University of Miduna Beach

University of Miduna Beach is a college in Miduna Beach which is known for its exceptional math and science facilities along with its marvelous arts programs. This college provides excellent accommodation for its students. It is located at 4781 Main Street, Miduna Beach.
Students School Policies Staff






  • Drugs and weapons are strictly forbidden from campus. 
  • Students are encouraged to take up extra-curricular activities.
  • Name (position)
School Motto
Sports Teams Clubs & Activities
  • Archery (M/F): 
  • Basketball (F):
  • Basketball (M):
  • Cheerleading (M/F):
  • Dance (M/F):
  • Football (M):
  • Hockey (F):
  • Hockey (M): 
  • Lacrosse (M):
  • Soccer (F):
  • Soccer (M):
  • Swimming (M/F):
  • Tennis (M/F)
  • Track & Field:
  • Volleyball (F):
  • Art Club: 
  • Band: 
  • Chess:
  • Choir:
  • Debating:
  • Drama: 
  • LGBT+
  • School Newspaper
  • Student Council
  • Yearbook

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