pamela le Croix how she shot herself in the foot and Pamela is understandably confused af.
29 Barfield Miranda Reynolds dramatically drops all of her books on Nikki Evans and is like lol sorry pls help.
29 Miduna Beach

April Dawson gets really drunk at a party and Jared Mead is taking care of her before she's like "hey bro you should have sex with me" and he's like "idk" and she's like "yeah do it"

29 Miduna Beach Carina Gatti offers Jimena Cabrera a lift to school and they both complain about how cold it is.
29 Barfield CK Agustin is counting money and Sydney Easton is probs being a bitch with a hole in her foot and they meet.
29 Miduna Beach Lilly Jane asks Addison Ryan to be her friend when she starts at MBHS in a few days.
30 Lebeaux Arabella Garcia tells her sister Camilla Garcia about the girl who shot herself in the foot and Camilla's like 'wat that makes zero sense'
30 Barfield Ocasia Marcus has absolutely no chill and yells at Nikki Evans for not using the vending machine quick enough. Realtalk if I met these rude people in real life I'd probably cry.
30 Barfield Elisa Rosales invites Kai Mahelona over to her place seeing as there's a power outage at his place and then they get stuck in an elevator and end up dating somehow.
30 N/A Kai Mahelona texts Sofia Reyes and is like "yo guess who got himself a girlfriend" and she's like "congrats shut up"
30 Barfield Lian Harper tries to hint to Will Finch that she knows about his pregnant ex-girlfriend by talking about baby furniture and Will just wants to eat his cereal and not deal with her.
30 Lebeaux Brooke Vincent yells at Jaime Cabrera for being a lazy bum and she's like "get a job. contribute to society. be useful" and he's like "whatever" but secretly actually listens.
30 Miduna Beach Camilla Garcia gets hit in the face by a door pushed by Addison Ryan and I guess I know where Arabella gets her grumpiness from.
30 Miduna Beach Mingan Oka is just trying to finish work for the day when Evan Bowles decides to be an asshole and orders food when they're about to close.


Date Location Event
1 Lebeaux Brooke Vincent yells at Jaime Cabrera to get a job and after he initially ignored her, he decides that she's right and he goes out to get one.
1 Barfield Lian Harper tries to hint to Will Finch that she knows about him knocking up some poor girl by complaining about the price of baby stuff. Will just wants to eat his cereal.
1 N/A Kai brags about his new relationship status to Sofia and texts her to make sure she's okay as well.
1 Barfield Kai goes to Elisa's house after she calls him while he's out in the snow. They end up getting stuck in Elisa's building's elevator where they play a game of truth or dare that ends in them dating.
1 Barfield Ocacia Marcus and Nikki Evans try to see who can be the most passive aggressive while Nikki waits for a vending machine and Ocacia is like 'What is your problem?'
1 Miduna Beach Lilly Jane and Lindsey Donahue meet each other.
2 Barfield Alyssa and Gino chat in the deserted HGS halls about upcoming basketball tryouts.
2 Miduna Beach Kieran Neville comes back from a night of drinking and feels the need to be very cuddly towards Sam Riddleman.
2 Lebeaux Sydney Easton visits Camilla Garcia to explain what happened with Arabella's gun the other day, and Camilla is very confused by what she has to say.
2 N/A April Dawson texts Jared Mead the day after he took her home from a party, hoping that he can explain what happened because her memory was foggy.
2 Miduna Beach Alexia and Rob Dawson try to work out how they're going to punish their daughter, April, for sneaking out and going to a party after grounding her didn't work.
2 Miduna Beach Lilly Jane and Christina Ventura meet each other.
2 Lebeaux Kallistrate Adamas and Katelyn Greyson are hanging out at a park together. Kallistrate sees Sakutaro Inoue and Haruhi Inoue.
3 Barfield Will Finch confesses to Charlie Harper that his ex-girlfriend just gave birth to his daughter, Gemma.
2 Miduna Beach Lilly Jane meets Christina Ventura and tries to befriend her.
3 Barfield Juliette Wicks wakes up with a cold and nags Adrian Capaldi to keep her company while she's sick.
3 Miduna Beach Megan Lane, Allison Myers, Harry Bleu and Ian Harrison all go out surfing despite the fact that it's winter.
3 Miduna Beach Katelyn Greyson and Kallistrate Adamas are hanging out in the park when Kallistrate notices Haruhi and Sakutaro Inoue there as well.
3 ? Becky Crystal meets Arabella Garcia, and angers her, only for Arabella to threaten to shoot her. As ten year olds do.
3 Miduna Beach Lilly Jane chats with Dallas Madden in the hallway at school after her first day of school.
3 N/A Nessie Stevens decides to text Kieran Neville.
3 Miduna Beach Jan Foster texts Jimena Cabrera and complains about her boredom. Jan ends up going over to Jimena's, where they watch the Titanic together and cry a lot.
3 N/A Megan Lane texts Allison Myers.
4 Miduna Beach Jan Foster texts Jimena Cabrera while she's bored to keep her company.
4 N/A Megan Lane texts Allison Myers while she's studying.
4 N/A Pamela Le Croix decides to text Sydney Easton after hearing about her turning nice.
4 Barfield Luke Magnolara and Kiera Mason both have a math quiz which they slept through the instructions for. Kiera has to borrow a pen from Luke.
4 N/A Sam Riddleman's brother Jason calls to ask if he can stay and visit with his daughter for a month after Christmas.
4 Miduna Beach Kieran Neville and Nessie Stevens catch up after not speaking for months.
4 Blackwood Mountain Diego Estevez tries to warn Lilly Jane of the dangers of Blackwood Mountain.
4 Miduna Beach Jan Foster bumps into Mingan Oka at a coffee shop, which causes him to spill his coffee.
5 Miduna Beach

