Timeline: 2015

This is the timeline of roleplays on the wiki in the year 2015. Please add your roleplays as they happen or you will be responsible for going back through old threads to add them to this page.


Date Location Event
1 Barfield, Miduna Beach, Lebeaux, Blackwood Mountain New Year's Day
1 Barfield Gwen Gray and Nikki Evans call Paula Gray to greet her a happy new year, but after Paula realizes her roommate, Michael, is drunk, she ends up having Gwen and Nikki, along with Carter all run to Barfield Community College to save her from a drunk Michael. While Gwen helps Paula out, Nikki and Charlie argue.
1 Miduna Beach Alexia Dawson and Rob Dawson try to figure out what exactly they should do about their daughter April and punishments.
1 Barfield Kaden Carter sees Chad Vasquez at a bar and decides to flirt with him. However, Kaden seems to lose interest in his flirting due to feelings he's been trying to keep hidden from himself.
1 Lebeaux Lena Reed his out driving and searching for her sister when she almost runs into Rory Bales. Luckily, he isn't run over by her. They talk for a short while before deciding to go out and get something to eat.
1 Lebeaux After his lunch, Rory Bales returns to work. Holly Escalera ends up taking her own lunch break, and goes to Rory's office to talk to him. She ends up eating her lunch there with him.
1 Miduna Beach Addison Ryan is walking around and sees Daniella Parker. She goes over to her and compliments her hair.
1 Miduna Beach Eileen Reed is cray cray and decides to freak out Matthieu Beaumont.
1 Barfield Gwen Grey accidentally bumps into Eileen Reed, who proceeds to yell.
1 Miduna Beach Kaden Carter decides to harass Oscar Molloy some more at a cafe.
2 Lebeaux Clive Smith sees Edward Clark. Clive decides that Edward is a nerd.
2 Barfield Ann Stilinski is lost and gets Michael Hayden to help her find where she's going.
2 N/A Kaden Carter is probably stalking Oscar Molloy at a fast food restaurant.
3 Barfield Charlie Harper texts Lian Harper, hoping to cure her boredom. Lian ends up bringing Will's daughter over to Charlie's house where the two cousins act dumb, as usual.
3 Barfield Adrian Capaldi returns to his apartment to see Juliette Wicks has left all of her stuff everywhere. He tries to get her to put away all of her stuff since she's moving in, but nothing seems to go as planned for him.
3 N/A Charlie Harper fakes her identity after she accidentally texts Katarina Pembina.
4 Miduna Beach Kallistrate Adamas and Mirabelle Adamas are talking when they see David Honda, who Kallistrate might like.
4 Lebeaux Jasmine Parie is lost in Lebeaux and asks Alexa Mader for directions.
4 Miduna Beach Jasmine Parie and Addison Ryan meet each other.
4 Miduna Beach Lilly Jane is going around complimenting people, and one of them is David Honda.
4 Miduna Beach Lilly Jane compliments Jasmine Parie, which makes Jasmine completely shocked.
4 Miduna Beach Katelyn Greyson is on her way to Kallistrate Adamas's house when she sees Mirabelle Adamas.
4 Barfield Ann Stilinski sees Ethan Stone being a grumpy butt.
5 Miduna Beach Damian Mendez sees Eileen Reed and goes over to her, asking why she ditched him the other day.
5 Miduna Beach Eileen Reed gets back to her place while completely drunk, and Lena Reed notices how she's acting and smells the alcohol on her.
5 N/A Kaela Cox sees that Jimena Cabrera drops her phone, so Kaela gives it back to Jimena. The two then go get coffee together.
5 Barfield Nikki Evans and Charlie Hayden bump into each other, but don't recognize each other at the cinema. When they recognize each other, Charlie tries to apologize for the way he's been acting lately, but Nikki declines and tells him it's best if they don't talk for a while.
5 Blackwood Mountain Rose Sparrow sees Sky Collins at the boarding home and decides to talk to him
5 Miduna Beach Jasmine Parie and Looke Wyon meet for the first time when Looke asks Jasmine where the music class is.
5 Miduna Beach Alexia Dawson gets her daughter, April Dawson, to tell her husband Rob Dawson about the pregnancy.
5 Barfield Looke Wyon bumps into Ann Stilinksi while walking around Barfield.
5 Barfield Kaela Cox is Trey Bowen's waitress at La Belle. They end up talking a lot.
5 N/A Ck Agustin bumps into Faith Dawson, but tries not to sell her anything.
6 Lebeaux Brooke Vincent and Holly Escalera are out shopping at the Lebeaux Shopping Center, when they see Holly's sister's boyfriend with another girl.
6 Lebeaux Holly Escalera has her sister Stella Escalera come over to her apartment. Holly breaks the news to Stella that Stella's boyfriend is cheating on her.
7 Barfield Nadia Rey is leaving her job at Gabby's Salon in the Barfield Mall when she bumps into Kaden Carter. She immediately blames it all on him, losing her temper. For some reason, he decides to offer her a drink.
7 Miduna Beach Stella Escalera recognizes Damian Mendez from when they used to be in school together. After a few bad decisions, Stella decides to buy alcohol from him and ends up getting completely drunk.
7 Miduna Beach After troubles at her house, Christina Ventura goes to Hayden Archer's place. She then stays the night with him while they both bother each other for forever.
7 Blackwood Mountain Carrie Rowan is in the kitchen of the Blackwood Home and is having trouble opening a jar. Rosemarie Sparrow comes in and helps her out. The two also end up having a bit more fun by deciding to go shoe shopping.
7 Barfield Katelyn Greyson is having trouble opening her locker at Barfield High School. Sofia Reyes is in the halls during this time, and tries to help her out.
