No interaction Zeke Watson is inactive and can no longer roleplay.

Portrayer's note: I love you, okay? But you're really boring now. :/

Ezekiel Lawrence Watson
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General Information
Gender: I'm a dude.
Age: 17
Birthday: January 17, 1996
Education: Miduna Beach High School
Occupation: Sleeping, eating, going to school, stuff like that man.
Address: 65 Cherry Street, Miduna Beach
Relationships: Alyanna Hayes (August 22, 2013 - present)
Housemates: Leighton Hayes, Matthew Collins
Face claim: Andrew GarfieldPortrayer: Sunnysmile16

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  • make me a sandwich

    3 replies
    • {{Zeke|I know what that word means, Lee. I have a Korean girlfriend who used to call me that... Wait, Erica called? What did she say?...
    • {{Leighton|Anyway, what is up with her?}} {{Zeke|She's my ex and a pro stalker. She has connections everywhere, I wouldn't be surpri...
  • Be blinded by my wiseness and greatness and awesomeness

    14 replies
    • {{Zeke|but you're a girl.}}
    • {{AphroditeSpeech|i'm a different kind of girl.}} {{AphroditeSpeech|but it's true. girls in general are confusing. sometimes i e...

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