Travis Banderas: "Hey, you suck." Kieran Neville: "Only for you, baby."
- a conversation after Travis made Kieran bacon
Travan is the pairing of Travis Banderas and Kieran Neville (Trav/is and Kier/an). They are roommates and best friends who care a lot about each other. They have made out, and they frequently joke with each other and playfully say "I love you."

Aside from making out one time, they have kissed twice while sober, although it was under the mistletoe, and the second time, Travis was trying to prove to Kieran that he was a better kisser gay. Also, Kieran's girlfriend has been stated as saying "I was a hardcore fangirl before I was a girlfriend and really, fangirling comes more naturally to me." meaning she places Travan above her own relationship, and that she is okay with Kieran and Travis kissing.

Name Synopsis
this title is vague Kieran tells Cait about Travis and invites her to go with him to pick him up.
let the games begin Kieran tells Travis about his crush on Caitlin and Travis teases him.
just an east coast kid with a record deal Travis awkwardly tries to conceal from Kieran that he and Cait slept in the same bed the previous night.
it was like a time bomb set into motion Kieran wants to get a present for Travis.
sleepin' all day, stayin' up all night Kieran, Cait, and Travis spend time during Travis's birthday.
i'm in his favourite sundress, watching me get undressed Travis makes bacon for Kieran.
that's my secret cap'n, i'm always angry Kieran gets mad at Travis for being Cait's first kiss, and they have an argument.
we kiss we make up Kieran and Travis apologize to each other and make up from the argument with a hug.
bc i promised liz this would happen While Travis is away, Kieran offers to French-kiss Travis if he forgot Cait's sister's name, and he forgot.
well this is late Travis is back and all of you stalkers know what that means ;)
it's not checkers but it's close In Baltimore, while Cait, Sam, and Cameron are away, a thunderstorm strikes, leading Travis and Kieran to search for a board game to play together.
Merry Christmas Liz Travan + Mistletoe = Really, really gay.
how to make boys next door out of assholes Sam proposes a new bet to the whole gang, and now Kieran and Travis are competing to see who will have to run naked down the main road.
lovin every minute cuz you make me feel so alive While it doesn't actually contain Travis, and is mostly McNeville, there's a bit at the end where Caitlin educates Kieran on Travan fanart.
Fan Interpretations
People who ship this:
  • Even though Kieran and Caitlin are dating (see McNeville), Cait loves the idea of Kieran and Travis together and was excited to watch a Travan make out session and hacked Kieran's account to say that he loved Travis.

Gold star This ship was voted Best Crackship in the Winter 2014 Lumblr Wiki Awards!
Gold star This ship was voted Best Gay Couple in the Fall 2013 Lumblr Wiki Awards!

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