7 Lebeaux Sydney Easton is in a dark theater when she bumps into Arabella Garcia. Things some to go awful from there, as usual between the two.
7 Miduna Beach Ian Harrison notices Lilly Jane dropped her keys, so he lets her know.
7 Lebeaux Alexa Mader is loudly talking to her parents on the phone and hangs up. She checks on Erin Chang to make sure she wasn't disturbing her.
7 Barfield On his way to school, CK Augustin accidentally bumps into Erin Chang.
7 Miduna Beach April Dawson falls asleep in math and asks Ethan Davidson what she missed. He isn't much help so the two just talk the whole period while getting no work done.
8 Barfield Kaden Carter bumps into Jasper Gao, and somehow they decide they want to hookup. However, do they? No.
9 Barfield Satoshi Komaeda and Sakutaro Inoue see Katelyn Greyson and Kallistrate Adamas in a cafe. Katelyn and Kallistrate talk about Kallistrate's crush after he asks her out, much to Sakutaro's dismay.
9 Miduna Beach Lilly Jane is at the beach when she accidentally runs into Mingan Oka. He acts very relaxed about the whole thing and doesn't lose his temper with her. They talk for a while longer, and get to know each other.
9 Blackwood Mountain Dylan West texts Evan Bowles about some bad news she got about getting kicked out of her apartment. He comes over to talk more about the situation. They also end up being dumb and no one really knows what happens????
9 Barfield Anisha Corvello gets flirted with by Charlie Hayden.
10 Miduna Beach Shandee Williams comes to Damian Mendez's place after she's told by Marcus Watson that he'll also be there. However, Marcus never shows up, and Shandee and Damian end up arguing as usual.
10 Miduna Beach Sapphire Lopez sees Jimena Cabrera and goes over to her and tells Jimena just how much she loves Jimena's hair. The two then chitchat for a while longer together.
10 Miduna Beach Jimena Cabrera and Carina Gatti are stuck at school and decide to leave after their lecturer never shows. They go out to eat a pizza place instead.
10 N/A Layla Swan bumps into Ocacia Marcus, and fails to actually apologize in a kind way.
10 Barfield Jae Chang sees Arabella Garcia in the school halls and says hi to her. Arabella ends up laughing at her a lot.
10 Barfield Edward Clark is asking random people questions, and Layla Swan happens to be one of those people.
11 Lebeaux Rory Bales and Holly Escalera spend some time at Holly's apartment. They talk for a while and decide to cook a meal together.
11 Lebeaux Michio Amane and Arabella Garcia meet, but Arabella seems completely uninterested.
11 Barfield Kaela Cox goes over to Kaden Carter's apartment and annoys him.
11 Miduna Beach Mary Ramms notices Mirabelle Adamas playing in the park, and decides to compliment her on her athletic skills.
11 Barfield Kaela Cox goes to Specks and sees Trey Bowen working at the bar.
11 Lebeaux Camilla Garcia exclaims 'holy potatoes' when she sees Brooklynn Iris's blonde hair.
12 Barfield Kai Mahelona disrupts Sofia Reyes's peaceful lunch by stealing her fries. His girlfriend Elisa Rosales shows up during the two's bantering, and she seems to be a grumpy butt the whole time.
12 Miduna Beach Oscar Molloy can never catch a break at work when Kaela Cox shows up there.
12 Barfield Anisha Corvello can't sleep, so she accidentally creeps on Aiden Kane.
12 N/A Bec Hamilton calls Matt Finch while he's trying to write his book. They talk for like ever because besties 5ever.
14 Barfield Seth decker notices Lance Angelo having trouble picking out a book at the Barfield Bookstore and helps him out.
14 Miduna Beach Sam Riddleman is over at Danny Vespa's apartment when she receives some exciting news about getting a paid gig. The two celebrate on Danny's couch. Afterwards, they laze about on his couch and order pizza and talk about strippers.
14 Miduna Beach Tia Singh accidentally bumps into Lena Reed with her shopping cart. They end up finishing their grocery shopping together while making small talk.
14 Miduna Beach Layla Swan bumps into Ethan Davidson and makes him apologize to her.
14 N/A Layla Swan tells Carrie Rowan that her hair is ugly.
15 Lebeaux Laurel Hampton is going for a walk on her street when she sees Tanner del Rosario. Tanner and Laurel talk for a while until he invites her back to his place. They fix coffee together and simply hang out together.
15 Barfield Kaela Cox goes over to Kaden Carter's apartment and yells at him for being a jerk to Oscar Molloy.
15 Miduna Beach Jae Chang is walking around Miduna Beach when she accidentally hits Sapphire Lopez, who claims that it's alright.
15 N/A Mirabella Adamas uses Kallistrate's phone to call Katelyn Greyson and tell her that Kallistrate has a boyfriend.
16 Barfield Nayana Hawke and Lian Harper are working at Specks and decide to talk for a little while before opening the club for the night.
16 Barfield Sofia Reyes falls asleep during her last class of the school day, so she catches up with Seth Decker to ask for the assignment that she missed hearing. They then talk for a while and be dumb.
16 N/A Aurora Hudson is accidentally tripped by Jae Chang, who apologizes immediately.
16 Barfield Shailey McCoy is looking for a book and asks Lance Angelo if he can help her, but he doesn't actually work at the bookstore.
16 Miduna Beach Denise Middleton decides to chit chat with Kallistrate Adamas before their next class.
16 Miduna Beach

Lian Harper and Kieran Neville hang out at Kieran's house together and get really drunk on a Thursday night.