Megan Lane invites Ian Harrison over to play at the arcade at her house but end up watching Coraline.

5 Barfield Kimi Natsukawa and Bryce Walker talk for the first time since breaking up and Kimi tells Bryce that she has a boyfriend.
6 Miduna Beach Christina Ventura harasses Ethan Davidson through text messages. He then helps her take care of her younger brothers.
6 Barfield Katelyn Greyson's locker is stuck and Sofia Reyes tries to help her, but to no avail.
7 Lebeaux Paige Siobhan decides to get Jaime Cabrera to help her decorate his apartment.
8 Barfield Lian Harper decides to celebrate Matt Finch's birthday by taking him out to eat and later having hot sex.
8 Barfield Nessie Stevens and Dylan West finally meet at the Barfield Cafe.
8 Lebeaux Lauren Brodie gets back from Christmas shopping and finds Paige Siobhan making cookies. Lauren wonders if she'll be able to eat one when they're ready.
8 Barfield Megan Lane texsts Harry Bleu, Ian Harrison, and Allison Myers.
10 N/A Jacob Upton notices Alyssa Heist drop her wallet, so he catches her attention to give it back to her.
10 Barfield Beatrice Mason is relaxing on her couch after work when Kiera Mason comes home. They talk about make up and then cute boys.
12 Barfield Erin Chang meets Mary Ramms.
12 N/A Kitty Crystal and Nessie Stevens meet.
12 Barfield Beatrice Mason and Michael Hayden meet each other and talk.
13 Lebeaux Wes Mercer decides to surprise Brooke Vincent on her birthday.
13 Barfield Luke Magnalora is in Starbucks when he accidentally bumps into Beatrice Mason.
14 N/A Hayden Archer texts Ethan Davidson and no one is actually certain about what happens next.
14 Lebeaux Gabriella Parker is on her way home and texting when she drops her phone. Luckily, Jacob Upton catches it before it hits the ground.
14 Miduna Beach Camilla Garcia accidentally runs into Regina Perrilloux. They talk about gay sex.
17 Lebeaux Holly Escalera and Rory Bales are talking and failing at flirting with each other. Holly remembers that he used to be her teacher in high school and accidentally tells him that she had a huge crush on him back then.
17 Lebeaux Brooke Vincent worries about Holly Escalera and her abilities to not flirt with guys.
17 Blackwood Mountain Rosemarie Sparrow and Shandee Williams flirt a lot.
18 Barfield Monika Burmondy and Nadia Rey are somewhat nicer to each other than usual.
18 Barfield Chad Vasquez sees Milah Hirschfield out in Barfield, and he recognizes her as that awesome waitress from the Insomniac Cafe. He goes over and talks. They end up hanging out for a while and being good friends.
18 N/A Jasmine Parie and Clive Smith meet.
18 Miduna Beach Tia Singh and Oscar Molloy complain about jerks who harass them all the time.
19 Lebeaux Jaime Cabrera and Holly Escalera are out Christmas shopping and decide to help each other figure out presents for their friends.
19 Blackwood Mountain Diego Estevez goes over to the Blackwood Home and hangs out with Rosemarie Sparrow. He also gives her a Christmas present.
20 Miduna Beach Lilly Jane tells Dallas Madden that she got a job.
21 Miduna Beach Danny Vespa and Jasper Gao meet while waiting on a bus. Wish they would've made out.
21 Miduna Beach Gay stuff happens between Damian Mendez and Marcus Watson, but not really.
21 Miduna Beach Yolanda Monet and Mingan Oka meet each other again under the exact same circumstances.
22 Miduna Beach Eileen Reed messes up at the school store and Leo Ferreira lets her know what is up.
22 Miduna Beach Lilly Jane and Leo Ferreira meet.
22 Barfield Della Daffrey drops her phone into a trashcan and tries to get it out. She sees Cameron Bradford looking at her, so she claims she's not weird.
22 Barfield Jae Chang and Mary Ramms meet.
23 Barfield Ocacia Marcus tries to avoid Gina Pennington at the Barfield Park, but luck doesn't seem to be in her favor.
23 N/A April Dawson is doing last minute Christmas shopping and texts Faith Dawson to see what all she should get.
23 N/A Lloyd Dauchan texts Jamie Hepburn about something or another.
25 Barfield Will Finch and Lian Harper talk about what will happen now that Will has to take care of a baby.
25 Lebeaux Jaime and Jimena Cabrera decide to celebrate Christmas together.
25 N/A Gwen Gray texts Paula Gray, and wishes her a merry Christmas.
26 Lebeaux Jimena Cabrera and Connor Prichard meet in Jaime Cabrera's apartment. Connor is like over a foot taller than Jimena. Jaime and Connor also flirt a lot.
27 Barfield Jae Chang and Grace Davies meet.
27 Barfield Jae Chang tells Erin Chang how she met someone at school.
27 Barfield Leighton Diggs decides to talk to Reanne Britt.
27 Lebeaux Ralph Jameson and Rory Bales are caught in traffic. Ralph decides to make small talk with Rory during the traffic jam.
27 Blackwood Mountain Ocacia Marcus goes to the Mountainside Grille where Juliette Wicks works. Juliette is Ocacia's server.
27 Lebeaux Lisa Chu tries to tell Edward Clark about a missing cat but he fangirls because she's a girl.
27 Miduna Beach Christina Ventura texts Ethan Davidson and Hayden Archer about how she has some weed. Ethan gets over there and Hayden takes his time. When he does get there, Ethan and Christina are both high in the sky. Some weird stuff happens.
27 Miduna Beach Sam Riddleman gets home and Kieran Neville tells her some random guy is over there asking for her. At first, she's freaking out that it's a guy she's slept with, but then it's just her brother Jason Riddleman.
27 Miduna Beach Kaden Carter is basically always catcalling Oscar Molloy.
27 Barfield Nikki Evans is out buying stuff when she meets Christie Galman.
27 Lebeaux

