No interaction Vina Páiz is inactive and can no longer roleplay.

Portrayer's note: I'm sorry. I have nothing planned.

Vina Judie Páiz Richardson
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General Information
Gender: Female
Age: 17
Birthday: November 25, 1998
Education: Miduna Beach High School
Occupation: High School Student
Address: 19 Pine Road, Miduna Beach
Relationships: Currently Avaliable
Housemates: December, Stepmom, Dad, Jinx
Face claim: Stefanie ScottLumblr Network ProfilePortrayer: Stimulate

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  • if tomorrow never comes

    139 replies
    • {{VinaSpeech|"What was that ?" Vina ask jokingly pretending to be an old person.}}
    • {{LolaSpeech|Lola laughs and rolls her eyes at Vina. Anyway, they continue goofing off with each other and talking shit about Serena and Todd....
  • along the lines of dreamality

    • Please don't move the thread because it's not an open thread. This is solely for self rp purposes only.

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