Violet Tanya Baptiste-Grenier
General Information
Gender: Female
Age: Thirty
Birthday: March 13, 1986
Education: Graduated
Occupation: Baker / Owner of Baptiste-Grenier Bakery
Address: 62 Flynn Street, Barfield
Relationships: Widowed (Theo Baptiste-Grenier)
Housemates: N/A
Face claim: Lenora CrichlowTimelinePortrayer: InsaneBlueberry

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    • {{VioletBSpeech|"Yeah, I don't know."}}
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  • give me love give me dreams

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    • {{VioletBSpeech|"Same here. It'd be so horrible. Well, not horrible, but it wouldn't be as good as it is now. I couldn...
    • {{amelia|"Yeah for sure. It's hard keeping a good relationship with parents. Their generation is so different from ours."}}

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