Part two to previous thread. Simply more drunk shenanigans.

17 Barfield Megan Lane asks Allison Myers, Harry Bleu and Ian Harrison if they want to go ice skating with her. Megan gets jealous because Harry is holding Allison's hand but she doesn't know that she's going to hit the wall.
17 Barfield Nadia Rey is at the Barfield Cafe and working on notes for her classes. She hears someone standing near her so she speaks up, not realizing that it was an actual employee wanting to know if she needed anything.
17 Barfield Logan Clark goes and picks up Ann Stilinski in the rain.
17 Miduna Beach Camilla Garcia is walking around when she sees Nick Watson, who she calls knick-knack Watson for reasons unknown even the roleplayer.
18 Barfield Miranda Reynold sees Arabella Garcia sitting down on a bench. After a few random arguments Miranda leaves.
18 Lebeaux Shailey McCoy and Wesley McCoy approach Lenore Bryant in Lebeaux Preporatory School. Quickly, Lenore and Shailey seem to get along and become friends.
18 Lebeaux Miranda Reynold sits on a bench next to Arabella Garcia. Arabella tells Miranda to sit somewhere else and also states that she is not a map.
19 Miduna Beach Kaden Carter is out jogging when he talks to Oscar Molloy, not realizing that it's Oscar. Immediately things go downhill.
19 Blackwood Mountain Myra Burnes meets Shandee Williams at the Blackwood Home for Teens.
20 N/A Myra Burnes cuts Addison Ryan in line, to which Addison voices her opinion on how rude that is.
20 Miduna Beach Leo Ferriera witnesses a fight and Hayden Archer happens to be there too. They talk and stuff.
21 Barfield Matt Finch gets back from work only to find that Will Finch gave up his daughter for adoption while he was gone.
21 N/A Rory Bales finally decides to text Lena Reed after they met each other. They talk about a bunch of nothing.
21 Barfield Erin Chang and Jae Chang are shopping together when they find an ice cream parlor in the mall. They decide to stop there and get ice cream.
21 Miduna Beach April Dawson is feeling nauseous one morning and ends up on the couch with Alexia Dawson. Stuff happens. Lots of pregnancy conversations. Pregnant. Babies. Stuff.
21 Miduna Beach While on her way to visit Kallistrate Adamas at her school, Katelyn Greyson decides to meet David Honda, someone she had heard about from Mirabelle Adamas, Kalli's little sister.
22 Barfield Nadia Rey is reading in her dorm room when Monika Burmondy comes into the room. Monika tells Nadia about how she saw Rhys Sanders, the asshole. They both complain about how much they hate him.
22 Barfield Jasmine Parie is in Broken Records when she sees Nessie Stevens drop all the CDs she was carrying. Jasmine helps Nessie pick them all back up.
22 Lebeaux Sapphire Lopez asks Clive Smith if he knows who the Lebeaux Shopping Center is.
24 Lebeaux Lilly Jane accidentally disturbs Alexa Mader who's all like 'chill bro chill'.
24 Barfield Charlie Harper goes over to visit Lian Harper, but really she's just there to see the baby. However, the baby is no longer around and Charlie is very mad.
24 Barfield Adrian Capaldi tells Juliette Wicks some great news about how he got a new job at a place. They decide to go to the Mountainside Grille to celebrate and end up acting like total idiots the entire time. It's ridiculous. Do not read.
24 Lebeaux Nivedita Bhaduri and Rory Bales hang out and talk about life.
25 Barfield Jae Chang cooks Erin Chang a very strange dinner made out of cheese, chicken and chocolate (Jae named it the three ch's salad). Erin thinks that it is very disgusting and says she is leaving to get a glass of water when she is really just leaving because the meal is disgusting.
25 Barfield Lisa Chu catches her sister Miranda Chu reading The Fault In Our Stars in their kitchen. After they talk for a bit, Lisa suggests that the two start a book club as a way to bond and Miranda agrees.
25 Miduna Beach Lilly Jane texts Mingan Oka to see what's up. She then invites him over to her place and they hang out. They also go to the beach together just to check out the sights.
26 Miduna Beach Demetri Arturo goes to the Miduna Beach Shopping Center and finds Brooklynn Iris sitting a table with two cups of tea. He stops to talk with her and discovers some crazy news.
26 Lebeaux Laurel Hampton and Tanner del Rosario go back to Tanner's place while Laurel talks about the stress of her life. They end up getting together and going out on a date.
26 Miduna Beach Danny Vespa meets probably his number one fan Azalee Sage. Sam is his number two friend because she's mean to him.
27 Barfield Kaden Carter tells Kaela Cox the news about his official new boyfriend.
27 N/A Clive Smith and Lilly Jane meet each other and Lilly invites him to her birthday party.
27 N/A Logan Clark sees Ann Stilinski typing on her laptop. He goes over to try and figure out what she's doing.
27 Lebeaux Edward Clark asks Lenore Bryant a bunch of strange and weird questions.
28 Miduna Beach Oscar Molloy and Kaden Carter are both out jogging at the same time when Kaden sees Oscar. Kaden gives Oscar a note about some stuff.
28 Lebeaux Eileen Reed goes over to Shailey McCoy's house. Eileen decides to tell Shai something very important.
28 Barfield Dia Sanchez is at the Barfield Mall where she meets Sofia Reyes. The two instantly click and start talking a lot. They end up going out to get yogurt together.
28 Miduna Beach Rory Bales and Holly Escalera go out to eat lunch together. They're very cute and decide to sort of bein a relationship together. It's weird.
28 Miduna Beach Christina Ventura and Ethan Davidson talk before class starts and call each other baes.
29 Barfield Jae Chang is singing around the house when Erin tells her that she is singing the wrong lyrics. Jae disagrees which prompts Erin to look it up on the computer, proving Jae wrong.
29 Miduna Beach Daniel Middleton and Denise Middleton quibble in the morning before school.
30 Lebeaux Brooke Vincent and Lauren Brodie get back to the apartments at the same time and Brooke holds the door open for Lauren. They then are very dumb and find Jaime inside of Lauren's apartment being an asshole. Lauren and Brooke then go over to Brooke's place and talk about babies and how much they hate Jaime.
31 Miduna Beach Danny Vespa and Sam Riddleman go to a children's fair thing with Sam's niece Brooklyn. While there, Sam and Danny act like idiots who should not be allowed in public ever.


