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Tressie is the pairing of Travis Banderas and Nessie Stevens. Nessie has been a long-time fan of Travis's band Nocturnal Complex, and Travis was always her favorite idol and her "mental husband". Once, she ran into Kieran and Caitlin at Miduna Beach who introduced her to Travis. They then became friends on Lumblr and started hanging out. After a while, Nessie gets over her initial hype over the relationship and realizes that they haven't been able to properly get to know each other, so they decide to break up and get to know each other as friends instead.
Name Synopsis
travis is her mental husband wow Nessie meets Kieran and Caitlin, who agree to tell Travis about her.
bury the castle Travis sends Nessie a message on Lumblr, and they begin their awkward friendship.
now you see me Nessie and Travis learn more about each other on Lumblr, and he asks Nessie out to dinner.
how to srsly kill a fangirl Nessie spazzes to Lee over how excited she is that Travis is coming to pick her up.
what's the phrase is taking over my life Travis and Nessie go on a date.
desperateness-ie After he returns from Baltimore, Travis shows Nessie his house and they go to dinner and then have a little snowball fight.
lying sleepless trying to figure it out Nessie visits Travis and decides to break up and get to know each other as friends instead.
Fan Interpretations
People who ship this:

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