Camilla Garcia gets a phonecall from child services. Everyone who read it got excited for the plotline to happen. Nothing ever happened.

28 Lebeaux Camilla talks to Arabella Garcia later the next day. Again, nothing ever happens.
28 Barfield Juliette Wicks tells Adrian Capaldi that she's getting kicked out of the home in Blackwood Mountain. He then lets her move in with him.
28 Miduna Beach Shandee Williams goes over to visit Nick Watson and Marcus Watson, but Marcus is currently out of the apartment. Instead, she and Nick act dumb.
28 Barfield Laurel Hampton is walking in the Barfield Mall when she sees Grey Landon completely spcaed out of the world.
28 Miduna Beach Jasmine Parie recognizes Carina Gatti from high school since they graduated together. They both end up talking for a while.
28 Barfield Elisa Rosales complains about Kai Mahelona kissing Sofia Reyes at the Christmas party thanks to a bunch of losers there.
28 Miduna Beach Demetri Arturo goes to Jimena Cabrera's apartment and they talk for a while. There's a lot of sassiness and finger snapping.
29 Blackwood Mountain Nayana Hawke's dog decides to go bother Dylan West. The two women then just talk about dogs and life.
29 Miduna Beach April Dawson tells her mother, Alexia Dawson, the news about her pregnancy.
29 Barfield Nathan Roberts and Adrian Capaldi discuss the joys of Christmas at work together.
29 Lebeaux Nivedita Bhaduri goes over to Tanner del Rosario's place and they have a lot of bad fun.
29 Barfield Juliette Wicks is out shopping when she sees Maggie Carter, an old ex-girlfriend.
31 Lebeaux Lauren Brodie decides to let Connor Prichard get drunk with Jaime Cabrera. Jaime and Connor are busy flirting with each other and talking about food and sex.
31 N/A Oscor Molloy texts his best friend Crash Glenn about some creep who has been texting him.
31 N/A David Honda questions if Kallistrate Adamas is good at history or not.
31 Blackwood Mountain Chad Vasquez and Victoria Carrero get home from work and just bother each other a lot.
31 Miduna Beach Danny Vespa and Sam Riddleman hang out together for a while and get up to nothing good.
31 Miduna Beach Eileen Reed tries to get stuff from Damian Mendez.

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