Date Location Event
1 Miduna Beach Layla Swan is walking around Miduna Beach when she sees Lilly Jane and decides to start a conversation on how Lilly's hair looks like vomit. After a few more insults Lilly leaves because she finds that Layla is very rude.
1 Miduna Beach Sapphire Lopez introduces herself to Edward Clark, saying that his hair looks like fungus. After some awkward conversations, Edward leaves because he loves spaghetti and Sapphire, even though she claimed to love spaghetti, actually likes bow tie pasta and therefore is a traitor to Edward
1 Miduna Beach Daphne Middleton is looking for cereal and blames Daniel Middleton for not buying it. The two then chat and argue about stuff, including when Daniel started yelling when Daphne said, "Holla". Daphne succeeds at bringing up Daniel's failure to buy her cereal numerous times in the conversation.
2 Miduna Beach Hayden Archer and Ethan Davidson are hanging out in the band room during lunch and being gay.
2 Lebeaux Looke Wyon is walking around Lebaux when he realises he is lost. He then sees Clive Smith and asks him for directions. At the end of a small conversation Clive gives Looke his number, which confuses Looke very much.
2 Blackwood Mountain Myra Burnes convinces Looke Wyon that she is a violent girl not to be messed with.
Blackwood Mountain Myra Burnes and Rosemarie Sparrow meet and have a playful conversation.
3 Miduna Beach Crash Glenn visits his friend, Oscar Molloy, in a clown suit to wish him a happy birthday.
3 Miduna Beach Addison Ryan shows up to Lilly Jane's birthday party a few minutes early and they proceed to talk.
3 Miduna Beach Christina Ventura shows up to Lilly Jane's birthday party but is obviously mostly interested in the food.
3 Miduna Beach Phoebe gives Jasmine back her phone after she drops it in the snow and they start chatting.
4 ? Mirabelle Adamas waits for Katelyn and Kallistrate to return from Starbucks, but once Harry Buttershaw comes along, decides to talk to him while waiting.
4 Miduna Beach Stella Escalera goes back to Damian Mendez's hotel room to purchase more alcohol. She does so and ends up sleeping with him again. Afterwards, she feels slightly used and begins to wonder what exactly is happening between them. We all know though that Damian is a huge ass and is just using her for sex. Well, Stella doesn't really know that yet.
4 Miduna Beach Dianne Middleton is at home when Denise Middleton comes home, even though she should be at school.
5 Barfield Erin Chang walks into the kitchen (in her house) and sees Jae Chang playing on her phone, while making garlic and chewy pasta. When Erin asks for her phone back, Jae hands it to her with sticky garlic fingerprints on it and Erin walks away.
5 N/A Christina Ventura is highly offended that her lover Hayden Archer doesn't consider her to be his bro or best friend.
6 Lebeaux Harry Buttershaw is going shopping when he gets glared at by Layla Swan, they get into a conversation/argument because Harry didn't appreciate her rudeness, and then she walked away.
7 Miduna Beach Jasmine sees Looke at school and asks him on a second date at the Miduna Mall cafe.
7 Barfield The never ending thread where Liana Aerolin and Dianne Middleton get caught in the rain. No one actually knows what they talk about. It's August and this thread is still going on.
8 Miduna Beach Cho Beibei bumps into Jimena Cabrera and they magically become friends.
11 Miduna Beach Daniel and Dianne Middleton have a downright confusing conversation.
12 Barfield Georgia Russet convinces Elisa Rosales that she could get a much better boyfriend than her brother, Kai Mahelona and then asks if she can spectate them arguing over Kai's friendship with Sofia.
14 Barfield, Miduna Beach, Lebeaux, Blackwood Mountain Valentines Day
14 Miduna Beach Kalistrate Adamas asks David Honda to go out with her, which results in a lot of teasing. Afterwards, Kalli helps David make a Lumblr Network profile.
15 N/A Josie Chong asks Myra Burnes for the time and Myra creeps her out by acting overly energetic and hyper.
16 Lebeaux Thus begins the first of the Kiki Lang ships with Camilla Garcia. Camilla sees Kiki around town and recognizes her from the strip club.
17 Miduna Beach Tia Singh is at her work when she gets word that someone is waiting in her office for her. Shes goes there to find Tyler Castellano, drunk and annoying.
17 Barfield Josie Chong and Lance Angelo meet when she returns him something he dropped and he accuses her of being a stalker.
19 ?? Saylor Ming grumbles about Danny Vespa humming and Josie Chong tries to make her be nice. Saylor claims Josie is flirting with Danny. It's weird because Josie and Danny meet again but don't seem to remember each other.
20 Barfield Jae and Erin discuss the idea of getting a pet (Jae having already consulted their parents) and they settle on getting a rabbit.
20 Miduna Beach Hikaru Kogami mistakes David Honda for her mentor, Sakutaro Inoue, much to her embarrassment. David also mistakes her for a boy, much to his embarrassment.
21 Miduna Beach Dia Sanchez and Marcus Watson hang out in a pet store and Marcus keeps trying to hit on Dia and Dia just laughs and goes along with it.
21 Miduna Beach After meeting Dia Sanchez, Marcus Watson is hanging out with Damian Mendez. They talk about dogs, girls, and gay.
21 Lebeaux Hikaru Kogami and Sakutaro Inoue are reviewing together, when Hikaru starts to act weird around him. Before he could learn the reason why; she locks herself inside a bathroom and comes to realize that she had been in love with him all this time.
21 Miduna Beach Jae Chang bumps into Dianne Middleton. They talk for a while.
24 Miduna Beach Benny Farabella is asking Alexa Mader for directions to Happy Valley. She responds by not actually giving him the directions, but by amusing him with her tangents.
25 Miduna Beach Noah Parie sees Megan Lane and decides to say hi. He asks for Megan's name but Megan refuses, thinking he is a rapist, mugger or robber.
25 Lebeaux Valerie Spencer meets Lenore Bryant and crazy stuff happens.
27 Barfield Erin Chang is at the Barfield Mall when she sees Paloma Sanchez, who looks slightly dazed and confused.


Date Location Event
1 Lebeaux Valerie and Clara meet up outside of school and discuss Clara's new job.
5 Miduna Beach Christina Ventura and Paloma Sanchez are working at Benny's and arguing and being dumb.
6 Miduna Beach Elle Nash and Alexia Dawson's portrayers attempt a casual conversation between two grown women who are neighbors.
6 Miduna Beach Mirabelle Iglasias is shopping and asks for Jimena Cabrera's opinion on a piece of clothing.
6 Miduna Beach Lilly Jane asks Elle Nash about an assignment and they have a short conversation on how she's doing.
7 Lebeaux Clara and Val talk at school and then go to different classes.
9 Barfield Juliette Wicks is working on a dress when Adrian Capaldi comes home from work. They talk and act stupid. Juliette also asks him to prom and he is very grumpy because his old man self doesn't want to go to prom.
10 Miduna Beach Sam Riddleman uses Danny Vespa only for his puppy, Bruno. That's it. She doesn't actually care about Danny.
13 Lebeaux Brooke Vincent goes over to see Lauren Brodie and the lil potato Maddy.
13 Lebeaux Holly Escalera and Rory Bales go to a work party thing together and act gross and flirty.
15 Miduna Beach Dia Sanchez gets home and sees her sister cousin Paloma Sanchez sitting on the couch and watching TV. Dia decides to bother Paloma.
15 Miduna Beach Damian Mendez sees Eileen Reed with her Lydia Anderson. Things happen. It's gay and drugs.
15 Miduna Beach I guess after being super friendly around lesbians, Damian Mendez hangs out with Stella Escalera and they do stuff.
17 Barfield, Miduna Beach, Blackwood Mountain, Lebeaux St. Patrick's Day
21 Lebeaux Geraldina Bones gets dared to compliment Alexa Mader on her hair and the two have a short conversation.
21 Barfield The plot that never went anywhere somewhat began here as Maggie Carter recognized Adrian Capaldi as the guy her ex-girlfriend Juliette Capaldi was dating. Maggie and Adrian talked to each other about things. Mostly Juliette and how lame she is.
23 Miduna Beach I forogt Danny Vespa and Liv Milano-Howard ever met, but they did in a shop by the beach.


Date Location Event
1 Barfield, Miduna Beach, Blackwood Mountain, Lebeaux April Fool's Day
1 Miduna Beach Sapphire Lopez asks Shekilo Shark-Poser for help when she can't open her takeout box. She ends up dropping her hamburger and the two start talking and realise they go to the same school. Sapphire runs away when her mom sees her talking to a stranger.
1 Miduna Beach Paula Gray and Charlie Hayden prank Michael Hayden with the classic pie-face prank- but Paula ends up getting pranked, too- after Michael fools her with a paper-mache Xbox. Paula ends up arguing with Charlie afterward.
2 Miduna Beach Rob Dawson and Alexia Dawson act like a cute married couple. There is butt smacking.
2 Miduna Beach Carina Gatti and Jimena Cabrera are drunkenly writing songs and things turn gay.
2 Miduna Beach Kieran Neville and Danny Vespa hang out together and sadly it's not that gay. They talk about how Sam sucks.
3 Lebeaux Camilla Garcia and Arabella Garcia make plans to go get food. They probably never will.
5 Barfield Ellie Abrahms and Noah Parie are in class together. Noah invites Ellie and her friend to his eighteenth birthday party.
5 Miduna Beach Mirabelle Adamas is hiding in the park from her sister, Kallistrate Adamas, and David Honda is thrown into the middle.
6 Lebeaux Sonny Avery is shopping and lost when Paloma Sanchez helps him find the guys clothes in the store. He flirts with her and she kind of sort of flirts back.
7 Blackwood Mountain Kiki Lang and Jean Pandev decide to talk for a long time after Jean's shift.
7 Miduna Beach After her shift at Smoothie People, Cleo Swan finds out that Daniel Middleton made her lose her ride home.
11 N/A Marcus Watson is finally succesful in flirting with Dia Sanchez after he gets her to confess that she was lying about having a boyfriend.
11 Lebeaux Brooke Vincent has been feeling really sick lately and stays home from work. Jaime Cabrera gets back and sees her feeling awful. She ends up passing out from morning sickness and surprise! Brooke is pregnant.
12 Miduna Beach April Dawson and Alexia Dawson are out shopping together for maternity clothes. April doesn't want to go to school anymore, but Alexia convinces her otherwise.
17 Blackwood Mountain Becca Caldwell harasses Damian Mendez and gets him to sleep with her.
17 N/A Rory Bales and Lena Reed text each other about their boring lives.
19 Miduna Beach David Honda texts Kallistrate Adamas on his birthday and teases her as always. He invites her to an upcoming fair and later shows up at her house to personally deliver the tickets.
20 Barfield  Aurora Hudson is being really annoying at the Bookends but Matt Finch decides to wait with her until her mom comes to pick her up anyway.
24 N/A Oscar Molloy is on a terrible date when he decides to start texting Crash Glenn while his date is in the restroom.
26 Miduna Beach Jacob Upton makes the huge mistake of accidentally sqirting water onto Paloma Sanchez, who has a total meltdown. There's lots of screaming.
26 Miduna Beach Dianne Middleton is working on law internship applications and Daphne Middleton is hanging around.
29 Miduna Beach  Mackenzie Nash tries to convince Elle Nash to tell her grade, but Elle won't budge. Mackenzie then gives up and tells Elle not to make any plans on her birthday, presumably because she had something in mind.
29 Barfield Sam Riddleman finishes performing at the Barfield Arts Festival and goes to flirt with Danny Vespa. Turns out her ex-boyfriend Jaime Cabrera is talking to Danny.


Date Location Event
1 Lebeaux Brooke Oliver and Aurora Hudson are sitting on a bench when Brooke decides to compliment Aurora's shirt. The two then proceed to talk about their parents.
1 Miduna Beach The classic sibling fight for power over the remote and TV, with Daniel and Denise Middleton.
3 Miduna Beach Damian Mendez is walking around town, as per usual, when he sees Marcus Watson and Dia Sanchez on a date. He decides to bother him. It's heterosexual and gay.
3 Lebeaux Brooke Vincent tells her BFF Holly Escalera about how she's pregnant. They sadly do not make a pregnancy pact together.
6 Miduna Beach After getting his number from Mirabelle Adamas, Katelyn Greyson decides to text David Honda. They chat about random things such as asking Kallistrate Adamas to prom and his lack of knowledge about some emoticons.
7 Barfield When Katelyn Greyson grows bored, she and Tyler Forde go to cinemas and the arcade. He then asks her to prom and she accepts.
7 Miduna Beach Denise Middleton asks Dianne Middleton if there are any plans for Denise's birthday. Dianne has no idea.
7 Barfield Myra Burnes witnesses Nikki Evans being clumsy and the two proceed to chat for a while.
12 Lebeaux Paige Siobhan is at the gym and starts talking about how tired she is to Milah Hirschfield.
13 Miduna Beach Mackenzie Nash and Hayden Archer chill after school and talk about stuff.
15 Barfield Jaya finds out, to his disturbance, that he lives in the same street as Miss Myer and Mr Venice.
17 Lebeaux Connor Prichard is being a great parent, but tries to hide it when Paige Siobhan walks in, since he thinks she's Lauren. The two act dumb and play video games.
17 Barfield Juliette Wicks forces Adrian Capaldi to go to her high school prom with her. Adrian is a grumpy old man the entire time.
18 Miduna Beach Christina Ventura makes a surprise visit to Hayden's place. Stuff happens.
19 Miduna Beach David Honda asks Kallistrate Adamas to prom through a scavenger hunt. There is also a timeskip to David picking Kallistrate up for prom.
23 Miduna Beach Kallistrate Adamas and David Honda dance at the prom.
23 Miduna Beach Serena Abel calls Paloma Sanchez. The two then decide to hang out.
24 Lebeaux Lauren Brodie goes to check on Brooke Vincent who has been extremely sick all the time.
24 Miduna Beach Danny Vespa gets in a barfight because he's a manly man (haha not). Sam Riddleman tries to take care of him and make him feel better. Her method of making him feel better is making out and sex. She should not become a doctor.
25 Lebeaux Jaime Cabrera comes home late one morning and genuinely shocked to find Paige Siobhan asleep in his bed.
25 Lebeaux Holly Escalera hopes she's not bothering Rory Bales at work, even though all she does is talk to him all the time. Anyway, they talk to each other about some stuff.
31 Barfield Liv Milano-Howard and Danny Vespa celebrate Liv's birthday together.


Date Location Event
2 Miduna Beach Dana Beibei goes to stay at her sister, Cho's house for two nights of her holidays so she can take a look at Cho's college for after she graduates.
2 Barfield Myra Burnes pretends that she and Misti Maple know each other. Misti starts to play along.
4 Miduna Beach After class, Elle Nash stops Serena Abel and attempts to encourage her to do her best.
5 Miduna Beach Dana Beibei leaves Cho Beibei's house and informs her that she wants to go to Desmond next year and wants to stay with Cho. Cho consents but isn't happy about the arrangement.
6 Miduna Beach Dallas Madden and Shekilo Shark-Poser stay at the wave shop late while Dallas gives Shekilo advice about life.
6 Miduna Beach Chloe Whitfield tells Shailey McCoy that she slept with Sonny Avery.
8 Miduna Beach Serena Abel is at her locker and gets annoyed with Hayden Archer who is also at his locker.
11 Miduna Beach Jerome Boyle sees his evil step brother Damian Mendez and decides to harass him. There are dick jokes.
18 Miduna Beach Mackenzie Davis is very happy while Jacob Upton is a buzzkill.
19 Miduna Beach Daphne and Daniel Middleton decide to talk to each other and Dirty Dan happened.
21 Miduna Beach
22 Lebeaux Ellie Abrahms is waiting to get her hari cut and talks to Kelly Romsey.
26 Barfield Noah Parie gives David Aires directions.
26 Barfield Ellie Abrahms is helping her grandfather Harry Buttershaw with dinner.
28 Miduna Beach Even though it's summer break, Carina and Jimena are for some reason in school. I guess they're taking summer classes. Anyway, Carina is hungover and things are gay.
28 Miduna Beach Dia Sanchez comes home after a long day at work and complains to Paloma Sanchez. Paloma also discovers that Dia is dating a drug dealer and freaks out. It's funny. She's yelling in Spanish.
28 Miduna Beach Marcus Watson and Damian Mendez are hanging out at Damian's place. Marcus brings his dog Bandit. Marcus and Damian lay around on Damian's bed together.
30 Miduna Beach David Aires is walking around Miduna Beach when he steps on Cleo Swan's foot. She is of course very bothered.
30 Miduna Beach Danny Vespa gets a call from Sam Riddleman. They talk about going to Baltimore together. Danny later goes over to Sam's house.


Date Location Event
2 Miduna Beach Dana Beibei goes and stops by Cho Beibei's place.
2 Lebeaux Kelly Romsey goes to David Aires's place for dinner.
2 Lebeaux Liv Milano-Howard, Holly Escalera, and Stella Escalera talk about things and then video chat with Maria Escalera.
4 Miduna Beach Sherrie Lee is out in Miduna Beach when she sees Cho Beibei. They talk for a while.
4 Blackwood Mountain Trevor Banks is running one morning and starts talking to Kennedy Mitchell.
5 N/A Kelly Romsey texts David Aires and apologizes to him for lying a few days ago when she left.
5 Lebeaux Harry Buttershaw forgets his jacket and rushes inside to get it, but bumps into David Aires in the process.
5 Barfield Maeve Kilduff is at the Barfield Mall when she sees Karen Myer drop her belongings. Maeve tries to help Karen, but they end up bumping heads instead.
5 Barfield Maeve Kilduff gets to the apartment and realizes that she and Kylie Butler are out of cereal. Maeve continues to whine while Kylie makes plans to go shopping.
5 Miduna Beach Alexia Dawson is at the library when she recommends a book to Kelly Romsey. They then talk about books and such.
6 Barfield Adrian Capaldi and Juliette Wicks wake up the morning after their wedding and act gross.
6 Miduna Beach Dana Beibei tells Cho Beibei that she wants to go to Desmond.
6 Barfield Karen Myer and Andrew Venice see each other while working during the summer.
8 Miduna Beach Cho Beibei thinks Shay Rivera was staring at her, but instead they talk for a while after things go from being weird.
8 Miduna Beach Ian Harrison and Bel de la Vega meet each other for the first time and hang out in the middle of the night.
8 Miduna Beach Sam Riddleman decides to surprise Danny Vespa with pizza at his apartment. He ends up surprising her by not being home and getting there after she knocks on the door. They eat pizza and make out.
9 Miduna Beach Melissa Costels almost bumps into Sam Riddleman. They chat for a while, but Melissa really just nods meaninglessly.
10 Barfield Misti Maple notices Myra Burnes in Barfield and decides to talk to her, calling her by her real name. Myra is definitely more laid-back than their last conversation, not remembering which personality she used with Misti.
11 Lebeaux David Aires goes to Kelly Romsey's place for dinner.
11 N/A Aiya Allen, Misti Maple, and Jaya Prasanna are all on a group chat talking about life together.
11 Miduna Beach Daniel Middleton and Cleo Swan have a moment on Cleo's last day of working at Smoothie People's.
11 Miduna Beach David Honda invites Shekilo Shark-Poser to join him for a game of basketball, even though Shekilo knows nothing about the sport.
13 Lebeaux
14 Miduna Beach Hayden Archer and Ethan Davidson make hot pockets.
15 Miduna Beach David Honda has the honor of being stalked to his room by Mirabelle Adamas. Kallistrate Adamas shows up later.
17 Miduna Beach Marcus Watson and Dia Sanchez are hanging out at Dia's place. Dia brings up possibly taking their relationship to the next level, which Marcus is of course very excited about iykwim.
19 Miduna Beach April Dawson finds Mackenzie Nash outside and the two decide to hang out for for a while.
20 Barfield Lian Harper is walking her dog when he runs over to some random person, who  happens to be Jaya Prasanna. Lian awkwardly talks to him because she's bad with kids.
21 Barfield Andrew Venice helps Karen Myer pick up some stuff she dropped. When he realises that she's actually someone he knows, they exchange some small conversation and Andrew nicknames Karen.
22 Barfield Jaya meets Nicholas when he nearly bumps into him on his way to the change rooms at Target. They talk for a while and basically Nicholas just tells Jaya he is short.
22 N/A Ellie Abrahms and Noah Parie are texting each other and talking about college.
22 Miduna Beach Elle and Mackenzie Nash visit the Dawsons' house to attend a baby shower. Rob Dawson is the one to invite them in, and Mackenzie goes off to the back, leaving Elle and Rob to talk for a bit.
23 Barfield Karen Myer sees Misti Maple, one of her students and she feels obliged to make small talk with her. They talk for a while but things get awkward when Misti mentions one of Karen's colleagues and Karen gets the wrong end of the stick.
23 Miduna Beach Ian Harrison decides to visit Bel de la Vega bright and early one morning. She lets him inside and they hang out for a while.
23 Miduna Beach Juliette Capaldi-Wicks is doing whatever when she suddenly remembers that it's the anniversary of her father's death. She remembers everything about it and has a breakdown about his death. Adrian comes into the kitchen, where she is, and sees this. He tries to console her.
23 Miduna Beach Spencer Reynolds offers to play a game with Jimena Cabrera at ENGAGE and they end up talking about all sorts of things.
24 Miduna Beach Dia Sanchez sees Damian Mendez while he's on one of his many walks. She bothers him and they become bros.
24 Miduna Beach During a storm, Kallistrate, Mirabelle, and Mrs. Adamas seek David Honda's house as a safe haven away from the girls' abusive father who has gotten out of control. David convinces Kalli to call the police and they end up talking and sharing a room.
27 Lebeaux Rory Bales and Holly Escalera go out to eat on a romantic dinner date.


Date Location Event
4 Miduna Beach Daphne Middleton compliments Caylie Castella at the mall, and they hang out together.
5 Miduna Beach Daphne's friend ditches her at the fair, so she invites Milah over to sit with her and the two get to know each other.
6 Miduna Beach Jean Pandev is at the fair when Brady Castella bumps into them and starts trying to flirt. It's very awkward because Jean is twenty-two and Brady is seventeen. It's also funny.
6 Blackwood Mountain Willow Pape meets Brooke Vincent who is just very pregnant. They talk about stuff. Nothing happens.
9 Miduna Beach Paloma Sanchez is trying to relax at the fair when Hayden Archer decides to bother her. They hang out together while Lola threatens to murder him a lot.
12 Miduna Beach Alexia Dawson is out for a morning jog when she sees Brian Stephens, the father of her first daughter. She tries to avoid him, but he keeps trying to talk to her.
16 Lebeaux Connor Prichard goes over to Brooke Vincent's apartment to check up on her because of her recent break-up.
21 Barfield Juliette Capaldi-Wicks finds out that she's been hired for an internship and comes home to tell Adrian Capaldi the great news. It's all very fluffy and gross.
29 N/A Spencer Reynolds gets a call from his cousin, Morgan Alexis, saying that she is coming to live in Miduna Beach and that she wants him to stay with her.


Date Location Event
7 Blackwood Mountain Kennedy Mitchell is at the home and goes to talk to Brooke Vincent about all the crazy, horrible things that have been happening in her life.
11 Miduna Beach What starts as an okay conversation between Morgan Alexis and Nicholas Heung on a bus quickly turns into a childish one.
12 Miduna Beach Back from her trip to Australia and severely needing to be updated, Katelyn Greyson calls David Honda to find out more about he and Kallistrate Adamas dating.
22 Barfield Karen Myer and Andrew Venice decide to pretend to be dating if anyone asks so that Aiya Allen stops bothering them.
22 Lebeaux Holly Escalera gets drunk on her date with Rory Bales and it's really funny.
26 Miduna Beach Josie Chong is ran into by giant Danny Vespa. They meet again, but don't seem to remember each other. #awkward
27 Barfield Skye Gong is on a break whilst working at Specks when Jean Pandev tries to make conversation with her. She suggests they dance in order for Skye to loosen up.
27 Miduna Beach Sam Riddleman drags Danny Vespa with her to Duke Records so she can try and get the music thing. Danny tries to make her chill and relax, but Sam is all like NO NEVER LEAVE ME ALONE.
30 Barfield Ketan Asher and Troy Sherwood meet at a cafe owned by Ketan's mother and have a conversation.


Date Location Event
9 Barfield Adrian Capaldi is waiting at a bus stop and smoking a cigarette when he realizes that Edward Clark is giving him dirty looks. Adrian is very sarcastic and Edward doesn't realize this.
12 Barfield Juliette Capaldi-Wicks realizes that Adrian Capaldi has not updated his relationship status on Lumblr Network, so she demands a divorce. Adrian is only like 'maybe later.'
15 Barfield Andrew Venice invites Karen Myer to his birthday while they're at a staff lunch which Karen organised.
18 Barfield Karen Myer attends Andrew's birthday party and things get somewhat awkward and they end up kissing.
24 Barfield Karen Myer is helping Miki Sato with her work in history and then they start talking about lost assignments and a note that someone stuck in Miki's planner which said something about Mr Venice and Miss Myer.
24 Lebeaux Nico Park is out when he notices Brooke Vincent staring at him, although she's really just deep in thought. They talk for a while and exchange numbers.
25 Barfield Kai Mahelona is stuck in Barfield Mall waiting for his step-sister when Harry Buttershaw asks him if his waiting for anyone and the two have a brief conversation.
31 Barfield, Miduna Beach, Blackwood Mountain, Lebeaux Halloween


Date Location Event
7 Miduna Beach Sam Riddleman tries to get her bootycall boyfriend Danny Vespa to come over to her place for a bootycall but he cannot. He ends up showing up though because, like Sam, he is thirsty.
7 Miduna Beach Dianne Middleton and Troy Sherwood bicker about every little thing while working as interns in the same office.
14 Barfield Mitsu tries to make conversation with Misti about school work at the locker area whilst she is waiting for her friends so she can walk to class with them.
30 Barfield Spencer Reynolds gives up his seat for Violet Yao on the bus and decides to try chatting with her, which is very hard for him to do.


Date Location Event
1 Blackwood Mountain It is Courtney Watson's first day of staying at Blackwood's Home for Teens and Myra Burnes tries to get to know her new roommate.
13 Miduna Beach Happy Birthday, Brooke Vincent who went into labor and had her son, Dakota Vincent.
25 Barfield, Miduna Beach, Blackwood Mountain, Lebeaux Christmas

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